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Deana Deana May, editor
Posted on Mar 23rd, 2010 in sewing, online extras, magazine

Comments (3)

thesewbox thesewbox writes: Agree on the lower left; shows a variety of articles!
Posted: 7:51 am on April 14th

GinnyLynn GinnyLynn writes: My favourite is the lower left as well, although I wish one element from another were there - the 5 pants from 1 pattern element. That would make it even more appealing to me.
Posted: 10:42 am on March 26th

naughtymonkeys naughtymonkeys writes: Former magazine editor here, and I have to say I like them all, but my fave is the lower left cover -- very appealing. The flowers on the lower right are a close second, though!
Posted: 12:36 pm on March 25th

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