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Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 1

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This series for beginning sewers provides a complete course in mastering the basics. Our experienced Threads editors personally walk you through the fundamentals, from threading your machine through attaching that final button. The skills found in Teach Yourself to Sew are perfect for new sewers or for those looking to brush up on the basics. Lessons include hemming, attaching buttons and zippers, how to iron, and sewing a jacket from a pattern.

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Episodes in this Series

Welcome to Teach Yourself to Sew

Get started learning how to sew with our beginner video series.

Equipment 101

Learn the basics about sewing machines, sergers, and irons.

Notions 101

Learn which notions you need and how to choose.

Patterns 101

Learn the anatomy of a sewing pattern.

A Trip to the Fabric Store

Join us as we visit a super fabric store and explain how to find all the things you will need.

Fabric 101

Learn about the different types of fabric that are available.

Project: Make a Felt Jewelry Bag

Learn how to make this cute felt jewelry bag.

Knit Fabrics

Learn everything you need to know about knit fabrics.

Woven Fabrics

Learn about the qualities of woven fabrics.

Project: How to Sew a Bias-strip Scarf

Learn how to sew a bias-strip scarf in this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Sew a Basic Seam

Get started by mastering the skill of sewing a basic seam.

How to Sew French and Lapped Seams

Two new seams for you to try.

Clipping and Trimming Seams

This technique is important for constructing well made garments.

How to Mark a Dart

Learn three ways to mark a dart.

How to Sew a Dart

Sewing darts is a necessary skill for properly fitting your garments.

Finishing Edges

Learn about different ways to finish edges.

Faced Edges

Learn about how to finish your edges by sewing a facing, including choosing a fusible interfacing.

How to Hem

Learn the anatomy of a hem and how to sew one by hand or machine.

Bias Binding

Learn about binding with bias tape.

Zippers 101

Learn about the anatomy of a zipper and how to choose the right one.

How to Install a Zipper

Learn how to install a zipper into your garments.

Buttons 101

Learn all you need to know about different varieties of buttons.

How to Sew Buttons, Snaps & Hooks

Learn how to sew on various buttons, snaps, and hooks.

How to Sew a Buttonhole

Learn how to position and sew a buttonhole correctly.

Project: How to Sew a Skirt

Follow along as we sew a skirt.

Sleeves 101

Learn about different types of sleeves and how to piece together a sleeve pattern.

How a Stitch is Made

Learn how a stitch is made, how to thread a machine, and how a sewing machine works.

How to Sew a Sleeve

Learn how to set a sleeve into your garment.

Pressing Equipment 101

Learn about all of the pressing equipment necessary for garment sewing.

How to Iron

Learn the difference between pressing and ironing.

Project: Make a Jacket Part 1

See how to use a pattern to create a jacket in this step-by-step tutorial.

Project: Make a Jacket Part 2

Watch as we finish the jacket started in Part 1.