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The Stripe in the Jacket - Mc Call 6294

Stripe Challenge Garment and Palmer/Pletsche contest entry. I wanted to share a few photos of my stripe challenge garment. Enjoy!



Comments (9)

user-2793998 user-2793998 writes: i so love the jacket, great job, glade u won

Posted: 9:37 pm on December 17th

user-1116829 user-1116829 writes: It is funny because I knew you were from Chicago by the building in the background of your faux leather/ shear coat! Nice stripes jacket that well done
Posted: 9:09 pm on October 20th

Onyx147 Onyx147 writes: Absolutely Beautiful and breathtakingly Gorgeous!!!!! You sewed that one right out of the park. I know you turned heads with this.
Posted: 3:19 pm on May 9th

Mahogany_Stylist Mahogany_Stylist writes: Thanks so much, Grandcarr.
Posted: 4:16 pm on March 15th

Grandcarr Grandcarr writes: I have come back to the contest page at least 3 times to look at and show others your stunning jacket! Congrats on the win!
Posted: 8:46 pm on March 8th

Mahogany_Stylist Mahogany_Stylist writes: Thanks, Sewista. I did win. Pati Palmer contacted me last Wednesday with the great news. Thanks again.

Posted: 9:41 am on February 22nd

Sewista Sewista writes: Fabulous jacket, Cenetta. It looks stunning on you and the stripes really frame your face beautifully. I bet you win!
Posted: 6:14 pm on February 13th

Mahogany_Stylist Mahogany_Stylist writes: Thanks, Maddle.

Posted: 10:31 am on February 10th

maddie964 maddie964 writes: you look fabulous! and i love the stripes! I hope you win :)

Sincerely Always,
Posted: 10:00 pm on February 7th

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