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Interview with Susan Khalje

BurdaStyle recently sat down with Threads Contributing Editor Susan Khalje to discuss all things couture. A leading expert on the topic, Susan shares her couture sewing insights with blogger Marina von Koenig. Read the interview to learn why she believes couture garments aren't "just for the rich and famous" and why any sewer--with the proper training, time, care, and practice--can sew couture garments. And, as Susan says, "When it all comes together, you feel like a million dollars."
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Comments (3)

zybet zybet writes: Yes Corsetiere! That is true. And for thoese who are interesting to see something that is called couture I may suggest to search on youtub Eva Minge "magic" collection" from 2008 wchich took place in Paris, Hotel de Crillon.
Eva Minge[Polish designer] is one of few designers approved by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture.
Posted: 8:39 am on April 12th

shelly123 shelly123 writes: I agree with corsetiere on this one the term is often misued and not just within the american culture.
Posted: 3:55 pm on April 10th

Corsetiere Corsetiere writes: I think it is important to note that the term "couture" is so terribly misused in American culture. While anyone may use couture techniques to make garments, only houses approved by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture may call their work couture. There are actual standards applied to garments holding this term, as it is a highly prestigious term and not one given lightly or bestowed upon one's own work.

Also you may wish to edit " Go inside a designer Channel-style jacket."
Posted: 2:53 pm on April 10th

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