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Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 3

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In the third installment of our Teach Yourself to Sew video series, you'll learn even more techniques and skills every sewer must know. Follow along as Threads Senior Technical Editor Judith Neukam walks you lessons on how to determine your shoulder slope, add pockets, create beautifully bound buttonholes, handle sleeves and sew a skirt.

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Episodes in this Series

Welcome to Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 3

Get started learning how to sew with our beginner video series.

Shoulder Slope 101

Learn all about shoulder slopes and why it is important to get the right slope when sewing your clothes.

Compare Your Shoulder Slope to the Pattern

Learn how to find your exact shoulder slope with this simple technique.

Alter the Pattern's Shoulder Slope

Learn everything you need to know about altering the pattern's shoulder slope.

Measure Your Clothes for Fit

Measure your favorite shirt, jacket, and pants to make a new pattern fit like your best clothes.

Sleeve Styles 101

We will take a look at patterns for different styles of sleeves.

Transfer a Sleeve from One Pattern to Another

By making small changes to just one sleeve pattern, you can get hundreds of different versions.

The Anatomy of a Skirt

With a few simple tips and key measurements, you can make a skirt without a pattern.

Project: Make a Skirt

We'll show you how to change the style of a straight skirt just by changing its ease.

In-Seam Pockets

From waists to darts to patterns, we'll introduce you to the anatomy of pants.

Quarter-Cut Pockets

An introduction to side-seam and quarter-cut pockets.

Project: One-Seam Pants

Easy patterns, like one-seam pants, can be made today and worn tomorrow.

Bound Buttonholes

Bound button holes are easy to make and look great.

Finish the Wrong Side of a Buttonhole

How to finish the back of your bound button hole.

Shaped Bound Buttonholes

Shaped bound button holes are a perfect fix for buttons that are too large or too small.

Conclusion - Notes on fitting, books, DVDs, and more

We'll share an array of resources you can use to learn about fitting.

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Judith Neukam is back with a new season of Teach Yourself to Sew, this time focused on shape.