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Under the Gunn, Episode 5: "Hit the Stage"

Ashas well-constructed look had style, edge, and flair, making her this weeks winner.
The judges were extremely disappointed with Isabelles design, and were afraid it was going to fall apart right there on the runway. Needless to say, this was her final challenge.
(From left) Tim Gunn, Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, and Zendaya were this weeks judges.
Ashas well-constructed look had style, edge, and flair, making her this weeks winner.

Asha's well-constructed look had style, edge, and flair, making her this week's winner.


This week's challenge was to make a performance outfit for 17-year-old singer, actress, and author, Zendaya, who will wear the winning look on stage. As Anya managed to bounce back from last week's mentoring mishap, Nick was confronted with major concerns as one of his mentees threw him under the bus during her critique.

For the most part, the designers managed to put on a good fashion show. Shan's outfit, which included a tropical pant and a chic leather jacket (with just the right amount of fringe in the back) truly won over the judges. They were also blown away by Oscar's fierce red bodysuit, but didn't think it was quite right for such a young superstar. The disappointment came when Isabelle sent an "unacceptable," "atrocious," "disaster" down the runway, as the judges put it. In addition, Isabelle revealed that she did not work well with her mentor, but failed to explain why not. As it turns out, Isabelle requested that Nick keep his distance and let her do what she wanted. And that's exactly what he did.

Zendaya guest judged on this week's episode, alongside Zanna and Jen. Asha was named the winner with an outfit that was described as glamorous, yet grungy. It had all of the right elements, including: color, vision, style, edge, and impeccable construction. Isabelle, on the other hand, was voted off.

On to the designs...

The top:

Asha's winning design (team Mondo):

Asha's design

Shan's design (team Anya):

Shan's design

The bottom:

Isabelle's losing design (team Nick):

Isabelle's design

Stephanie's design (team Nick):

Stephanie's design

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Comments (3)

JennyEbner JennyEbner writes: Isabelle needs to learn that there are always designers out there that know something you don't and you can learn something from EVERYONE!!!
Posted: 11:01 am on March 5th

LSRainbunny LSRainbunny writes: The judges got it right with Asha,s trending design. The skirt edge is very nice and mirrors the curve that is created by front of the top and skirt waist. Very appropriate for the subject. Natalia,s look is just sexy gym wear and I certainly don't care for the boobs sticking out below the black top on Nicolas's number. It looks like he could not get the fit right or cut it too short and said, "Oh well," too late.

Posted: 2:58 pm on February 26th

Muppet Muppet writes: Good grief, most of them look like hookers!!!
Posted: 10:20 pm on February 24th

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