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Video: Sew Perfect Collar Points

Video Length: 1:19
Produced by: Judith Neukam; Shot by: Evamarie Gomez

There are all sorts of corners: 90-degree, 45-degree, and less-or more. You see them on collars all the time. Watch this Threads Essential Technique video to learn how to sew professional-looking collar points. For sharp corners, drive to a point and pivot.

For a well-sewn outside corner, such as a collar point, add an extra step. Stop sewing the seamline a stitch or two before you reach the end point. With the needle down, pivot across the point, take two or three stitches, and pivot again to follow the opposite seam.

All corners benefit from a shorter stitch length (1⁄4 inch before and after the point). These smaller stitches support the fabric when the corner is trimmed or clipped.

Comments (19)

justwilli justwilli writes: I am 88 yrs old and have been sewing all my life --it is my love, but i can always learn new ways to doing anything

your tips are wonderful and I've learned a lot from you. thank you
Posted: 8:49 pm on November 4th

justwilli justwilli writes: I am 88 yrs old and have been sewing all my life --it is my love, but i can always learn new ways to doing anything

your tips are wonderful and I've learned a lot from you. thank you
Posted: 8:49 pm on November 4th

WinnieMary WinnieMary writes: This totally works!! I have been doing it for years but without reducing the stitch size as described here, the success was only marginable. Many thanks for the extra detail information.
Posted: 9:00 am on April 28th

EvamarieGomez EvamarieGomez writes: Dear user-2996887 and kne5017894: Unfortunately, I can't offer any detailed troubleshooting advice without knowing what web browser, version, and platform/device you're using. You may want to check your security settings as they may be preventing you from watching the video. Please let us know what browser and platform you're using so that we may be of assistance.

Thank you!
Evamarie Gomez
Web Producer
Threads Magazine

Posted: 3:28 pm on April 24th

user-895259 user-895259 writes: I also encountered difficulty viewing the instructional video. I opened Threads on You Tube and the videos are available there for viewing.
Posted: 7:32 pm on April 23rd

stsimon stsimon writes: user-2996887 About video links: I've found that switching to a different browser often works when a video doesn't run. My computer system isn't the most up-to-date, and the video may be HTML3 or flash or something else in a new version that doesn't work with my system or my browser.
Posted: 11:50 am on April 23rd

AntheaGrace AntheaGrace writes: Racing to the sewing machine as I speak! Gotta try it.
Posted: 11:40 am on April 23rd

sewold sewold writes: It's funny how something you've done for years (and seems so routine) is something new to someone else. It just means we all need to share those little hints that make sewing easier.
Posted: 11:09 am on April 23rd

CFields CFields writes: To user-2996887,
You might have set you compute to block pop-up windows and this may be why you can't see the videos. Try adjusting your settings.
Posted: 7:25 am on April 23rd

oopsgramma oopsgramma writes: Great tip - I cant even guess at how many "rounded" collar points I have turned out over the years - no more for me !!!

Posted: 5:05 am on April 23rd

TwoBees TwoBees writes: Good tip; I already do this with decreasing the stitch length as I approach the collar point but didn't know that avoiding sewing right to the point gives a better result. I will definitely do this from now on as I sew lots of men's collared shirts.

Posted: 3:29 am on April 23rd

XIII XIII writes: Wow... great tip, somewhat counter-intuitive, I never would have thought of it. Thanks so much.
Posted: 12:19 am on April 23rd

Pepita1 Pepita1 writes: Super!!! Thank you for this great tip!!!!
Posted: 8:54 pm on April 22nd

user-2529924 user-2529924 writes: Thank You Very Much for this Tip. I was just sewing a peter pan collar before watching this video and the points came out awful. Now I will go back and try again I'm sure they will come out great
Posted: 7:28 pm on April 22nd

paulaberon70 paulaberon70 writes: I love this tip, my mother tought it for me, many years ago. the difference is the minimising the sitches before pivoting.

Posted: 5:52 pm on April 22nd

user-2996887 user-2996887 writes: I can never watch any of these videos even though I am a magazine subscriber and am logged in. There is no video, it only shows the comments.
My PC is totally up to date.
At the top you see the name of the video, "PinIt" and "Add Comment" and then the comments. No link to video.
Posted: 4:48 pm on April 22nd

dreamie dreamie writes: Definitely will try it. The result looked really good.
Posted: 4:44 pm on April 22nd

kne5017894 kne5017894 writes: tried to view 4 times and each time it stops @ 19 sec. or so and won't re-buffer. Anyone else have this issue?
Posted: 4:22 pm on April 22nd

bethatply bethatply writes: What a good tip ... thank you.
Posted: 3:23 pm on April 22nd

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