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Make a Pleated Pouch Bag

Make a sack to any proportion; 5 inches by 5 inches is a handy size.
Use whatever fabric you like. This bag is 16 inches by 12 inches and made from Chinese brocade.
This 9-inch by 7-inch version of the pouch bag makes a nice evening purse.
Make a sack to any proportion; 5 inches by 5 inches is a handy size.

Make a sack to any proportion; 5 inches by 5 inches is a handy size.

Photo: Joseph Kugielsky

by Carol Spier
An Online Extra to Threads #113

Cloth purses or bags are quick and fun to sew. Plus, a one-of-a-kind handmade bag is a treat to carry, and makes for a creative, thoughtful gift. With personal touches and a range of fabrics, you can sew a purse that's perfect for any style or occasion. We've gathered an assortment of small bags that celebrate the beauty of Chinese brocade, a luxe and colorful silk/rayon blend fabric. To make the bags-you can use any fabric you like-use the schematic diagrams and basic directions here.


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To learn more about Chinese brocade, read "Exploring Chinese Silk-Faced Brocades" by Sarah Veblen in Threads #113, and don't miss sewing tips and techniques like this by subscribing to Threads magazine, or by becoming a Threads Insider.

Pleated pouch bag Make a sack Box the bottom corners
1. Make a sack to any proportion; the bag shown at left is 5 inches by 5 inches.    2. Box the bottom corners   .

Turn and pleat Whipstitch Whipstitch
3. Turn right side out. Pleat the top at the sides or in the middle; whipstitch to secure the pleats.       .

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ladymgr ladymgr writes: I just completed making this handbag but in a larger size of 11 x 15. It is gorgeous. I quilted the fabric and used a coordinate lining. It is so easy to make and the fact that you can make a bag with so much room with just one piece is fantastic...I will make this again and give as gifts and sell. Thank you so much for this free pattern. It is appreciated.
Posted: 9:20 pm on March 8th

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