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Binding with Fusible Thread

submitted by Michele Brakewood
from Threads #120

I use fusible thread in my bobbin for flawless binding applications. With the fabric right-side down, I sew along one side of the binding. I align the unstitched edge of the binding to the garment edge and sew it right-sides together to the garment. Then, I fold the bias and turn it over the edge so the fusible is folded under next to the fabric on the wrong side of the garment. I press the edge of the bias tape to cover the previous stitching line. The fusible thread holds the bias in place while I flip the garment back to the right side. I then replace my bobbin with regular thread and topstitch through the binding edges.


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user-282579 user-282579 writes: I want a 'print' sheath type dress from fabric that has a multi color band of one way print on a 21 inch repeating pattern. Of course I fell in love with the print(!)--but I'm not sure how to manage the dynamics. I bought plenty of 45 inch fabric. Any suggestions? Jane
Posted: 10:00 am on September 18th

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