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Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 7

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In Volume 7 of this popular master-sewing series, respected instructor Louise Cutting shares her techniques for mastering the details. Like all of the videos in this series, this one is bursting at the seams with techniques, tips, and trade secrets for achieving greater success in garment sewing. This workshop will help you develop an eye for quality and see, as never before, how small details add up, making all the difference between just okay and outstanding.

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Episodes in this Series

Welcome to Industry Insider Techniques Volume 7

A quick introduction from Louise Cutting.

Best Thread Practices

Louise Cutting demonstrates two methods for threading a hand-sewing needle that will benefit left-handed and right-handed sewers. She also shows how to prevent the thread from twisting.

Match Stripes and Plaids Perfectly

Learn how to match stripes and plaids over the shoulder, around the circumference of the body, and down the sleeves.

Match Stripes and Prints Before You Cut

Louise shows an expert method for matching prints and stripes on a sewing machine without pins.

The Best Bound Buttonhole

Bound buttonholes are a great addition to any garment. Louise walks through her method for creating this lovely detail.

Match Overlapping Edges

Watch to learn a pro’s method for matching overlapping edges.

Add a Hidden Button Placket to a Pattern

Create a professional-looking placket with this lesson from Louise Cutting.

Trim Facings for a Better Fit on Sleeveless Garments

Louise shares a clever way for adding facings without adding bulk in sleeveless garments.

One Dot Pocket Placement and Application

Adding pockets has never been easier. Louise’s “one-dot” method is easy-to-follow and produces incredibly precise results.

Finish a Lapped Zipper at the Neckline

As with any detail, beautifully inserted zippers rely on precision sewing. Follow along as Louise demonstrates her method for adding a lapped zipper to the neckline.

Make Perfect Miters

Mitered corners are a nice way to finish hems and they add a professional touch to your garments. In this step-by-step tutorial, Louise shows how to draft and sew a mitered corner.

Finish the Invisible Zipper Top

Louise takes the mystery out of adding an invisible zipper to garments. She also offers advice for inserting zippers in fabrics with prints.

Finish a Back Neckline Opening

This unique back neckline opening is a great alternative to traditional keyhole openings.

Reinforce Underarm Seams

A dropped shoulder will also drop the underarm, and with movement it can create stress points. Learn how to reinforce these garment sections to extend the life of the garment.

Industry Insider Techniques, Conclusion

Louise Cutting offers her final remarks and advice.