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Project Runway Episode 13: “Finale, Part 1”

Melissa and the other finalist designers had to scramble to make three outfits emblematic of their collections.

The most recent episode of Project Runway, “Finale Part 1,” included what I always consider to be a season highlight – Tim’s hometown visits to the designers! It’s so fun to see Tim in his “casual” traveling clothes – did you catch the orange cardigan he wore to chat with Fabio?

On to the designs!

The remaining four designers still had to compete for three opportunities to show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. On the runway, Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio, and Melissa each had to present three looks to Nina, Michael, and Heidi.

The designers had $9,000 and 5 weeks to create their collections. Only three were chosen to go on to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. One designer made it this far, only to be denied a chance to show at Lincoln Center.

But wait… there was a twist! The judges decided to let ALL FINAL FOUR designers go on to Fashion Week! So we’ll get to see the complete collections by Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio, and Melissa. What do you think of the surprise ending? And what did you think of the designs?

On to the outfits!

Dmitry’s designs

A dress by Dmitry:

 Dmitry’s ensemble:

A top and pants by Dmitry:

Christopher’s designs

A vest, top and shorts by Christopher:

More shorts and a top by Christopher:

A bustier and skirt by Christopher:

Fabio’s designs

An ensemble, including a very cropped top, by Fabio.


A skirt and top by Fabio:

A dress by Fabio:

Melissa’s designs

A midriff-baring turtleneck and shorts by Melissa:


A jacket with super-sized collar and cuffs by Melissa:

A sleek little black dress by Melissa.

You be the judge

What did you think of the sneak peek at the designers’ collections? Did you think it was a little bland and colorless, or sharp and sophisticated?

What was your favorite single piece from the preview?

If you could have picked only three designers to go on to fashion week, who would you have left behind?

Who do you think is going to win?!


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  1. nancyina2 | | #1

    I like the final four contestants as people, but I'm really underwhelmed by their designs.

  2. Cherlyn | | #2

    I couldn't believe the designs that they all showed. Dimitry sends down a look we have already seen and love the variety of ways he uses it, but no surprise here. I'm not crazy about the whole see-through blouse, not something I want to see people wearing. I loved Christopher's fabric and the whole idea that he took from that and ran with it. I thought he was the most creative, but he sent down the runway some terrible choices! Then Fabio has designed this whole line of beach clothes, I guess that is what they would be---I'm not liking it. Melissa---oh dear, that jacket was was awful. I didn't like anything she had designed. I was surprised when she was not eliminated. Again, the neckline on the black dress was something similar to something else she designed/

    I think Christopher or Dimitry will win this. Christopher is very creative. Dimitry is very tailored and constructs clothes well. I think Fabio missed his chance. Melissa has trouble with time management and second guessing herself.

    I'm excited about seeing the runway show to see how everything looks together for each designer.

  3. user-261446 | | #3

    I thought Fabio's necklaces were beautiful. I also enjoyed the beachy clothes and the colors were refreshing. I thought Christopher's idea to use his mother's x-ray for a print was creepy and unattractive aside from that. Melissa's designs were a yawn and nothing new. We saw those same shapes before. As for Dmitri, I always admire his work, but his idea of the black bra showing through the black transparent blouse was a bad idea.

  4. 416 | | #4

    I thought the designer's collection was a little bland and colorless but my favorite piece from the preview was Dimitry's dress. I like the lines in the dress. I'd pick Dimitry, Fabio & Christopher leaving Melissa's designs behind. She & Fabio like the stomach out designs. I am betting on Dimitry to win this season.

  5. User avater
    iris68 | | #5

    I did like Dmitriy's design. Was not excited to see Christopher's nor Melissa's. They are all very nice people, I agree.
    I like seeing Tim in casual environment. Would really love to know the brand of his glasses. They are fabulous!

  6. sews4fun | | #6

    I hope Dmitry wins, I think he's got the best designs. Didn't care for Fabio's beach stuff, I've never seen a designer show summer clothing in a fall fashion show, it was different, I'll say that.
    I thought Christopher made some really poor choices as to what he sent down the runway, he was lucky he did not get eliminated. I hate the whole x-ray thing he has going, I agree with 261446, it was creepy and ugly colors.
    I did love that jacket Christopher did, he should have sent that out.
    I think Dmitry has made a mistake with the sheer blouses, a designer lost the competition with those same blouses last year or the year before, they told him it was a missed opportunity, I hope Dmitry has something strong because those blouses are going to lose points for him.
    I think Melissa has zero chance of winning and I would have liked to see Sonja instead of Fabio in the final four, she was far more talented than he.

  7. Dsapsmith | | #7

    Dmitry's work shows well here.

    Construction of Fabio's pant show smiles and I would expect better work at this point.

    Other designs seem lackluster to me.

  8. sandipratt | | #8

    So bland !! Dimitry will win but I sure hope someone uses something besides gray/black & white.

  9. Ikebana152 | | #9

    YAWN! Black-white-brown.. or ...washed out unflattering watercolor. Where are the beautifully trending "winter neons" ?

    Dimitri's line was unmistakebly his and beautifully executed. The white dress is impeccable, but looks like it could have walked out of Ralph Rucci's studio. The sheer blouses were edgy and for most of us unwearable but there is an element of show, that i think the judges want, that they satisfy. Christopher was innovative by making his own fabric, but boring in his color choices. How many more "too short for most women in the world" shorts and skirts are needed in the world? Melissa should produce black "cool" clothes for a small clientele in a boutique somewhere. Not a great designer. Fabio's looks were washed out, weirdly fitted (that top with the skirt) and somewhat unattractive - but - from the point of view of the judges, more outside the box than the others.

    I wouldn't try to pick a winner. Wearable, beautifully executed clothes on PR, does not equal a winner.

  10. aneitafash | | #10

    No wow moment about the finalists and their designs. Very disappointed Sonja not in the final 4.

  11. iamnewsewer | | #11

    I am not impressed with the fashions nor the colors shown by the final four designers. I was disappointed that Sonja was not chosen to compete in the final showing also. I certainly thought she was a better designer than Fabio. I do however, like the final four designers as they did show some nice designs. I especially like Christopher. Won't even try to guess who the winner will be.

  12. terricita | | #12

    Black, white, brown=BLAHHHH! How unorigional. How boring. I don't want to see everthing n these bland non-colors. Unless it's a foundation piece, I don't even buy black or brown clothing. I want beautiful prints and pretty colors.
    And as far as a fashion show goes, you can't see details in black clothing, especially on a runway.

    I thought Christopher's X-ray print idea was really good, but he executed it in black and white- the most expected colors for that. Imagine if he had done it in bright pinks, greens, blues ect. It would have been brilliant because it would come off as abstract instead of creepy.

    It is a tragedy that Sanjia did not make it into the final 4.

  13. knittingirl | | #13

    Oh my! It's like none of these designers watched prior finales. How may times has Nina said black doesn't show well. How may times has Michael questioned the rationale of saving the best for the runway? Duh! Bring your best out first. This was no time to hold the best back! I saw Christopher steaming a beautiful gown. Anyway, I was happy to see in the previews that the judges are wowed in the end. I am looking forward to the grand finale. I just wish Sonjai was part of the finale. She was my overall favorite.

  14. user-2128681 | | #14

    I don't have cable so have not watch any season for a while but I do like the show a lot. From what I see in the photos above, I am not impressed. Everything looks either trendy and sleazy or boring and colorless. This isn't stuff most people can wear. I am so tired of designers not thinking about STYLE and cut and flattering looks. They are too worried about impressing judges and thinking outside the box. What is the box? Most clothes are made basically the same the style comes in the details of the work. The only one that really popped in the photos above was the first photo of one of Fabio's designs. And that was because it fit the model well and she has the body type to pull it off. What about the rest of the real world? Here is another hint for designers. Plus size women do not all like big bulky prints. We don't all want to draw attention to our size. Why can't we get patterns and designs like the smaller sizes upsized in the same fabrics and prints?

  15. sews4fun | | #15

    You don't have to have cable to watch the P.R. episodes. If you go to mylifetime.com, you can watch the entire episodes and only have to tolerate one or two commercials instead of 10 to 15. If I miss an episode, thats what I do.

  16. User avater
    sewnsew43 | | #16

    I could never understand why the designers have to show tiny,see thru tops,short shorts and BLACK. These styles are not seen by the average buyer and cannot be worn by most women, especially in the work place. They seem to be designing for party people and I am disappointed in that. I also cannot see any details in a black garment and everyone uses it nearly every episode. I like colors and if you design well a color can be used to enhance your design. Very disappointing. Listen to the judges, they are there to inform and help.

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