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Interview with Designer Joi Mahon and Giveaway

Create the Perfect Fit (Fons & Porter 2014) by Joi Mahon

Designer and popular sewing instructor Joi Mahon recently published her first book, Create the Perfect Fit (Fons & Porter, 2014). Joi, who was the audience choice winner of the 2012 Threads/ASDP Innovative Lace Challenge, also has a new pattern line for McCall’s. We caught up with her for an exclusive interview revealing insider details of her latest project.

As a bonus, we’re giving you the chance to win a copy of Joi’s book and two of her new patterns for the McCall Pattern Company.


Threads Magazine (TM): What inspired you to write a measuring and fitting book?
Joi Mahon (JM): It was the natural progression in my career. I have been fitting people professionally since I was 14 while working in a tailor shop, and I have the amazing opportunity to go around the country to teach. As you can imagine, I can’t see everyone in person. This makes my content more available to the masses.

TM: What makes your book stand out from other fitting books?
JM: I approach fit differently than others, but it is also different in the look and feel. I did not want another boring tissue-fitting encyclopedia of generic solutions to fitting issues that have always been done and regurgitated.

I have not read books, remembered generic solutions, but I am showing what I have done for over 20 years and what works for me. I was able to design all my art and look of the book. That was one thing I told my editor, that it has to be reflective of my aesthetic, have a clean modern look and feel. I designed color-coded pattern adjustments to match the color-coded fit samples and tabs in the book. Each image and specific body measurement in those chapters is a lesson in itself. Not every person needs every measurement, so you can go to one specific measurement that applies to you and study that.

TM: Where did you learn the techniques you demonstrate in the book?
JM: Experience. I have been fitting since I was 14, in a tailor shop. Obviously, I am more experienced now than back then, but I do this every day for clients in my studio. More often than not, as in 95 percent of the time, I use my method on people who I never see in person. That is the proof of how it works. I have college professors who teach fashion design and patternmaking ask how I can design long distance and make it fit. This is what I do. What is the process? It is looking less at a pattern as something that is going to be bad-fitting, but more looking at any pattern, any shape, and any size and being able to look at it in smaller areas of fit. Then, it is making those smaller areas match your body measurements. Measure you, measure your pattern.

TM: What is the best tip you can give readers pertaining to fitting their own clothes?
JM: Well, there are lots, but learning to use patterns differently for the body of today rather than applying old-school or outdated fitting tips to bodies of today. Those things worked years ago, but we are different now, and patterns fit different. To bring that full circle, I teach to utilize your measurements and correct a pattern prior to cutting anything. You will eliminate 99 percent of fit issues when a pattern matches your body vertically and horizontally. Fit is all polishing after that.

TM: How is the process of writing a fitting book different from teaching a class or producing a video?
JM: First of all, my absolute favorite is teaching in person because I love, most of all, answering student questions where I can elaborate and really make sure they have an answer that works. There are many ways I can explain any one part of what I teach. People learn differently, so I am aware that some sewers need analytical explanations, and others need the freedom to experiment. In a live class, I can cater an explanation toward a learning style because, contrary to popular belief, not all sewers are creative or visual. Some are very literal.

In a video, you do not have live people. You have to anticipate questions, but you are limited to time constraints so you are limited in explanations. Inevitably, you can’t include some subtle details in any class. I also think people forget this when they review classes. They often want it all and are not realistic in that a video has to be very specific. So in writing a book, because I have done both video and live classes for years, I think it is a fabulous companion to those. I enjoyed every aspect of the process, and I felt it was a visual way to compile my content and being able to have written explanations and cover my most common questions in written form personally is the most rewarding.

TM: What skill level of sewer do you think would best benefit from reading your book?
JM: All skill levels. I really approach fit in a fun and easy fashion. It is funny, however, that some things that are the most difficult can often be taken easy from a student, and another very simple aspect can have a learning curve. Again, that just reflects different levels of experience and learning styles. What I find fascinating is I get three major types of students.

One, the new sewer who does not know what they are doing and are so happy they found me. I love this type because they have no reservations and are not comparing me to anything else. These students tend to have amazing results, and it is so exciting to me because I really love working with new sewers (a demographic many fit teachers turn off because many teachers make fit seem so difficult or unachievable, which I find unfortunate). There is a huge market out there wanting relatable information.

The second type of student is the older sewer who has sewn longer than I have been alive but are always searching for fit information. Their body has changed and the information out there is not giving them solutions (again because it is outdated and this demographic is dealing with the changing body). This is another rewarding group because they come to me telling me they have looked all their life for fit info that works, and they finally have solid results. I really take that to heart, and it is so rewarding to me.

The third group I run into is the middle-age group or experienced sewer who finds that I don’t teach the same as everyone else, which, if I did, there would be no point in reinventing the wheel. They tend to be most critical. They can often not investigate my entire process start to finish and they make quick judgment saying it is not useful. This is the most difficult group to reach because they tend to be close-minded, which is always funny. They are wanting new fit info because it is obvious what they are doing is not working, but they are not open to a new approach. However, when I win one of these over, they are blown away. Overall, if I can work with any skeptics and they give me a chance, I can win anyone over. Plus, I am so darn passionate about teaching this.

TM: What do you think is the most difficult part of the body to fit?
JM: I really don’t think there is one difficult part to fit. People often ask that because we have been so inundated with the idea that fit is hard. If you scale a pattern to match your body, then you eliminate fit issues and you just have polishing.

I don’t think fit has to be hard at all. As I work with people all around the country, I see what I call “fit anxiety,” which is so sad. People are so anxious about finding the right fit, and often, the things they are fretting about have very simple solutions. I think people also need someone to give them permission to customize their fit. Some sewers are used to seeing traditional pattern shapes. That is great for standard sizing and the assembly line, but when you custom-sew, pattern pieces often look slightly modified to the individual. And that is OK.

TM: When did you realize sewing was going to be a part of your life and that you had a passion for it?
JM: Forever. I grew up like many sewing when I was very young. At about sixth grade, it really clicked with me and made sense. I really think it is my gift. We all have one. This just happens to be my area. It is not hard for me. It just flows, so I felt very strongly about using it for good and helping others. I apprenticed for a tailor starting at 14 and studied fashion design in college, but I was always advanced.

TM: What was the most rewarding experience you had when creating this book?
JM: Getting the first book in the mail was pretty surreal, but I think now that it has been out a few months, it’s all the feedback from my students. It is less about me and more about people having success in their sewing. I love being a part of each person’s successful sewing, because we all know sewing is immensely rewarding.

TM: What was the most difficult obstacle you faced when creating this book?
JM: It really flowed, so the only obstacle was the page limit. I talk and talk and talk and have so much more detail and could have written a few more chapters. But you have to stop somewhere. On a positive note, Designer Joi’s Sewing Boot Camp is my next book that is already contracted. It will be out in February 2016, and they gave me about 40 more pages. It was kind of a big deal that I got a second contract before sales numbers on this book, but they liked how I worked and my ideas, so I have no doubt book number two will be just as much fun. I get to work with the same editor. We clicked, and it is very collaborative process. Those pieces all have to mesh symbiotically to make a successful product.

For a chance to win one (1) copy of Create the Perfect Fit, McCall’s Designer Joi pattern M7017, and McCall’s Designer Joi pattern M7025, you must leave a comment explaining what fitting issues you would like to address with the help from Joi’s book. To be eligible to win, comments must be made by 11:59 p.m. EST, on October 17, 2014. The winner will be randomly selected, contacted via email, and announced during the week of October 20, 2014.


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  1. User avater
    BLoves2Sew | | #1

    I would like help with fitting my stomach, which isn't huge, but it's also not flat! :)

  2. Bikerchickrisa | | #2

    I look forward to the day when I can successfully alter purchased patterns to more closely fit "my" body. I'm tall and long waisted, not particularly full busted, do not have a lot of "junk in my trunk" (aka my butt is on the flat side) but do have weight in my thighs. I love "me" but man, those patterns end up either tight in one area or absolutely swim on another! Getting one problem area under control with one pattern brand, doesn't mean I'm free & clear with the next, due to the differences in each pattern brand so either it's either too tight in one area or swimming on me in another. Ahh! It'd be nice to tackle any pattern with confidence of a nice fit! I'm thinking the Joi book could help me mucho!

  3. LAKBerry | | #3

    I am plus sized, with a very short waist and a protruding abdomen. Getting a flattering fit is a challenge!

  4. ChanAnn | | #4

    I have several issues that I think the book could help me with. I broad shoulders and my arm length is slightly longer. But biggest problem or I should say difference than most patterns is that I have regular size hips, well almost narrow but I have slight sway back at the small of my back and an ample tush. Plus I have a stomach. Not too big but big enough. And I'm tall. Altering patterns has been difficult for me. I never get as good as I would like it.

  5. Tanu | | #5

    Hi, I can not find dress for my size as I am too small and have to buy clothes from children selection . So I make my own clothes . Commercial pattern do not fit me so it is like making dress from scratch . This book will really help me with making my own dress . Thanks

  6. Changmom | | #6

    I would like help with pants, as my thighs are very large.

  7. Animama | | #7

    I am short with narrow sloping shoulders and also have a large bust. I need help fitting this combo.

  8. abqdancer | | #8

    I'd really like to win this book. I'm sure it has descriptions that just cry out to me.

  9. user-2291610 | | #9

    I have a high rounded back and one forward shoulder which I'm learning to fit but would like more help with. I'm in my 60's and have been sewing forever but still have a lack of fit confidence. I fit into Joi's second group and would love to have a copy of her book!

  10. Barbara_J | | #10

    I enjoyed this interview and I can see how Joi is passionate about what she does. I have enrolled in Joi's Craftsy on Fitting in the Details. Her approach to fitting is quite logical and her explanations are super! I really dig Joi's approach to fitting. Her answer to my side seam question was very encouraging.

    I'd like to learn to fit patterns that "disguises" my large tummy :( and Joi's book will be an even more detailed companion for me to her Craftsy class!

  11. twinsmommy | | #11

    I would love to finally figure out how to properly fit my waist to low hip area. After having three kids, last delivery was a 2-fer, it really altered my figure and I struggle with proper fit constantly.

  12. Dawnalice | | #12

    I have short arms and narrow shoulders: without shoulder pads many garments just hang wrong on my shoulders. If I use the size for my shoulders, upper arms and across the back are too tight

  13. avasgrndma | | #13

    I am short 5'1.5" with a back that joins into my legs which means I am missing a bottom, busty and carrying a belly or at least some belly but without hips it looks bigger. I am small in the around the shoulder area and wide through the ribs with a very small hip to rib area and longer legs than my 5'8" son. A complicated petite! I am looking for help in producing garments that fit not only the top or the bottom but both ends. Maybe this book could be the solution I need.

  14. SewChic | | #14

    I need help with the FBA. I also have large upper arms that makes it difficult to buy jackets with a good fit.

  15. User avater
    kathys120 | | #15

    I would like some help fitting a short crotch depth with a long crotch length and thin legs. Someday I'll have a pair of pants that fit right.

  16. User avater
    ShiningStar | | #16

    I would like to know how to adjust the bust and length of garments.

  17. Charlotte1979 | | #17

    I have trouble fitting long sleeves which allow enough movement I.e being able to raise my arms without pulling the whole dress with me! I have a few dresses I would love to make but this always trips me up!

  18. user-3957048 | | #18

    I have trouble fitting the bust on an empire top. I love the empire style, but RTW garments always end up with the empire line sitting on my DD bust rather than below it. I've taken Joi's Craftsy fitting course, which was excellent, but a lesson on empire tops would be most appreciated.

  19. kslaughter | | #19

    I feel like I am in a fitting category that is hardly ever addressed. I am a petite person, with a straight shape. Small, high bust, not much of a waist and straight hips, but round bottom. I have tried for many years using commercial and indie patterns to make my own clothes--every once in a blue moon, something fits. I've learned a bit, but my closet is still empty!

    I would love to be able to have a set of just basic patterns that would really fit!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway--fingers crossed!

  20. melwyk | | #20

    I agree with many others -- I'm a petite but my top and bottom don't fit within the same pattern. I need help adjusting so that both halves fit in a more flattering way!

  21. Katerine | | #21

    Although I'm a petite short-waisted person with 11inch hip spring, flat shoulders, my biggest concern is small ribcage (I wear 28e size bra). The BURDA patterns are made for flatchested women with wide ribcage with way too long verticals(and too big armscythe, too low place) comparing to me for example. The armscythe-bust lvl is the most problematic,always, I don't know what to do with that problem. While many sites and books cover many concerns, they do not fix mine, I've never heard anyone who would nag about ribcage issues in clothing,yet alone showing the solution for fitting.

  22. tzipi | | #22

    My biggest problem in fitting is one that seems small but is really important. Its to get skirts to fit me well around the belly. My blly sticks out just a bit and the darts dont ever seem to accomodate it correctly. I would love help with this problem. Looking forward to reading this book!!!

  23. jckeene | | #23

    I would love to fit pants better. I have problems with crotch depth and length.

  24. user-3554751 | | #24

    When I can get the rear to fit then I find the waist won't fit. When I finally get the rear and waist to fit then the crotch hangs too low. I can never get all my parts fitting at once.

  25. virb | | #25

    My back is wide, which means the fbas are fitting in the wrong place! Would appreciate any help I can get...

  26. memarston | | #26

    Fitting issues I would like help with are achieving balance, I have narrow shoulders and heavy hips and thighs and more.
    Help beyond the classic methods would be awesome!

  27. cdntkd | | #27

    I would like help with fitting my daughter. She has a long torso with a belly. Pants will not stay up unless they have an elastic waistband.

  28. user-1109583 | | #28

    I would like to see more on pant fitting especially the angle of the Cb seam.

  29. User avater
    Countessa | | #29

    I would like how to fit over a wide back with narrow shoulders. Thanks

  30. Violaisabelle | | #30

    Working with the ever changing body. :)

  31. DTR1960 | | #31

    I would love to address fitting the bust with No I'd book. I have slashed and spread, pivoted and slid, and seamed the full bust adjustment and each time I get a little more confident and less confident at the same time because someone will post a new theory on the right way to do the adjustment. I have about a thousand patterns waiting to be seen that I look at but don't try to sew because I don't want to mess up a good stash of material. If Joi could teach me a method that works every time, I would be eve so grateful (although my husband would want to read the book to try to figure out how to fit clothes for him so he could make me buy more patterns for men).

  32. DTR1960 | | #32

    I would love to address fitting the bust with Joi's book. I have slashed and spread, pivoted and slid, and seamed the full bust adjustment and each time I get a little more confident and less confident at the same time because someone will post a new theory on the right way to do the adjustment. I have about a thousand patterns waiting to be seen that I look at but don't try to sew because I don't want to mess up a good stash of material. If Joi could teach me a method that works every time, I would be ever so grateful (although my husband would want to read the book to try to figure out how to fit clothes for him so he could make me buy more patterns for men).

  33. Deb_R | | #33

    Joi, I need help fitting narrow shoulders a DD bust and a basically straight torso. I used to sew all my dresses when in high school in the 70's but now they look like sacks.

  34. kelleyc | | #34

    I would really like to have help developing a systematic approach to adjusting fit for any garment. I'm a plus-size apple shape, and getting garments to fit properly is my biggest challenge. I would LOVE to have a perfectly fitted suite of basic patterns that I could play with to create all kinds of different styles.

  35. user-3356533 | | #35

    I prefer to make my own clothes and when I was a short but slender young thing all I had to do was shorten the waist and hem and my creations fit. Now that I'm short and round I just can't adjust a pattern. I resort to making loose styles that are not very flattering. I need help. SBI

  36. user-3925248 | | #36

    I would like to know how to make adjustments for myself and a disabled friend. She is in a wheel chair and has a few fitting issues I don't know how to address.

  37. pathersl | | #37

    My fit isn't. I love the non-feel of tents and anything oversized. At the same time, I'm short so I can't let it go all the way crazy. How to get it in focus would be great.

  38. Bluethistle17 | | #38

    My top and bottom do not match and I would love a new way to make a bust adjustment

  39. QuiltinBarb | | #39

    How to deal with small shoulders & big bust line!

  40. sewmydreams | | #40

    Oh I just love Joi! So inspirational. Fitting?? Hmm?? My major difficulty is fitting the crotch and hip area for pants. It is such a struggle for me...and the other area is sloping shoulders. When I alter a pattern for my shoulders I end up with this unusual looking pattern shape...but it works...Thanks Joi for writing "Create the Perfect Fit" and thank you Threads' editors for offering this opportunity.

  41. Sewing_Nana | | #41

    I love making my own clothing, and have always had a problem with patterns not fitting both my breasts and my waist, I love making dresses right now. I wear a 38DD,or 36DDD or 36F. and my waist is in the range of 33-34. the slope is just not pleasant to look at would you think darts or the change in fabric would be best?

  42. LeeWells | | #42

    Fitting issues? My figure has changed over the years so I have had to adjust for a rounder stomach (there were suggestions in an article in Threads several years ago) My main problem right now with commercial patterns is what size to work with: I am less than 5" tall and about 92 pounds. Years ago I could purchase a Junior Petite size 5 pattern and it fit just about right. Misses patterns are much too "tall" in the body and "large" in the shoulders. And don't get me started about pants: I haven't been able to buy those in years! (not garments, not patterns)

  43. after8 | | #43

    I've ordered the book. I have always made my own clothes but now am reduced to a blouse pattern that I know fits and, similarly, a basic pants pattern. It's a source of frustration to buy patterns, adjust them, and then find that the fit is way off, so I'm looking forward to reading Joi's book. My latest project has been waiting for 4 months to be finished, because it just doesn't fit. I'm looking forward to starting again with Joi's tips.

  44. elizasquid | | #44

    My fit issues are my long arms, long torso and broad shoulders for my small waist and bust. Very little fits me properly. I would love to have a better understanding of how to properly address these issues!

  45. bobbielb | | #45

    My fit issues are being very short, but long waisted. I have short legs and arms and a long torso. I would love to be able to fit pants. I'm part of the older generation and would like the waist to be nearer my natural waist than the current fashion. I enjoy sewing and love to learn new information to help me improve.

  46. beacreative | | #46

    I am a pear shape and have a long back and arms. It would be just nice to know what to fix on any pattern before making a fit muslin.

  47. edeloof | | #47

    Purchasing the right size pattern has always been a problem. I'm interested in fitting a broad back and big shoulders, but not so large bust.

  48. user-3251151 | | #48

    I really need help with fitting pants & trousers. My waist is large, & my legs are long, since I'm pretty tall. A normal rise is too short for me, but the backside is usually pretty baggy. I also need some help customizing patterns for a barrel chested, large abdomen, extra long arms. I really try to measure & adjust, but my results aren't too good. I need help, where I can check & eye-check, then get a well fitting garment. I would love to win this giveaway!
    Therese Fryksdale

  49. User avater
    bj_sews_on | | #49

    I love to sew for myself and my daughter. We both have curvy figures with a larger bust cup size. The commercial clothes for both of us are very large around the armholes and across the back if we choose the size with ease for our bust. I can't claim the Barbie figure of my daughter and would like to have the means to make a pattern curve in and out with her figure. I'd love to try Joi's method and am looking forward to trying her way of fitting for each of us.

  50. user-3088787 | | #50

    I would like to fit pants better for family members so that's my major concern.

  51. user-2442160 | | #51

    I am one of those middle age sewers , but yes I have fitting problems , and yes I will be very grateful to learn a new technique that works , I have broad shoulders and a large bust and abdomen !!!! I really have tried so many other methods and little success .

  52. sewquilter | | #52

    I need help in fitting me. I am trying to lose weight and my figure fluctuates sometimes so I do need fitting in my clothes that I plan to make and wear.

  53. user-3919489 | | #53

    I am just learning to fit. I've been sewing for a long time, and I had great success when I was young and a nearly perfect pattern size except for length, but fast forward some years and pounds, and now I have to work. I just don't know where to begin! Flat butt with loads of fabric around my thighs in pants, belly, full bust adjustments, you name it, I need to adjust. I need a method!!

  54. idosew | | #54

    Fitting help is something every "body" needs. It changes as we age so you never stop fitting.

  55. sewquilter | | #55

    I need help in fitting mainly my hips equal to my waist. I am a C cup and I feel the patterns are all mainly B cups. I would like to find an easy way to fitting, fitting on me where I can do it myself on my own body.

  56. vannie | | #56

    I would love to learn to fit my own body, especially my torso, as it's changed over the years.

  57. ncmimi | | #57

    I would be head over heals to win a copy of your book. Although I've been sewing since I was a child, there is so much more that I need and want to learn. Having recently purchased myself a dress form, I hope to get a perfect fit for myself and my form. Then the sky is the limit. My biggest challenge would have to be fitting myself by myself. I am currently taking your crafty class. Wow, you are doing a great job. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  58. SEGnesa | | #58

    I have a long back and low slung bottom, so I have always had trouble with pants and fitted skirts. Now I am retired I don't wear fitted skirts anymore, but the need for perfectly fitting pants is even greater. Thanks for this offering and great interview.

  59. mismis777 | | #59

    When it comes to fitting, I'm just a mess all over. I would have to say that fitting my torso is probably my biggest problem. I would love to learn to fit myself and my mom and would really love to win a copy of Joi's book. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  60. ChocLab | | #60

    Hitting midlife and my old patterns don't work anymore. I don't know how to fit my "new" old body! Would love some fitting instruction.

  61. scw200 | | #61

    I would like tips on fitting my sloped shoulders and large biceps. I have numerous other fit issues as well - short crotch depth and protruding abdomen and thighs. It is reassuring to read everyone else's comments, to see that we're all in this fit struggle together! I am definitely going to check out this book. Great interview!

  62. fourcats35 | | #62

    The idea of getting rid of "fit anxiety" is bigger than anything I could wish for in my sewing. I DO fit my patterns, but by the old school methods and they are not all that successful and they take quite a while to do. Having a means of fitting in a new way sounds like Christmas to me! Winning would be fantastic, but otherwise I bill be buying one without hesitation!

  63. fourcats35 | | #63

    I should have added that besides wanting a new way of looking at fitting patterns, I need help mostly in the crotch/low hip area of pants. I really struggle getting a good fit for pants.

  64. User avater
    landrovergirl | | #64

    I have several fitting issues. I am a pear shape with a long torso and short rise. I have to adjust the hip and derriere area on the pants back, shorten the rise on the pants front. When making dresses, I have to lengthen the bodice. Any ideas and help to make this process easier, I am for it.

  65. MelHill | | #65

    I would say that I could most use help fitting my petite shape, especially through the waist/hips. I certainly don't fit the standard sizing given on patterns for the waist/hip area since having 3 kids! I look forward to reading the tips in Joi's book!

  66. Rhonda27 | | #66

    My shoulders slope down creating a ripple of fabric in front of each arm and with aging my abdomen is larger. I am looking for updates in fitting and find this approach to be appealing.

  67. loreek | | #67

    I'm a mess....short arms, short legs, short everything. I could really use a fitting book.

  68. cweetgal | | #68

    I read every word in this post about the amazing woman behind the book. I am petite on top but botton is fuller. And it is not easy to get good fit for pants:|.. Also I would like to know how to make SBA. Thanks.

  69. fab54 | | #69

    i have a very round back and a DDD bust so I am sure I will benefit greatly from reading her book and get to sew much better fitting garments.

  70. LindamMMMM | | #70

    I'm slim on the bottom and in my legs but not so in the waist and chest, patterns just don't fit as is!

  71. LCJsew | | #71

    I could use help fitting a small upper front, wide back, "mature" stomach, and ample thighs. It is frustrating to have to deal with so many issues.

  72. Lulum | | #72

    I have wide hips and a small waist. There is always lots of gaping around my lower back.

  73. TerriW2715 | | #73

    What I would love to learn about is how to fit for a round belly...I look like I'm 6-7 months pregnant, but I'm not (I'm 58 years old). I've had the flap of skin removed (a pannecolectomy) from when I lost 158 pounds, but the surgeon didn't do what she said she would and now I have a round belly that pants don't fit (they roll down in front all of the time). I want stylish clothes that don't look like maternity clothes. I would also like to learn how to fit patterns for my tall, skinny husband (He's 6'2" and 135 pounds) as he can't find suits to fit.

  74. user-3820879 | | #74

    Have taken your craftsy classes. Would REALLY LIKE YOUR BOOK!

  75. kxpdb | | #75

    What I want is really a full week of personal time with Joi. Since that doesn't seem to be available at this time, I would make good use of her book to help me now.

  76. user-2124015 | | #76

    I am 5'7" tall, long legs, long thin arms, heavy bust (38 DD) short waisted, waist 33". I have sloped shoulders & a rounded back. Tummy nearly the same measurement as my hips (about 39 "), flat seat. Oh that the fat on my front could be moved to the rear! Would love to have your book!

  77. user-1151614 | | #77

    The crotch! Need I say more? It is affected by the hips, the but..waist position..gosh its such a nightmare!! I need help and hopefully your book is it ;-)

  78. user-2718430 | | #78

    I have a large mid drift and waist. My waist is almost the measurement of my hips. Hips are about 4 or 5 inches larger. I have thin legs and rather flat butt. I hate the wide bottom of a pencil skirt made to fit my waist. If I peg it this makes my stomach really stand out.help!
    Would love to read about your fitting method.

  79. user-3265289 | | #79

    I am only 5 feet tall and weigh 120 pounds. I have a large bust which often makes me look either top heavy or cut in half. Shoulder point to shoulder point seem to be to narrow. When I shop for sleeveless shells, I find all the armholes too deep. Is there a good way to alter these? Need good pattern for shell.

  80. SJNZ | | #80

    I'm interest to know how to fit a hollow chest with low bust and broad shoulders. I quite like a princess seam but fitting this around my upper body is always a challenge.

  81. SergerPepper | | #81

    I would love to see rounded thigh fitting :D

  82. User avater
    amylew | | #82

    I am 5ft, 1 in and need help fitting large hips with a small bust. It sounds like this book is just what I need.

  83. AussieAnnie | | #83

    Large bust and bottom.

  84. User avater
    patsquared2 | | #84

    I think the shortest distance on my body is waist to "high hip" and I have NEVER been able to fit that area right. I took Joi's online Craftsy class on fitting and loved it. I would love to have her book in my hip pocket (a hip pocket that actually fit) so I could refer to it all the time.

  85. auscroke | | #85

    I would like help in fitting a round tummy with narrow hips. Fitted skirts are a nightmare

  86. janecapellaro | | #86

    pants when you hat a fat stomach

  87. user-1110520 | | #87

    I would like to learn a better way to make a petite adjustment along with a full bust adjustment and not have issues with then getting the upper sleeve and sleeve cap to fit. It seems like I can't make the same length adjustment on the sleeve as I do on the bodice.

  88. user-265521 | | #88

    I have been sewing for a long time and am mostly self taught. I sew because it is dificult to find rtw that fits properly. I don't usually make too many adjustments to patterns for fit but I would love to be able to fit family members and make them happy. I have other fit books in my library but am intrigued by Joi's approach and would love to see her book.

  89. amy1 | | #89

    I had an accident which left my right arm and shoulder 1 1/2 " lower than my left side. I'd like to learn how to adjust the sleeve, collar and front right pattern to make garments lie flat and have no gaposis!

  90. Susley | | #90

    I have a small bust, narrow shoulders, slightly stooped back, a middle aged stomach, one thigh 'rounder' than the other and want pants that don't give me a wedgie or have such a low rise as to be obscene! I have never made a pair of pants to fit - wrinkles everywhere and no one to help me pin fit them out. I haven't really changed weight since high school 35 years ago when I wore a RTW size 8 and now am lucky if a size 2 (if I can find it in the small town area where I live) doesn't fall off me. I want to be able to sew for myself again and have those clothes fit and look good on me. If I understand this idea of fitting in small areas this book addresses to achieve fit for the entire garment then I really want to get my hands on it!

  91. SewMomma | | #91

    I took one of your classes in Cincinnati last year. I was very impressed with your being able to convey to me how to change the pattern to fit my size. I would love to win this book to further my education.

  92. birdsews | | #92

    Well, where do I start?! I think the biggest fitting issue I have is my lower stomach area. I have a small waist relative to my hips and my lower stomach is almost as prominent as my buttocks. Trying to fit pants has been a nightmare! I can't tell you how many muslins I've done and still can't seem to get it right. I want my pants to hang nicely in the front, not accentuate my stomach area! Help!

  93. User avater
    jamaco | | #93

    My sewing issues are always about fitting thru the bust -- I would love this book and the help it would provide! patterns in E5 size.

  94. RobinLynnD | | #94

    I would love to get more insight into fitting pants. I am a pear shape with a waist that is much smaller in comparison to my hips. This book would be a great help and a nice addition to my fitting references.

  95. user-944239 | | #95

    my biggest problem in fitting is the chest - I am almost 5'5 but wear a 34DDD so the difference in waist and chest make it difficult to fit - HELP

  96. Lajo | | #96

    My fit issues are pant related. I'm not petite.
    At 5'4" I'm close. The rise is long in front and too short in back. I have an ample fanny and thighs...When those body parts fit the waist is most always too big. I am quite good at altering "ready to wear" but get tired of trying to make pants fit right. Would like to learn some better tips on this subject, and more.

  97. ItaB | | #97

    Belly and bum issues here! Fitting bottoms is such a challenge that I generally stick to flowy dresses.

  98. Adventitiously | | #98

    My biggest fitting problem is making a pair of slacks that fit correctly. I have taken online classes and can make a "passable" pair, but still not the fit I want. I also have the issue of a large bust and square shoulders, and would like to be able to make tops that do not creep up in the front and gap at the back of the neck.

  99. Sadaajit | | #99

    I'm just starting a clothing design company and knowing all the tricks for fitting potential clients would be fantastic!

  100. phoebe1beloved | | #100

    I used to make all my clothes, sometimes with my own patterns. My sloper is way out of date as my body has changed so much over the years. My ability to fit is gone too. I've stopped making garments. I would like a newer method to fit, especially as I am so small armscye to armscye CF, everything else is pretty much the usual. I would really like to get back to sewing garments for myself (and my mother) once I find a newer and easier way to fit. This book sounds like it might be helpful. Thanks

  101. user-3273821 | | #101

    I love my Craftsy class with Joi and would REALLY like to have her book to help me with several fitting issues. I feel it would give me confidence and take my sewing to a higher level as I don't trust myself yet to tackle anything complicated. Thanks for all your help, Joi.

  102. User avater
    plumcreek | | #102

    I weigh 136 lbs. I am small boned with narrow shoulders yet well endowed with a size D cup. I find pattern alterations frustrating... often with too much material hanging at the arm pits. RTW blouses and dresses make me look bigger than I need to look...a larger size may fit my chest but often leaves neck gaposis and the shoulders falling off :( I would love a good fitting book. Thx

  103. BossLady4me | | #103

    I have a flat tummy, flat hips, and flat bum. Sounds easy, but it is not! Making some slacks or jeans that don't bag under the seat, and me spending all my time redoing seams, would be a miracle!

  104. User avater
    krawz | | #104

    I always get fitting books and take fitting classes because I have so many fitting issues. The bust adjustment is a very common adjustment, as well as height adjustments, but I need a to match the pattern bust point to my body's bust point. I have a square shoulder adjustment as well as too many others to type! I appreciate all the help I can get!

  105. user-981967 | | #105

    I would use her technique to adjust for size D bust size, but keep my smallish shoulders the same.

  106. Nealie | | #106

    I am taking the video class Fast Track Fitting that Joi has on Craftsy and I am going over the video for the third time as I am one of the" Skeptics" she mentioned in her interview. I have narrow shoulders, a sway back, and always have to do a full bust adjustment. I must say she is a fun person to listen to and I have certainly changed some of the ways of adjusting my patterns. I am a long way from the perfect fit but better than before watching her video.

  107. jumptoit | | #107

    Would like to be able to make a dress that fits a square shouldered, large busted no hip woman that is two sizes bigger at the top than the bottom, and looks decent at the same time. Can you help me? Would love your book.

  108. seemless | | #108

    I have several fitting problems, complicated by losing weight. Trying to hit a moving target here, and could use all the help I can get.

  109. cbaglien | | #109

    I would love to sew a dress that fit. I have very wide shoulders, narrow body that is short from shoulder to waist, sway back with very long legs. I am excited about this book

  110. user-2033275 | | #110

    I have seen your videos, and enjoy your fresh approach to fitting the body. I have lost 95# and am only half way there, so as the body is changing, I need quick easy methods to make clothes that fit me now. I have quite a bit of sagging skin and it will only get worse as the weight comes off, so these areas are especially hard to fit. I am fairly good at pattern making and construction, but to have your book at my fingertips will make things go so much more quickly.----Katherine

  111. sheilah94 | | #111

    I too have a pear shape and would love to be able to create a flattering pair of pants that fit well

  112. louie_sydney | | #112

    My problem area is the shoulder/sleeve/armscye area - I am still trying to work out how to have a fitted bodice WITH a fitted sleeve that I can raise my arms in, something just isn't working there. The 11 inch difference between full bust and underbust can be a pain to fit too.

  113. User avater
    Letha | | #113

    My greatest fit issue is a full bust adjustment. Of course, when I try to make some pants, I'm sure that will be my next great challenge. ...gotta love those breasts and hips. LOL!

  114. kikicrow | | #114

    Well, I have two sewing issues I would love to address! My height, (6' tall) and my bust, which is above a D cup. Thanks for the chance to win.

  115. User avater
    LuvThreadsMagazine | | #115

    I'm all gut and no butt.

    Talk about issues!

  116. user-314868 | | #116

    I'm looking forward to exploring Joi's reinvention of the wheel!

  117. msfroggy | | #117

    I am long waisted and have a short rise for pants and have figured out most of the fitting for that, but would love a sure fire way of doing it before cutting the fabric no matter what pattern company and style of slacks I select to make. Joi's book sounds perfect!

  118. [email protected] | | #118

    I fall into category 2 - an older sewer who has learned to adapt patterns for my younger body but now needs help as my aging body changes. The old-me adaptations took a long time to refine. A new method to speed up successful fitting outcomes is exciting news. Pants are especially challenging as I no longer am able to find good fitting pants (ready made or patterns).

  119. sewerdownunder | | #119

    So interested in this book. I have a few fitting challenges that all seem to run together, middle age change in body shape. My main fitting issue is my square shoulders with large bust and being below average height. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  120. user-2128640 | | #120

    What puts me off even starting to sew a garment is not being sure the fit will flatter. Hopefully Joi's techniques will help solve my dilemma!

  121. sewgramms | | #121

    If I had something that would help me fit a pair of pants, I would be so happy.

  122. User avater
    user-2421250 | | #122

    I really like e style of Joi's patterns and her book sounds great! My biggest fit issue is with pants. I've never been able to get a great fit and would love to work those issues out.

  123. Rainbowheart | | #123

    I would like to understand the fitting techniques for the full figured woman. I've noticed that whenever their is a class that involves being sent a pattern to work on thru tutorials, or a pattern giveaway as part of a class, the pattern is never geared for a full figured woman, so unless you know fitting techniques first, those online classes/patterns will not work.

  124. LotusX | | #124

    My biggest issue with fitting is that I have a very high hip and a very small waist. I have what people call "shelf butt" ;) My hips are a good 15" larger than my waist and there is no tapering there at all. That makes fitted pants and dresses really difficult to fit properly. I'm usually stuck with elastic-waist pants made from knits.

  125. E_rex | | #125

    I would love to better understand how to correlate my measurements with the pattern and adjust it accordingly, before cutting! I always end up sewing a pattern and then trying to adjust the fit, and I don't know how to go back to the pattern after that and adjust it based on the muslin or finished project. The measurements on the patterns never seem accurate and things end up way too big.

  126. User avater
    andysmom | | #126

    I sure could use a perfect fit. For someone who has been since I was three, one would think I could fit my senior body. Nope. Help please1

  127. cupcake1028 | | #127

    My flat bum! It would be wonderful to have a properly-fitting pair of pants.

  128. User avater
    lindacraig | | #128

    My fitting issue is the bust line. When I make an outfit, there is a gap in the bucket placket along the point of my bust,

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