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 Dress was inspired by Threads #143 with Faux Bows
Row of Faux Bows for front neck
 Stylish with front Pleats
Close up to the top
Back look ... vented skirt
 Dress was inspired by Threads #143 with Faux Bows

 Dress was inspired by Threads #143 with Faux Bows

Photo: David L. Kerwin

I almost forgot this contest as I was so busy with other projects and Christmas stuff. Then yesterday I told myself I should've enter something cause I love Threads. And this is for 25th anniversary, I should be part of Threads. And here is one of a lot of things I was inspired : The Faux Bows by Anna Mazur "Living on the Edge" on Threads # 143.

I drafted and cut this dress last night. And luckily I've done it tonight, got some photos - not as the way as I expected but I think they're good enought to show the details, the dress form...

Really I'm proud of myself as my sewings are DIY without patterns. Total cost for this dress is $5 with more than 5 hours sewing. The bows were totally handstitched and took me almost 1 1/2 hour. Hoorrayyy It's done and I'm glad to share.

I love the fabric, the colors, the accents and I made pleats for skirt's front. The dress fits me nicely. Fabric is medium weight stretching suit fabric, Slip in without zipper.

"More than just Sewing" - Cloudyhn





Pattern or design used: My own design - V.VMODE - Designs and Life Styles DIY without pattern - inspired by Threads 143

Comments (5)

nickpaul74 nickpaul74 writes: Impressive!!!
Posted: 11:42 pm on January 4th

cloudyhn cloudyhn writes: Thanks alot for loving my work :)
Posted: 8:55 pm on February 22nd

Scheri Scheri writes: Wow now thats something to be proud of in such a very short time. Love the color and fit.
Posted: 11:12 pm on January 4th

savo1986 savo1986 writes: This is a beautiful, simple design with real impact. I am all admiration for your skill, AND your eye. Well done!
Posted: 10:51 pm on November 27th

catjjt86 catjjt86 writes: Your neckline is absolutely stunning! Who needs jewelry?
Posted: 5:50 pm on November 13th

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