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Say hello to my little friend - Ken the tape measure.
There are perhaps more efficient tape measures out there, but they cant be as cute.
It seems a giant hairdo is the perfect place to stash measuring tape.
This pin cushion doesnt belong to me, but I wish I had one. Its by seller Lifepieces on Etsy ( and was featured in the Fall 2010 issue of SewStylish.
Say hello to my little friend - Ken the tape measure.

Say hello to my little friend - "Ken" the tape measure.

When I'm sewing or knitting, there's one thing that never fails to make me smile - and it's not just finishing a project. It's "Ken," a Japanese tape measure I bought on eBay years ago.Why this dog has a giant blonde bouffant, I'll never know, but I think he's adorable.

I know we all value notions for their functionality, but do you, like me, have a notion that's a favorite just because it's darling?

I'm inviting you to share pictures of your favorite lovable notions with me and your fellow Threads readers. Post images and tell us about your notions in the new gallery Cute Notions. I'll feature responses in an upcoming post here on the Threads blog.

Cheers, I can't wait to see what's out there!


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up2latemom up2latemom writes: I took a sewing class by a wonderful local teacher and she gave me a little tiny pincushion that sticks to my sewing machine to keep a needle handy. It is all of an inch and and a half big!
Posted: 1:12 pm on January 16th

GramaJudy GramaJudy writes: When I first recieved this notion from my Granddaughters,I thought it was a neclace!(which it is, of sorts)It is a thread cutter in the form of a round disc ingraved with flowers that has notches cut out all around the edge for cutting your thread.It comes on a chain and is brass in color. Sorry I don't have a picture to show you,but you might be able to find it in a sewing notions catalog or in the notions section of your fabric store. It is made by Clover. Happy Sewing!
Posted: 2:29 am on January 12th

samoon samoon writes: I have a set of politically incorrect pin cushions. The red ones with the little Chinese men around the outside. I bought them at an estate sale and they still had the Neiman-Marcus price tag on the bottom. They are the best--and really cute, too.
Posted: 9:33 pm on January 10th

mspatscreations mspatscreations writes: I have a pin cushion in the shape of a dress form. It's wonderful as I keep my short pins for pinning measurement papers to each piece of fabric so that I know exactly how much fabric I have in my stash. I bought it at Hancock Fabrics for 99 cents!!!
Posted: 10:11 pm on January 4th

ustabahippie ustabahippie writes: Wish I had a photo of my tiny ivory handled drafting tool that I use as a point to hold difficult fabrics while sewing them on the machine. It's too cute.
Posted: 8:42 pm on January 4th

YarnUiPhoneApp YarnUiPhoneApp writes: My favorite is Sullivan's Stabilizer spray...I cannot tell you how many times that spray has saved my life....I even listed in my silk entry for Fabric U iPhone app.
Posted: 12:03 pm on January 3rd

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