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Threads Fitting Series: Torso

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Discover the ins and outs of a great fit from neck to waist. In this video, the experts at Threads magazine demonstrate how to properly fit the torso -- the foundation of any garment -- and the best place to begin the fitting process. See the subtle fitting methods professionals use to get the right fit from neck to waist.

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Episodes in this Series

Fitting a Torso

Kenneth D. King explains how fitting is a balance between mobility and appearance.

Torso 101

Learn why the torso is the key element in fitting.

Fitting the Shoulders

Judith Neukam demonstrates how a pattern can be adjusted for shoulder slope.

Fitting the Back

Learn to adjust your pattern to get the right fit.

Adjusting the Upper Chest

Learn how to get a custom fit.

Fitting a Full Abdomen

Sew your own clothes to get a flattering fit for a full abdomen.