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How to Enlarge a Pattern

Here's a no-fail way to enlarge any pattern, from small magazine templates to your own halfscale designs. Enlarging by photocopying can be complicated, because the enlarged pattern may exceed the paper size. It also increases the width of the pattern lines, throwing off sizing.

Download this extra from Quick Stuff to Sew, Volume 5 on newsstands now to find the best way to enlarge your pattern.

Download: Enlarge a Pattern



Comments (2)

PatrickRoberts PatrickRoberts writes: You can also print patterns to any size using

It automatically tiles across multiple pages.
Posted: 7:14 pm on July 21st

Little01 Little01 writes: A few weeks ago I needed to enlarge a patern for a dress I was making. I had a "multi-size" patern and noticed that the major marking seem to extend out along straight lines and the new markings for the larger size were the exact spacing apart. Without realizing it, I actually used this technique to enlarge my patern! I was absolutely amazed and thought I was a "genious" for figuring it out! LOL. Proof positive there ia a logical design to making clothing.
Posted: 10:37 pm on May 17th

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