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Reader Tip: Use Big Graph Paper for Patternwork

Photo: Mike Yamin

This reader-submitted tip was originally featured in Threads #189 (February/March 2017).

I use flip-chart graph paper for making original pattern pieces and for copying purchased patterns. The large format, about 34 inches by 27 inches, makes it possible for most pieces to be reproduced on a single sheet. The pale blue, 1-inch grid lines help keep grainlines straight, assist with stripe and plaid alignments, and enable easy foldline positioning. If you need to join two sheets to draw a large pattern piece, the grid guides you to proper placement. The 1-inch squares are also great for measuring length and width adjustments. The paper stock is heavier than tissue so your patterns stand up to repeated use and, after rolled storage, will lie flat with a little coaxing. These jumbo tablets can be found in most office supply stores.

-Susan Gagnon, Amherstview, Ontario, Canada

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