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Project Runway All Stars: “Puttin’ on the Glitz”

Mondo wins this week after a disappointing runway show last challenge.

This week, the challenge was to design a costume for Broadway’s rock musical Godspell. This separates challenge focused on a character that is wealthy and not afraid to show it. The twist was that the look needed to also be “flea-market chic” and eccentric.

Mondo was still carrying his hurt from the last challenge and had a rough start, but in the end pulled together a great look. Austin was the most the excited about this challenge, but in the end it was Mondo getting his Broadway debut.

Mila, Kara, and Kenley shared the bottom three. Mila and Kara both tried to incorporate faux fur into their designs with mixed results. Kenley went in another direction and focused more on the Bohemian aspect of the challenge without taking the “rich woman” part of it into account.

The judges liked Mila’s fur jacket but thought that it didn’t match the skirt and screamed streetwalker. It was Kara heading home though. While the judges liked her look, and appreciated her effort, the tailoring was not up to their standards. 

Did you agree with the judges this week? What do you think about this season so far?













The All Stars (* = eliminated)
Anthony Williams*
April Johnston*
Austin Scarlett
Elisa Jimenez*
Gordana Gehlhausen*
Jerell Scott
Kara Janx*
Kenley Collins
Michael Costello
Mila Hermanovski
Mondo Guerra
Rami Kashou*
Sweet P* 


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  1. janel10 | | #1

    Austin's was really the best.

  2. nancyina2 | | #2

    Austin's was good, but Mondo's is brilliant.

  3. sews4fun | | #3

    I agree, Mondo's was brilliant. My husband said his grandmother had an apron just like the one Austin's model was wearing only it wasn't as wadded up and was made out of cotton instead of the fancy material Austin's apron was made of. I couldn't agree more. It fits right in with Austin's little old lady asthetic, maybe he's watched too many episodes of "Leave it to Beaver"
    It occured to me that maybe this entire P.R. Allstars show was put together because Mondo was cheated out of a deserved win and viewers were so angry and incensed that the show lost a great deal of their audience. Maybe this show is "damage control" and Mondo is going to win no matter what because they are trying to get their viewers back. I would be very happy to see that happen so I wouldn't have a problem at all with that plan if indeed that is what they were thinking. I remember Nina talking about Gretchen's win and how angry "team Mondo" was over that season. I think she even said she had the magazine do an interview with Mondo due to the flack they received from the public over Gretchen's win. All I know is, now that Rami is gone, I don't think Mondo has any real competition and if he keeps his head on his shoulders, he may win this time.

  4. User avater
    Stitchy | | #4

    Mondo made a great outfit. I loved the way it moved down the runway. The fabric was interesting. I thought the girls made ugly pieces.

  5. dancing_goose | | #5

    Loved Mondo's look! I would never have picked the prints he used together, but they really worked. Popped is the word, indeed. And it looked theatrical. Fabulous!

    I thought Austin's look while edgy, was too focussed on the negative aspect of the character. It wouldn't have read well from the back of the house. Too fussy in spots and the colors were too blah. I thought it was static, not a real "person" character.

    Kara's look is much better than where she was at the start, but the silver bow OVER the fur was unattractive and clunky. It didn't go with anything else in the look. She would have been better off without it.

  6. Edna1250 | | #6

    Mondos was good but I liked Kenley's better.

  7. User avater
    Kukana | | #7

    This is not the same Mondo we saw the first time around. He seems more scattered. I loved his jacket, but he over-embellished it. Theatre though.....maybe it was OK. I loved Kenley's but wished that she'd left the feathers off.

    Sews4fun - I was thinking that same thing....which is fine with me...I think Gretchen has a place in fashion, but she is way too crunchy for the runway! Mondo should have won, hands down.

  8. scheffer | | #8

    Both Mondo's and Austin's would capture the character under stage lights, but the wonderful movement and color in Mondo's set it apart. On the bottom end, it really was Kara's time to go. In general, the judging has been more reasonable and the comments more respectful, which has made it a better show than in previous seasons.

  9. threadjunkie | | #9

    Good lord they were all awful! None of them has any sense of character or theatricality. And I am sorry- that hot mess that Mondo put together only won because it was the least visually offensive.

  10. agatha44 | | #10

    I really loved Mondo's look. He did a fab job mixing prints and fabrics as only he can. I didn't like Austin's, too bare in the chest and too garish a hairdo. I just don't think it worked. However, I did like Jarrell's also.

  11. User avater
    yousewsmart | | #11

    ALL of these monstrosities were hideous beyond belief. They all have the look of desperation about them as if they were products of everyone trying too hard. The only reason anybody won was because, well, somebody had to win.

  12. Clothdog | | #12

    Mondo's was theatrical and summed up the characteristics of the challenge the best. But I agree, Mondo seems to be a little scattered this time out. (Still love him though.)

    Sews4fun, I would think there was something to the theory of this Allstars show as a way of making up for the Gretchen win--if it hadn't been for all of last season. But now, will they do another Allstars season to make up for the wretched, wretched Anya win?

    We watched last season to give the show a chance to redeem itself after Mondogate, but Anyagate was vastly worse. It was like watching a fixed game show.

    (I can't believe how annoyed I still am about a lousy TV show--but I am!)

  13. BusyGirlCreates | | #13

    I liked Michael's design the best. Mondo's is right up there, though I don't like the shoulder area feathers. Too much. They're distracting with the big hair. Mila's is a hot mess. Jerrell's looks really 'old lady' to me and Austin's sorta looks droopy. Kenley's is cute but again, with the 50s silhouette. Same record different track. It really was time for Kara to go. The girls just aren't bringing it this time.

  14. fabricgal68 | | #14

    What is up with the judges and this fascination with Kinley. She was horrid the first time and she is just as blah the 2nd time. The judges just keep putting her thru both on the 1st show and both on the 2nd show. I don't get it - I don't get her. I've watched every season of project runway and this is one of the biggest blunders of continued passes in both of the seasons she has appeared on. The stuff she makes is the same type of stuff I learned how to sew in 4-H back in the 80s. I dont' get it!!! I don't get it!!! I don't get it!!! She doesn't deserve to be there.

  15. User avater
    FineTexan | | #15

    I love this show. I hate to see good designers like Rami lose but except for a couple of details his outfit was horrid. The blouse was not for show except for the neck but the judges made him reveal it. Only fair though. He does too much bunchy draping at times and there was too much wadded fabric around the neck. Kenly is personable and cool. She is very retro and this is interesting and different from the edgy stuff the 'gay' guys are designing. When I saw her choosing the feathers at Mood I said 'Don't do it!!'.
    I love the 'All Star' theme and hope they do it again with some different designers thrown in. Mondo can be too dark and serious and overdone. Kenley's DOT one piece outfit was cute. I liked Kara but her nervousness and crying got old. She is too simple a designer to win on a show like this.
    More Runway!! I so look forward to it.

  16. User avater
    FineTexan | | #16

    Michael's was cool. I really liked it. He seems to be discounted...not gay enough?? I miss Heidi and especially Michael Kors and Nina but they have already judged these people so we needed new eyes and opinions. Laura would be interesting but she is probably very busy. Bringing that nut case back that marks her garments with spit was a waste of a space.

  17. SewAma | | #17

    I love hearing that other viewers perceive the last few years in the same light as me.
    Mondo was the strongest designer last season. What else was being considered?
    I am loving the higher quality of work in the All Star season.
    Rami went out too soon. Kenley work is cute and wearable but lacks sophistication.Kara's work was too simplistic and frequently boring.
    Mondo's work this week really met the requirements of the challenge best.

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