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Project Runway Season 12, Episode 4: “Tie the Knot”

Alexandria von Bromssen has to make it work on Project Runway season 12.

Last week’s Project Runway episode featured thousands of ties, two marriage proposals, and one giant temper tantrum.

The episode was titled “Tie the Knot,” and featured Jesse Tyler Ferguson, a star of ABC’s Modern Family. Jesse wears and designs a line of bowties called Tie The Knot. He’s also an advocate for marriage equality, and leads an organization of the same name. Jesse supplied the ties and acted as guest judge.

The designers had to “tie together” looks with the prominent details being bowties from Jesse’s line. 

On to the designs!

The winner

Bradon McDonald’s design. Bradon hand-stitched together a bodice from bowties, and finished the outfit with a boucle jacket and shorts. Bradon was so overcome at winning that he proposed on the runway to his partner of 18 years, Andrew.

In a “Gift of the Magi” moment later in the episode, Andrew proposed to Bradon over video chat. Andrew didn’t know Bradon had proposed already, because the episode wouldn’t air for months!Bradon McDonald's design


The walkout

There was no official loser this episode because Sandro Masmanidi threw a terrible tantrum. Sandro couldn’t come to terms with Zac Posen’s criticism of his designs, and with the essential conundrum of Project Runway: Be yourself as a designer, but don’t get voted out by the judges.

Sandro had a yelling match with Helen Castillo backstage, then stormed out of the studio, knocking over dressforms and bashing a camera on his way out. The producers decided to count Sandro’s departure as a vote-out, meaning that he was the only designer to leave this episode.

A sigh of relief was breathed by everyone – the producers, the judges, Sandro’s roommates, and the other designers who would have been on the chopping block if Sandro hadn’t stalked out.

Here’s Sandro’s design, which was voted “safe”:

Sandro Masmanidi's design

The worst of the rest

These designers would have been in big trouble if Sandro hadn’t departed.

Miranda Levy’s design:

Miranda Levy's design

Sue Waller’s design:

Sue Waller's design

Jeremy Brandick’s design:

Jeremy Brandick's design

The best

I think this is the third time Dom Streater has finished in second place:

Dom Streater's design

Kate Pankoke did very well, again!

Katelyn Pankoke's design.

Everyone else

Alexandria Von Bromssen’s design:

Alexandria von Bromssen's design

Helen Castillo’s design:

Helen Castillo's design 

Alexander Pope’s final design:

Alexander Pope's design

Karen Batt’s final design:

Karen Batt's design

Justin LeBlanc’s design:

Justin LeBlanc's design

Ken Laurence’s design:

Ken Laurence's design


What did you think?

Sandro was a ticking time bomb, wasn’t he?

If Sandro hadn’t stormed out, which designer do you think should have gone home?

I was surprised none of the judges pointed out the seam and glaring mismatch down the center front of Miranda’s houndstooth skirt.

Bradon’s shirt was inventive, but didn’t you think it was very, very brief?

Who should go home next?


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  1. dancing_goose | | #1

    I'm thinking it was a good thing Sandro left this way. Think how he would explode if auffed for the "worst design."
    I was expecting Miranda to be in last place. I'm betting the only reason the judges didn't notice how poorly her skirt was sewn was how even more poorly she finished off the crop top. I'm not a fan of crop-tops but it could have been passable if fitted and evenly hemmed. Still might not have been safe, the bow-tie was almost invisible.
    I actually liked the front part of Sue Waller's bow tie overlay, but thought she lost her focus in the back. The front didn't scream BOW-TIES like I thought Alexander Pope's collar did.
    While never in a million years would I wear Brandon's very brief top (even when I was young and wore mini skirts up to here), but I can see why the judges liked it. It was fresh and creative, trending toward haute couture rather than RTW.

    Looking forward to next week.

  2. User avater
    arianabauer | | #2

    I am glad Sandro went home too. He was overbearing and while an impeccable sewist, not much for a designer. His taste was not kooky in the creative sense but a bit slutty. I am not a prude and I love a sexy design, but his designs bordered on just too much for most women.

    Honestly, I am so ready to send home Miranda. I looked at her looks side by side and she is wash, rinse, repeat.

  3. hazelspi | | #3
  4. hazelspi | | #4

    Do you think Sandro was allowed back in to "clean up his workspace"? lol What a wasted opportunity. Obviously a person who needs some anger management.

  5. SewKraZ | | #5

    The tougher question is who should stay...

  6. GMterrie | | #6

    Welllllllll now, what an interesting episode. There are a couple of kooks in the nest. One of them is Miranda, another one is Sue, and the biggest one of all WAS Sandro. Whew, you all really dodged a bullet with that one. Talk about a walking time-bomb! Someone could have seriously gotten hurt, I think.
    Sandro's arrogance, chauvinism, and sexist designs were too much and detracted from the other hopeful designers.
    Miranda, unfortunately, is not going to make it. She is afraid of her own shadow and is unable to handle to pressure of these challenges. I know that I couldn't. I feel sad for her.
    Sue needs to have her head examined. Her garment was nice, yet the Alien tentacles were simply CRAZY!! Was she working in such a small space that she failed to see how it really worked? Her head definitely wasn't wrapped around that one very much.

    I'm looking forward to the next episode. Now that the "team" theme is over, things are looking better.

  7. Cherlyn | | #7

    I loved Brandon's look! What is so different fro that length then what current designers put out there? Everything is short for the slim and trim--wait a minute--us plump people have a hard time finding anything longer! Live in my world for awhile.

    I was so tired of Sandro---he will not be missed! I;m not routing for some of the others that constantly complain or cry! They can go too.

  8. User avater
    lauriepie | | #8

    Could have done w/o the Sandro meltdown/exit and the infomercial for same-sex marriage. I tune in for the fashion and the creative expression that these designers bring, and this episode had some of the best designs ever for an "unconventional material" challenge. Brandon's design was stellar. Great color, cute outfit and great use of fabric and texture. Don't know how he managed to execute that much hand-stitching on the top in such a short amount of time. Very impressive. Kate, Dom and Alexandria were second, third and fourth place in my book. Even liked Sue's design, in spite of the judges negative comments (I wonder what happened to the other dress she made?). Sue's aesthetic is really growing on me....!
    Miranda, Helen, Karen and Ken are in trouble. The rest haven't done enough to distinguish themselves from the pack. Helen and Miranda seem to have too many emotional and temperament issues that undermine their ability to execute in a competition like PR. I had to look at the season opener again just to see what they were capable of on their own. I am truly wondering how they ever made it on to the show.

  9. User avater
    NikkiHuff | | #9

    So glad that Sandro left, he definitely needs some kind of medication. There has to be an underlying problem with someone who is laughing hysterically one moment and then pushing things over screaming obscenities the next.
    I loved Dom's dress, although I see why Brandon won, considering all the hand work he did.
    I think Sue was about to be out of there. She spent $400 and made a basic jersey turtle neck dress and draped a long tie harness thing over it. That is not using the ties in a creative way. And did anyone else think the hair styling on her model was hideous?

  10. user-5242503 | | #10

    I wonder if the editors of the show could spend less time the contestants and give us more time watching them work. The self promotion is getting 'old'. You always seem to know who's in trouble by how much time they spend in front of the camera. As for the clothes this year, everyone is doing well except for two, and they'll go home soon.

  11. CathyB | | #11

    Ditto to all the comments about focusing on drama and not the work. It isn't even ratings week.

    I was really not pleased with Miranda's skirt--that front seam was really, really, really amateurish. there wasn't really a reason for a seam there anyway.

  12. sews4fun | | #12

    the only thing I can remember is the constant barrage of the producers political opinion of same sex marriage. I tuned in to see a fashion show, not a political campaign on same sex marriage. Didn't there used to be a show called the Miss America pagent until someone decided to get all political with it? Is that show still on?

  13. User avater
    iris68 | | #13

    gays, lesbians.... we are we all going with this....

  14. User avater
    MissPat | | #14

    I agree with all the above comments but cannot figure why Miranda is still on the show. She should have gone the first week as she could not follow the rules but hey, it wasn't in the script! I really like Brandon's designs and his construction is remarkable. Also Kate's creations have been a joy. I am so glad that she is getting a "do-over". I think Jeremy's jacket would have worked with a pencil skirt, the peplum adding a vintage look to the ensemble. I also like what he does.
    I do wonder if bow ties will now be worn only by gay men as another indication of sexual preference. I hope not but it is a definite possibility. I personally do not care what people do behind closed doors but I would rather not have it constantly in my face. Could we please focus on fashion, creation of garments, and loose the drama!

  15. cynsew | | #15

    I also did not appreciate the gay hoopla. I don't want it shoved down my throat. If you want to be gay, be gay, but don't expect everyone to agree with your way of life. I believe in God's eyes, it is wrong. If you continue to make your political statements on the show, then I will be turning your show off. Please keep it to fashion, that is what I am watching for.
    I also feel Sandro's actions where unacceptable and I am glad he is gone. Just lucky he didn't hurt anyone!

  16. Ikebana152 | | #16

    Brandon's hand work to create the top was very well done and I agreed with the judges choice of him as a winner. I am looking forward to seeing what Dom produces. That dress was well executed, modern, almost demure.

    I liked Kate's garments, but was surprised when she said it was the second pair of pants she had ever made. How do you get out of design school and not make more than 1 pair of pants?

    Helen not Jeremy should have been in the bottom three. What's wrong with a jacket that might look good on someone a little older?

    And what is up with the judges? It's offensive to have a navel exposed (Zac Posen) but not make mention of the exposed labia and bum when Sandro's model came down the runway a few episodes ago?

    Miranda lacks diversity and is mean spirited - saved by Sandro's meltdown, she should be next. Thanks to Sandro for taking himself out :-)

    I agree that I watch PR for fashion and creative process and would prefer not to have PR's political agendas foisted on me. However, I would ask that this not become a forum to express personal political and religious opinions.

    I enjoy very much the different points of view here, from people who are passionate about sewing and creativity, about the process and clothing and designers. Please, let's not taint this with the political rancor of the day.

  17. Flanerie | | #17

    What a shame that Sandro couldn't realize what an opportunity he had. Even the designers that don't last the duration on these shows get a major boost to their careers in the recognition factor... (another reason not to have meltdowns and crying jags, too).

    I think Miranda got saved this week by Sandro's tantrum - she'll be out soon, I believe, and I wonder how she even got on the show, other than her military story is interesting. Maybe the judges picking the contestants thought she'd offer some interesting military details or an androgynous flair.

    don't care much for men in bow ties, I have to say, so was rather impressed with some of the design solutions, including Bradon's winning design - very cool top (for a tiny and young woman) and agree with previous comments here that I didn't think Sue's was all that bad from the front - it was the trailing tentacles in back that really trashed the look. If she'd had time to refine it it might have worked better. In all, I like her sensibility so hope she stays a bit although I don't think she'll make it to the end.

    To PR producers out there... please more design and less histrionics.

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