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Kaffe Fassett Book Giveaway

Jul 20, 2015
Article Image

Kaffe Fassett’s colorful designs inspire artists and quilters everywhere. Now you, too, could be inspired by Kaffe’s work through our two-book giveaway.

Are you ready to dream in color?
The lucky book giveaway winner will receive a copy of Kaffe’s autobiographical Dreaming in Color (Stewart Tabori & Chang Publishing, 2012). Kaffe chronicles his experiences of exploring and teaching all over the world, from 1937 to today. He discusses what shaped him as an artist, and he offers tips for success.

If you love to quilt, this is the book for you.
The winner also will receive Kaffe’s Quilts in Morocco (The Taunton Press, 2014) in which he shares more than 20 unique designs for readers. He lends his tips, which could make even the most amateur seamstress an expert. Kaffe’s easy-to-understand steps help readers make gorgeous quilts of which they can be proud.

How to enter
To be eligible, leave a comment below about what most inspires you to sew/quilt. All comments must be submitted by midnight EST, July 31. The winner will be chosen at random, contacted via email, and announced shortly thereafter. Make sure to check your email to see if you’ve won.

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  1. User avater MarisolHackett October 28th


  2. User avater josephfain July 16th

    Very informative book

  3. Ashtonjames January 27th

    very inspirational books.

  4. User avater EliseAlpha August 17th

    This looks like a good read for after work.

  5. tulsabarb August 11th

    Fabric is my starting point of inspiration. Color and texture draw me in like a kid in a candy store. I have always gravitated to the more difficult fabrics to sew with. Always up for a challenge!

  6. User avater island_girl July 30th

    Inspired by the colors around me, that makes me happy! Sewing is my creative outlet that has it's rewards.

  7. user-2636633 July 30th

    I love to feel the fabrics I use for dressmaking and most of all the colours and patterns in making quilts. I just love to create and enjoy .

  8. NGuy July 30th

    Fabrics beautiful to the hand and eyes!

  9. spatch July 28th

    Always hoping to grasp combining colors even just a fraction of what I see in his books. Have followed him in knitting, quilting and fallen in love with his paintings. Some day I will get to take a class with him. Thankful for all he shares in his books and patterns.

  10. User avater mommer July 28th

    The history behind the quilt. The fabrics and patterns mark a period in time, and creating such an heirloom to celebrate my brief time in history is priceless.

  11. JWo July 28th

    I'm inspired to sew and quilt by the sense of achievement that comes from making beautiful, colorful unique creations

  12. DeirdreNF July 27th

    I love being able to see what my finished projects and whether I have accomplished what I set out to do.

  13. user-3066021 July 27th

    I simply love fabric and all of the wonderful things I am able to create from it.

  14. LAR9 July 26th

    When you're a fabric-aholic, you must sew constantly or risk having to buy a bigger house. Never underestimate the siren song of a new piece of material!

  15. User avater Missahope July 25th

    My love of colour, and the finished projects of my sewing mates, and my wacky imagination, all offer me inspiration to sew and quilt.

  16. G_Fox July 24th

    Quilting is an outlet for my desire to be creative, to learn new skills, to enjoy creating an object of beauty through precise, careful work. Quilting satisfies my love of color, textures, fine hand and machine work, and making order from chaos. The friendships that begin in a class or when working together on exhibits or charity projects have enriched my life immeasurably. The wonder and appreciation for needle arts is ever inspiring.

  17. Inawillis July 24th

    There are so many beautiful fabrics and ideas especially in Threads magazine how could anyone not be inspired.

  18. User avater shreya_l July 24th

    Colorful fabrics and patterns in quilt making!

  19. MelKeiHen July 24th

    Starts with fabrics: first the visual; color, pattern, weave. Is it lovely? soothing? challenging? Then the feel; fluid... crisp... demanding... forgiving... After that, the behavior; does it like to be held, folded, shaped, ironed? It's the sensually nourishing experience more than the finished object, for sure. But it is also a real source of joy to create something personally satisfying.

  20. Carly_Sue July 23rd

    I have years and years accumulation of fabrics and scraps of many beautiful colors and textures. I would love to have this book for inspiration. I love to put various colors together for exciting results. I love your magazine and have many years of it.

  21. callyria July 23rd

    I'm most inspired by the beautiful clothes handmade by my favorite bloggers, but also learning and perfecting a technique also inspires me to sew more. My quilting inspiration comes from bright beautiful colors that I crave in the dark dreary winter.

  22. user-3854827 July 23rd

    Simply put, I love to play with fabric; its patterns, colors, and textures. 50+ years and still love playing with it.
    The whole process of turning a piece of fabric into something new is inspiring. My stash doesn’t look like folds of fabric on shelves to me; instead, I see dresses, blazers, drapes, reupholstered chairs…endless possibilities!
    Quilting lets me play with fabric while indulging my love of history. My quilts are fabric family history albums, and include fabrics that my Mom used to make our stuffed animals, doll clothes and our own school clothes some 60+ years ago, as well as those I’ve used to make clothes for my own kids. Design inspiration is everywhere, anything from traditional patterns to leaded glass windows or mosaic tile floors in historic buildings. The fun never ends!

  23. Catzz862 July 23rd

    It is always the colors & prints. I also get great joy from creating something beautiful.

  24. user-2778833 July 23rd

    The northern winters have superb colours in the sky, but long nights. I appreciate the bright colours of Kaffe Fassett designs and would enjoy making a cheery quilt for our bed - a final cheery sight at night and first thing in the morning.

  25. cmct July 22nd

    In a strange way, walking through our local arboretum, which includes loads of flowers. I take my camera every time, and it forces me to really look closely at nature: the colors, the shapes, the textures. It makes me think carefully about how I compose my designs in fabric.

  26. SuInAZ July 22nd

    Colors and their combinations come first, then I am seduced and inspired by the touchie-feelie aspects of cloth--hand and drape.

  27. Paisleycrazy July 22nd

    Jewel tones, paisleys, scroll designs, the feel of fabric all inspire me. The bright jewel colors are my paint pallet to create and embellish garments, art quilts, home decor you name it. The books will be well used if I win them so I won't have to look for Kaffe Fassett's books in the local library any more.

  28. plosely July 22nd

    I think it is the whole package that inspires me to quilt.
    It could start with color or a great pattern or a new technique
    that I just have to try! I am hooked ufo's and all!

  29. user-3136551 July 22nd

    love making something useful from all the scrapes of fabric fron my stash

  30. User avater Kate_W July 22nd

    I love taking whole cloths, cutting them into a million pieces, sewing a million miles to put them all back together into a whole that is different from its parts. The patience and zen of creating something beautiful from disparate parts.

  31. User avater sewold July 22nd

    I'm inspired when I can utilize my stash to create something that is useful such as place mats, cushions, table runners, etc. But I also like to use leftover fabrics in quilts. When I look at them I can see the clothing I have made from the original fabrics. Some new patterns (and methods) would be great to work with.

  32. dmc000 July 22nd

    It would be a great addition to the bookshelf!

  33. rour July 22nd

    Woman's first impulse is to create! I love the creative outlet of having a project and the therapeutic effect of devoting myself to it!

  34. jzzl July 22nd

    The fabric! I can create wonderful designs but if I can't find the right fabric, ir goes no where. So now I find a great fabric and go from there.

  35. User avater jamaco July 22nd

    I am most inspired by the outdoors. I love the spring and fall colors!

  36. myPat July 22nd

    Dreaming in Color is an inspiration in-itself.The content must create a wonderful opportunity to envision dreams, and plans to express unique, and very personal artistic works.

  37. AliceEliza July 22nd

    I'm inspired by combining fabrics.

  38. BeesWings July 22nd

    I love the creativity of sewing and quilting. Ideas burst into my head constantly, and it gives me something interesting to think about even while I am away from my project.

  39. User avater Andysmom July 22nd

    Since I no longer use my design skills in an everyday job, I enjoy using fabric to design, usually vintage inspired childrens clothing or unique camp type shirts. Just looking at beautiful fabric gives me ideas of how to use and then touching, draping and letting it slide through my fingers, even the smell gets me really insired. I may think of many items before settling on one. I feel I am a true fabriholic and I admit that I am not all that interested in a 12 step program yet! Fabric store here I come.

  40. soie July 22nd

    What most inspires me to sew is an unsuccessful shopping trip for something I need or want and can't find - or am unwilling to pay retail for. New babies most inspire me to quilt !

  41. User avater jbabbage July 22nd

    Part of what inspires me to sew AND quilt AND knit AND crochet is that I've always done those things. I learned as a child, some taught by my grandmother,but most self-taught from books. Books can inspire by showing how-to, or how someone else did things.

  42. seemless July 22nd

    I can make the style and color(s) I want, regardless (and despite)what's in the stores. And hey, it usually fits!

  43. user-3365110 July 21st

    Sewing allows me to make clothes and other items to fit my style, my body, and my ideas - which never quite matches what is available in stores. My ideas - my creations.

  44. sewseitz July 21st

    Fabric inspires me and eye candy--magazines and shows. Thanks.

  45. fudgebohn July 21st

    Kaffe's quilts are SO HAPPY! That's what makes me want to make/quilt them.

  46. PatHersl July 21st

    It's all the eye candy, whether in a book or on a fabric. It's the pretty that makes me want to sew.

  47. Sewlomio July 21st

    Colors...grandchildren...quilts for each and every one of them!!!

  48. User avater rosemaryschild July 21st

    Mostly I am inspired by the colors of nature. All year long I take pics of the flowers that grow wild on my land.

  49. user-2726960 July 21st

    I knitted my way though Kaffe Fassett knitting books and need his inspiration to support my patchwork efforts.

  50. ckach July 21st

    What drives my designs is most often the seasons and nature. I see lovely things in my day to day wanderings and want to translate them to a permanent memory. Same for the changing seasons, with all the family related dings and memories.

  51. user-2286542 July 21st

    Inspiration comes to me from an interesting pattern, a beautiful piece of fabric, or somebody else's creative combination of the two. But the most challenging are the ideas that come from a scene in a book or even just a phrase. My first original quilt idea was one of these, and I realized right away it was beyond my skill set and I'd better start learning more!

  52. pattipat July 21st

    My home and fellow sewers provide my inspiration. Though I keep hoping to have more success sewing clothing, ultimately sewing for my home is what I do the most.

  53. user-969294 July 21st

    Colour and colour combinations inspire my sewing, and my quilting. The right colour and combinations can put a spring to your step and give a gladness to your heart.

  54. User avater PoorPurl July 21st

    I learned to sew from my mother, and sewing still connects me to her even though she's gone.

  55. susanbeamon July 21st

    I learned to sew back when patterns and material were much less expensive than clothes, so I made my school wardrobe each year. That has changed over the years, so now I sew for personal pleasure.

  56. EnidSews July 21st

    Preservation. I want to preserve memories, antiques, and seemingly unimportant remnants of fabric.

  57. User avater LuvThreadsMagazine July 21st


    Creating shapes and combinations of color and texture are liberating.

  58. mamamere July 21st

    I sew for many reasons...mending, to save money...making drapes and curtains, so I have exactly what I want in the size I want...sewing clothing for myself for the same reason...making doll clothes for the little girls in my life, just because it's fun to do...and occasionally I'll quilt, for the very old-fashioned reason that it's a great way to use up scraps of fabric. Inspiration? It comes from just about everywhere.

  59. LrnSew July 21st

    So many reasons to sew and quilt. The gorgeous fabrics, making something unique, something that fits. The gorgeous fabrics, did I say that already.? The challenge of each new technique and project. Sewing well and the satisfaction of it. Giving my work as gifts.

  60. user-2506622 July 21st

    The Australian outback with beautiful colours and hues most inspires me to quilt and Kaffe Fassett colours and designs are spot on.

  61. grandma_cher July 21st

    The feel of accomplishment

  62. User avater wendy_ware July 21st

    I'm inspired to use what I have - and create
    things that no one else would!

  63. lcarpenter July 21st

    I've been sewing since 1954. First so save money, then to fit my 6' frame, now just to have clothing and quilts that no one else has, and to keep learning new techniques. I love Kaffe Fassett's designs. I've knit them, but would love to try to sew them!!

  64. socindysew July 21st

    Oh, my, I get inspired by just all sorts of things. Sometimes, it is as simple as seeing something shopping that I can either copy or use the idea and adapt it to my own liking, whiter it be a color change or a pattern change. Actually, Kaffee Fassett's books could inspire anyone with a creative bone in their bodies. Several years ago, at the Houston Quilt show, I happened to be in the museum when they announced that Kaffee would be personally giving a walking tour of his quilts on exhibit. I couldn't believe it! I have heard Kaffee Fassett referred to as a colorist. I do understand what they meant. No matter the medium, color is always his story!!!

  65. Austragirl July 21st

    I've admired Kafe Fasset ever since my mum gave me a book of his tapestry designs when I was a schoolgirl. 30 something later and it's still a source of inspiration.

  66. Concordiabelle July 21st

    Wow! Inspiration comes from so many sources... the color of a flower, texture of a stick or a leaf, light coming through a window, a postcard in the mailbox, finding Grandma's button box; it's everywhere. I can look at a painting and "see" a quilt, or a coat! Then the fun of making that vision come to reality becomes part of my life. Sometimes it's afternoon of activity. Sometimes it takes years to create the vision.

  67. User avater annielizabeth July 21st

    I love to create gifts for those who are having a big event in their life. I have a new grand-daughter and started sewing for her as well. I have so many fabric scraps that I plan to make her a quilt.

  68. user-1045905 July 21st

    Books with photos of beautiful quilts, & quilting exhibitions : so much inspiration, never enough time....

  69. sewgramms July 21st

    touching fabrics, seeing colors, imagining designs is the most inspiring

  70. austen11 July 21st

    Seeing a beautiful garment or quilt is my inspiration. I want to have it! So I must set to work to make it.

  71. ohiotransplant July 21st

    seeing the beautiful work done by others

  72. KT July 21st

    Creating something no one else will be wearing using beautiful quality fabrics!

  73. Alberta50 July 21st

    I love quilting because it allows me to make something useful and beautiful for my families. I love sewing bags, curtains, and clothes because I get that "wow" factor from people when they see how skilled I am.

  74. Kate56 July 21st

    What's not to like about quilting and sewing? Each of us may decide to make the same pattern, but each one turns out differently. We each use our own unique blend of colour and pattern combinations. They speak about who we are as individuals. I love to look at fabric and visualize what it will become.

  75. CAS48 July 21st

    I'll see something pretty someone has designed and that inspires me to make my own, or I'll find the perfect fabric or a great sale!

  76. christaj3 July 21st

    I am definitely inspired by the patterns and colors of the fabrics. But I also find myself inspired (dare I say, overwhelmed) by the sheer volume of creative ideas, projects, patterns and tutorials available now! I just want to sew everything!

  77. RaeK July 21st

    The out of doors is my constant inspiration. The mix of colors and shapes in nature can't be topped.

  78. RaeK July 21st

  79. ChocLab July 21st

    I love the tactile quality of fabric first, then the beautiful colors, and, finally, the potential--what will I make today?! :)

  80. susiepchk July 21st

    The freedom of being able to create the style YOU want with lovely fabric!!

  81. Tinka8ell July 21st

    Long walks in lovely landscapes always inspire me to quilt x

  82. annacw July 21st

    What most inspires me is the challenge of creating…. so many colors, patterns, arrangements, sizes, purposes, giftees….. It leaves me reeling until I can settle into a decision and start the creation going…. Then, I fly! It's the agony of finally deciding what to do that is the hardest of all…. After that, I'm in exultation!

  83. user-911134 July 21st

    The beautiful colors and fabrics are what inspires me to quilt and create.

  84. user-2862712 July 21st

    Fabrics may be the first to inspire me. I love patterns and color.

  85. bluesurfotter July 21st

    My daughter inspires me to want to quilt. She draws a picture and the colors might inspire me to make a quilt.

  86. Changmom July 21st

    i love to try to create beautiful things.

  87. Lindalou1617 July 21st

    My daughter! I love to make colorful fun things that make her world a cheery and happy place!

  88. smonakey July 21st

    I'm driven by color & texture. Give me a catchy color combo, & I'm all over it.

  89. reamick July 21st

    Fabric. Always fabric, especially anything I don't have and then have to acquire immediately.

  90. User avater Patty88 July 21st

    color, pattern, and structure are my sewing inspiration. Nature is one of my favorites.

  91. designs July 21st

    My inspiration is often color and pattern. I love to,work with both!

  92. rodrigues July 21st

    Color! Pattern! Creativity!
    Put them all together and what do you have?! Quilting!

  93. User avater sewhappybjm July 21st

    Usually my inspiration is needing a gift for a new baby or to give someone for birthday or Christmas. Touching fabric makes me want to sew also.

  94. AliCB July 21st

    I love fabrics with bright colours, which is probably why I am such a big fan of Kaffe's designs! Big bold and beautiful inspire me to quilt!

  95. stillness July 21st

    Blending colors and taking small bits of barely nothing to birth them into functional art inspires and drives me. I have to create, birth, innovate, recycle, explore and Kaffe is a huge inspiration to push boundaries and fly. Thank you for the giveaway!

  96. kray-z July 21st

    So many things....fabric, colors, classes, LQS owners

  97. Agnes234 July 21st

    My inspiration comes from the need to create something that makes me happy, connects me to a community of creators and keeps a life skill alive and well.

  98. nyrfan July 21st

    The play of colors. The fact that color and pattern is never ending.

  99. MarRitchie July 21st

    Seeing something come into being by my hand! Love the feel and colors of fabric.

  100. Ms_C July 21st

    Beautiful fabric coupled with wonderful design.

  101. User avater Jen_NYC July 20th

    I have to say…beautiful fabric and just the act of making something fun and useful.

  102. RushW July 20th

    The colors, definitely the colors.

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