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Bewitching Beauty Wedding Dress and Veil

Im ready for my close-up!
Getting dressed on the Big Day!
Front of dress at final fitting.
Back of dress at final fitting.
Another final fitting pic.
Im ready for my close-up!

I'm ready for my close-up!

Through a mixture of flat pattern pieces and lots of draping, I created a muslin to design and fit this gorgeous wedding gown and veil for my neice. I used polyester satin for the main body of the dress, then added embroidered/beaded satin for the sleeves, inverted front pleats and the train. I added a coordinating beaded trim around the hem, waist, and veil.

With a combination of hand and machine sewing, I inserted boning, and added underlinings and linings. It took almost a year to perfect this lovely dress, but the finished result was well-worth all the work!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Cinderella Lollipop

Comments (6)

Amita Amita writes: It is beautiful. I also love to sew, but not that well to put the photos of my creations online. I understood most of the part, but how did you make the skirt so fuller? I also in past have tried to make ball gown type dress for my daughter but never really understood how to add that volume to the skirt. Anyways it really is a very beautiful piece and hats off to you for that.

Posted: 9:38 am on February 2nd

CinderellaLollipop CinderellaLollipop writes: Thank you for the kind words!
Posted: 3:13 pm on December 30th

fabricfairy fabricfairy writes: Wow,you're so talented. i couldn't work on one project for more than two days. you must be really patient. Anyways the result is extremely georgous!!
Posted: 3:48 am on December 30th

jilldeville jilldeville writes: You did such a nice job with the satin, it's challenging to make so many seams in the bodice look that smooth. You make it look easy! Very pretty and fits her so well.
Posted: 12:29 am on December 20th

CinderellaLollipop CinderellaLollipop writes: Thank you so much, Clarasita! I appreciate your kind and thoughtful comments.
Posted: 1:10 pm on December 17th

Clarasita Clarasita writes: What a beautifully simple, classical design. The silhouette is gorgeous and the overall design imbues understated elegance. Truly a masterpiece of love and art.
Posted: 12:11 am on December 17th

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