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See Sewing Rooms and Fabric Stashes on Flickr

Flickr member Abby Stanglin posted this image, Grandmas Sewing Room. Painted pegboard is my next storage improvement.
Sewing Outside by Anne Norman. Anne calls this her one-season sewing room.
Me In My Craft Room by Heidi Elliott. Heidi says she and her husband converted an extra bedroom into a shared hobby room.
Flickr member Abby Stanglin posted this image, Grandmas Sewing Room. Painted pegboard is my next storage improvement.

Flickr member Abby Stanglin posted this image, "Grandma's Sewing Room." Painted pegboard is my next storage improvement.

Photo: bigaila on Flickr/Abby Stanglin

I love finding inspiring new sources for sewing room organization, storage, and projects. Seeing how someone else manages their  fabric stash and arranges their equipment is fun. It's like paying a visit to a friend's house and getting to check out her sewing space - after the oohing and ahhing, you almost always find something you can apply to your own space!

I just recently came across the fabric and sewing photo pools on Flickr. Flickr is a photo management site, owned by Yahoo. I don't use it to edit and share my photos - but it is free to become a member and do so. Right now, I just like to check out photos, and Flickr allows you to look at groupings of photos connected by topic "tags." There are photos tagged for sewing, tailoring, couture, sewing rooms, craft rooms and so on... plenty of eye-candy for people who love to sew. 

Some users use it as advertising - they are selling items in their Etsy stores, or parting with some or all of their fabric stash. Others post images of recent projects.

My favorite images right now are of sewing rooms and storage ideas. In the "Craft Rooms" group there are currently 4,388 members and 11,782 photos, enough to keep me interested for a while. If you are a Flickr member, you can comment on other users' photos, offering suggestions or asking questions.

Where do you like to look for inspiration? Do you track your progress on projects with photos?

Comments (9)

Kyla Kyla writes: I like the ideal of sewing outside panty of light. Thanks
Posted: 6:27 pm on March 8th

lalipourie lalipourie writes: modish handmade spaces is a great pool for inspiring design rooms!

I have a lot of nice sewing/design rooms under my favorites too look for lalipourie!

Posted: 10:19 am on June 9th

KathleenSews KathleenSews writes: There is a Yahoo group called "Your Sewing Room" with lots of photos of sewing rooms and studios. Great discussions, too.

Posted: 7:39 pm on June 8th

LindhemStuga LindhemStuga writes: Where did Heidi Elliot buy the table she uses as a cutting table? I'm looking for one that heigth for my sewing room. Please advise. LindhemStuga
Posted: 1:09 pm on June 8th

woolenmore woolenmore writes: Use the first underlined link, when you are on flickr use the search bar in the upper right and type in sewing room.
Lots of goodies! Currently I am finishing a sewing room, and am still scouting out storage ideas.
Posted: 9:55 am on June 8th

SewOnSite SewOnSite writes: My favorite sewing room storage units are two architect flat files, 5 drawers each, stacked atop one another. They are each 3' X 4', are on wheels, and have a 4' X 6' cutting board on top. These shallow drawers are fabulous for thread - you can see every spool!, buttons, notions, interfacing, and especially my hand made patterns - little folding necessary. Although these files can be expensive, and heavy, most architectural firms are now storing everything on computers and may be looking to get rid of their flat files if you are willing to move them. You might put an ad in your local AIA newsletter or on Craig's list.
Posted: 7:39 pm on June 7th

oh2seemist oh2seemist writes: ShariK-click on the underlined words in the story. I was able to see pages of sewing rooms. Page 7 has some really cute dog pics too.

I didn't know Flickr was so great for finding topics of interest to me. I checked out the sewing rooms, then found a great pic of a hot pink Elizabethan-style ruff in the tailoring section. I will be doing more searching by tags. Thanks!
Posted: 6:43 pm on June 7th

ShariK ShariK writes: Well I looked through 35 pages of photos of miscellaneous stuff and only found 1 sewing room.
Posted: 6:30 pm on June 7th

zeshuregi zeshuregi writes: its really so nice and interesting. Thank you for sharing
Posted: 10:00 am on May 27th

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