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Industry Insider Techniques, Vol. 3

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Sewing maven Louise Cutting takes you behind-the-scenes, sharing her insider knowledge of the best tools, couture tips, and techniques for adapting patterns, placing buttonholes, adjusting darts and necklines, and more. Every video in this 12-part series demonstrates solutions to typical problems and techniques essential for creating designer-quality garments.

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Episodes in this Series

Welcome to Industry Insider Techniques, Volume 3

Judith Neukam shares what you will find in this DVD.

Supplies You'll Need

Learn about the supplies you should have in your sewing room. Visit to purchase some of these items.

Get the Right Button Placement

Reduce the gap caused by incorrect button placement. You'll be amazed at the difference this will make.

Make a Hidden Button Placket

Cut down on the bulk and learn to sew this hidden button placket with a cut-on facing.

How to Remove a Bust Dart

Certain fabric choices like prints, plaids, and knits might not work well with a bust dart. Learn how to remove a bust dart without changing the shape of your pattern.

Add a Bust Dart to a Pattern

Adjust the front of your garment for fit no matter the size of your bust.

Swing Out the Side Seam

This adjustment adds width to hip area of a garment without making the entire garment larger.

Add Width to the Hem Without Changing the Shoulder

Add a little room throughout the garment without adjusting the shoulders.

Transfer a Neckline from One Pattern to Another

If you love a pattern, but don't love the neckline, switch it out for one you do like.

Lower a Front Jewel Neckline and Front Facing

When the neckline of a pattern is just a little too high, adjust it (and your front facing) for comfort.

Lengthen the Back Neck Facing

Many patterns do not include a back neck facing, but this will help you attack your front facing to the shoulder cleanly.

Four Deconstructed Edges

Learn to create this deconstructed look on pockets, hems, and at your neckline.