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Project Runway All Stars, Episode 1: "You Got Punked"

Elena Slivnyaks winning design (and first ever challenge win)
Ari Souths losing design
Project Runway All Stars introduces their brand new host, Alyssa Milano
Elena Slivnyaks winning design (and first ever challenge win)

Elena Slivnyak's winning design (and first ever challenge win)


Last night marked the beginning of Project Runway All Stars Season 3. With eleven returning designers (three of which were previous winners), a new host, and a prize package worth over $750,000, this is definitely a season you won't want to miss!

The episode began with a rundown of the show's new additions including Alyssa Milano as the host, and Marie Claire senior fashion editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi, as the new mentor. Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman also returned as judges. As the designers gathered to hear their challenge, three previous winners were unexpectedly introduced to the mix: Jeffery Sebelia (season 3), Irina Shabeyeva (season 6), and Seth Aaron Henderson (season 7). I'm sure you can imagine how this went over with the rest of the group.

This week's challenge was to create your own version of a punk rock look for the runway, inspired by Debbie Harry's exclusive new music. (It was later revealed that the winning design would be worn by Debbie, herself.) Designers were given thirty minutes to sketch before being sent to Mood. The twist was that no one was allowed to come back until their garments were complete. Luckily, a makeshift workroom was set up in the store for designers to sew their garments on-site. Why do you think they did this?

While some designers were more confident than others in their ability to create a punk rock look, the judges were quite impressed with the end results. Elena Slivnyak secured her first win ever on Project Runway, while Ari South was sent home.

On to the designs...

The top three:

Season 10 designer, Elena Slivnyak's WINNING design:

Elena's winning design

Season 3 winner, Jeffrey Sebelia's design:

Jeffrey's design

Season 7 winner, Seth Aaron Henderson's design:

Seth Aaron's design

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Comments (5)

StashaNovak StashaNovak writes: I agree with MissPat.

"Winning"? "Designers"? and posted in Threads magazine?
Posted: 10:30 pm on November 6th

krawz krawz writes: Really was surprised that Debbie Harry thought Elena's design was "punk" - it was an 80's look to me. And also that this beat out Seth Aaron's look?! Not a good start...
Posted: 6:54 pm on November 4th

MissPat MissPat writes: Sorry, they all look like so much trash to me. Not really interested in this season of "winning designers?".
Posted: 7:44 am on October 31st

jroach jroach writes: I agree with you, "kpmarcks". :)

Posted: 7:25 pm on October 30th

kpmarcks kpmarcks writes: It was the model who suggested turning the jacket backwards. I thought it was poor behavior on Elena's part to not mention that.
Posted: 4:55 pm on October 29th

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