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Project Runway – Sew Much Pressure

Heidi chose to wear Emilio's dress on the red carpet.

Tim certainly had his work cut out for him this week on Project Runway. The official challenge may have been to design a red carpet look for Heidi, but the real challenge was keeping up with all of the drama. The workroom appeared to have a revolving door as Tim returned to the workroom every few minutes to deliver some new piece of news. The first and biggest shock was Maya’s decision to leave the show. She believes that she is too young to show a collection in Bryant Park, and needs time to realize her perspective as a designer.

Just when things seem to be under control, Tim arrives with another announcement. Another designer will take Maya’s place in the competition.  Anthony makes his triumphant return after being ousted in last week’s challenge. Another visit to the workroom finds Tim announcing that yet another person has left the show. Seth Aaron’s model Valeria has taken a job with Donna Karan and won’t be continuing on Project Runway. The distractions throughout this week’s challenge really seemed to take their toll on the designers and you can see the results in their garments.

Only two designers were considered at the top of the group. Emilio and Anthony share the win, while Mila, Jay, Jonathan, and Seth Aaron were given low scores. Jonathan is sent home after beginning a third dress right at the last minute to try to please Heidi.

What did you think of the designs? Are you excited to see who the final three will be? Let us know in the comments section below.


Anthony Williams


Jonathan Peters

Emilio Sosa


Seth Aaron Henderson


Jay Nicolas Sario


Mila Hermanovski



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  1. Cherlyn | | #1

    I loved Anthony's dress! It's stunning the way it flows. I also loved Emilo's dress because of the sparkle. Gold/copper colors are not something I would wear, but I did think it looked very red carpet. I would wear Anthony's dress. I am so glad to see Anthony back.

    I was glad to see Jonathon go. I liked jay's dress but I wish it were longer in the skirt. The short length added to the rear--not good. Mila's dress lenth was okay but it didn't look red carpet; more cocktail syle. Seth is just Seth---he has a one track design. However, he has come up with some great looks, this just wasn't one of them.

    The show was interesting with all the announcements! I'm surprised about Maya leaving. But at least it gave Anthony a chance to redeem himself---he is so much fun to watch!

  2. User avater
    Kate_W | | #2

    Disclaimer: I have no red carpet experience other than the occassional red wine spill .

    I thought Emilio's and Anthony's designs were hands down winners. Between Jonathan and Mila, I didn't think either one was red carpet. Mila's design was ill-fitting, but Jonathan matched her ill-fitting and raised it with poor construction and concept. Jay's design was interesting in a bad way, Seth Aaron's was black, again. I admire that Seth Aaron sticks to what he knows ...

    Maya seemed to have an inate sense of what looks good or makes interesting design on the runway, and a strong sense of self. I was really surprised that she threw in the towel. She was the youngest, but so what? I was betting on her as the sweet surprise. Barring that, I would have preferred to see her kicked off for a legitimate losing design than quit. Oh well.

    My new final three: Emilio, Seth Aaron, and Jay.
    Winner: Seth Aaron. We'll see ...

  3. User avater
    NinaC | | #3

    I loved both Anthony's and Emilio's gowns but I was sorry to see Jonathan go. Anthony's dresses are beautiful but now sure if he is ready for a fashion show. I love the color blocking that Mila does but she does not show much variation in her work. I think the top three should be Jay, Emilio and Seth Aaron. I see Emilio winning in the end....but we shal see.

  4. sews4fun | | #4

    I loved Anthony's dress and liked Emillios as well. I didnt see Maya quitting, it was a real surprise, I had her pegged as one of the final three, maybe she thought she might be among the top three as well and just wasnt ready to go that far yet so I have to respect her choice. What I didnt and dont respect is Seth Aaron's comment for us all to F__K OFF if any of US thought it was easy and didnt like Maya quitting like she did. For ANY program to allow a contestant to tell the entire viewing audience to f--k off is just a sad indication of what new lows the entertainment industry will stoop to. Secondly, how does Seth know what ANYONE was thinking? It really threw me to hear that kind of verbal abuse in my own home and I was shocked and angered by his remark. They ALL know what is expected of them when they try out for the show so if Seth Aaron cant make the cut, maybe HE should just throw in his scissors.

  5. User avater
    beckymc7 | | #5

    Johathon should have stayed true to his original idea instead of making 3 dresses to try to please Heidi. He ended up pleasing no one. I think Mila's color block designs are getting monotonous. Although Anthony was out and back in, he has won 2 challenges, so I think he still has a shot. Seth Aaron, Emilio, and Anthony are my votes for final 3.

  6. User avater
    natsnasus | | #6

    Seth Aaron: Should've been a strapless gown with the studding around the bodice top, and he should've committed to actual gun metal grey. It's a great change form black.
    Maya: Wow...well what can I say, obviously she got spooked!
    Milla: We've seen the side hip swirl thing before, and if she had overlapped the bra cups just a bit and done something a bit more different with the sides, ...maybe it "...coulda been a contender"!
    Jay: He's always packing too much into his looks, him and Johnathan both. A bit longer skirt might've helped the look not look so "hippy".
    Johnathan: He could've found some more coral to add to the front...or maybe he should've just done the cut work as a waist band...Oh well.
    Anthony: Black & white is safe, but I do like his change up on the straps etc and the leg peek a boo, was good!

  7. Flanerie | | #7

    I, too, didn't care for Seth Aaron's remark, telling the viewers to. . .well, you know. How rude. . .and I like his work, so that made it doubly bad.
    Besides, my reaction wasn't to condemn Mila, but to remember how many times in my own life I've pushed myself past my comfort level and what I thought I was ready for, and then found that I was able to rise to an entirely new level of accomplishment simply because I had to - it was 'sink or swim' -
    as an artist, particularly, you have to push through that fear and challenge yourself to do what you think you can't. . .The old saying used to be "feel the fear and do it anyway. . ." Mila is talented, and I think she would have been in the final three. She's so young, too, that if she hadn't liked the presentation of her final collection, it wouldn't have ruined her life, she could have just changed directions as she found her focus, and gone on in the future with a different look.
    Does anyone else think the little bow sticking up on Emilio's dress looked odd, or that Anthony's dress wasn't as fabulous as Jessica Alba went on about? I would have voted for Emilio's dress, but without the shape that stuck up on the bodice.

  8. Flanerie | | #8

    I meant Maya, not Mila! oops.

  9. schmatta | | #9

    Am I the only one who doesn't really understand what Jonathan's "cutwork technique" consists of? He layers fabrics, stitches them together, and cuts away various layers. I get that. It's like a mola. But it doesn't look like that. I thought his fabric looked beautiful (I mean, if the camera had ever settled on it). Heidi thought it looked "like curtains," so he abandoned it. I want to know more. The concept is cool.

  10. MerrySunshine | | #10

    I really enjoy Emilo's work. Red carpet does demand a corset to be built into a dress to show off the wearer's figure to its best advantage and to add the struture a strapless gown requires. Seth has some good vision also, and I have enjoyed his designs as well. Glad Anthony is back--I find him to be fun and he has been a key winner several times where his designs are before the public, whether on a cover or at one of the Red Carpet events. Mila does seem to be in a rut. I think she started out strong, but is not showing enough variety which fashion lines would need to have. To bad Maya left; I think she had interesting designs and they were well-made. She had the potential to be in the final three.

  11. fiberann | | #11

    On the internet you can find some interviews with Maya (remember this whole thing happened over a year ago!) and it sounds like she is doing well with her career. She said she felt she was too young and her designs not matured enough to do a runway show. That sounds awfully mature to me! But I would like to have seen her stay--I think she would have made it into the top three at least.

    I like Emilio's work, but he's already an established designer--he's very well known for theatre and dance work for some quite famous companies (Alvin Ailey, etc.)and well-known Broadway plays. Plus he's designed for individual celebrities. Given that he's already been 20 years plus in the fashion business, and has been very successful, I'm not sure what he's doing on this show. It would be surprising if he doesn't win. I think Seth will be close, though, but he's also quite experienced in the business.

    Personally, I would prefer to see more "aspiring" designers who haven't already established careers.

  12. triciab1212 | | #12

    my prediction: Top 3: Seth Aaron, Emilio & Jay. Jay will win (but I'm rooting for Seth!).

  13. triciab1212 | | #13

    my prediction: Top 3: Seth Aaron, Emilio & Jay. Jay will win (but I'm rooting for Seth!).

  14. paris72747 | | #14

    Well, it was an exciting night with all the drama. I too felt Seth Aaron's remark a bit uncalled for and unappropriate and a bit surprised by it. Maya's departure was not expected, but she did look like she was struggling the previous week when they had to create their own fabric design. I thought she should of stuck with it and go as far as she could. My feeling is she didn't want to lose or be let go. Oh well, good to hear she is doing well. My pick for the final three are, Emilo, Seth Aaron and Jay. Though having Anthony back could change things. Mila on the other hand is getting boring. I for one am tired of the color blocking and the judges seemed to be echoing the same sentiments last week as well.

  15. glogee3 | | #15

    I think it is a frantic thing they are doing designing and making an outfit in a day. I'm glad to see Anthony back, he makes the show interesting. I don't think the comment by Seth Aaron should be held against him, he and the others are under a lot of stress.Emilo's gown for the run way was fabulous, how he got that stretch fabric to look like a woven was marvelous. I wish all the contestant good luck. I hope Mila knows something else beside colour blocking.

  16. User avater
    Soli | | #16

    I've been checking out the PR video blogs on myLifetime.com, and according to more than one person, Maya graduated from fashion school two weeks before the competition began. So she was coming off the experience of having to produce a small collection in order to qualify for graduation, and maybe she thought that would give her an advantage. But maybe she was immersed in looking at a lot of European and avante guard design, which could be why Nina kept saying her work was "referential." I haven't bothered keeping up with Vogue or W, let alone the European magazines for a few years. Glad Anthony's back, but see the irony in all the fans who claim they hate Mila's color blocking saying that they loved Anthony's dress. Saw some wobbly stuff on the bodice where the black and white met, guess the judges were overruled by Jessica. So Emilio knows how to make an understructure. Loyal Threads readers and anyone who's taken advanced bridal or theatrical costume construction classes know how to do that too. Having said that, the dress moved beautifully on the runway, despite the fashion fabric looking icky on the table. Can't defend Mila's work this week, as she's done better. She is being true to herself. I think Jay is designing for small-boned Asian girls who don't mind having some hips added to their figures, and Jonathan - poor guy. He did the best he could, but it was inevitable. Seth Aaron - the change in model hurt him, because his fit is usually impeccable. The dress was true to his vision - refined punk. I think he has a future no matter what. I can see Hot Topic/Torrid picking up a diffusion line from him with mass market pricing.

  17. Whitehair | | #17

    I liked the winner's and felt Seth could have done the dress in color. You don't see much black on the red carpet.

    Jonathan should have stayed with his original design. Only one dress would be picked by Heidi. I think he knew he was next to go and I would have preferred to have seen him leave with a design that was true to him.

    Anthony sure liven's up the place. He deserved to come back and look what he did.

    As for Mila, everything is colorblocked. Nothing new. Her fitting and workmanship are sloppy now. It is long past her time to go.

    I'm rooting for Seth. He knows what he does best. His workmanship is excellent. Evening wear is just not his thing.

    As for Jay, all his disigns have the same elements. He simply can't design for curvy women.

    Emilio is very experienced and will be a very tough contender. His stage experience has made him very versitile.

  18. User avater
    ArtbyDanaC | | #18

    I love to watch 'Project Runway' … How intense for the designers – This program challenge not only comes down to being able to design an outfit well and unique, but being able to handle the stress and pressure. I believe Seth has been great at doing both along with Emilio, although Emilio seems to show a little more of the stress on his sleeve than Seth does. Anthony is a kick with his humor and able to come back with comments which are not too rude & cutting down others. Mila needs to step it up some, without compromising her style – staying true to herself as a designer. I believe as it stands now it will be between Seth and Emilio, but things can change as the stress is stepped up some. I am looking forward to the next show!

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