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Project Runway – Season 7 Finale

The judges may not have been fans of Seth Aaron's purple dress, but overall his collection made a positive impression.

The Project Runway Season 7 Finale has finally arrived. Our final three includes Seth Aaron, Mila and Emilio. Each of the designers show a 10 look collection in Bryant Park. Check out all of the garment designs below. Guest judge Faith Hill joins the usual suspects to critique this final challenge. There were no surprises this time, with no extra garments, surprise help from former contestants, or other crazy twists. We see a quick montage of model casting, hair and makeup, and one last reminder from Tim to use the BlueFly.com wall thoughtfully and we are on our way.

Seth Aaron Henderson

Seth Aaron was inspired by 1940s German and Russian military. The biggest problem for Seth Aaron was choosing only 10 of his 24 completed looks. Seth Aaron’s designs were a mixture of black and white garments paired with yellow plaid and purple. The judges really enjoyed this collection. They thought he stayed young while also being exhilarating and wearable. The combination of tweeds, stripes, and polka dots was a design element they enjoyed. This show was editorial and inspired. They were surprised at the level of sophistication and loved when he goes chic. They think he has the potential to go too far and become costumey, but he has guts and put on a great show.






Mila Hermanovski

Mila’s collection was inspired by shadows and is mostly black and white (of course). She did add some color for this show, but all of her garments are representative of her point of view. Last week, the judges suggested making some bolder choices with hair and makeup to make her collection younger and more rock and roll. Michael loved her use of shine and texture. Her collection was very graphic, and hair and makeup made her 60s look more modern. They thought she lightened up quite a bit, and that it helped a lot. The judges thought Mila really showed up and proved what she had been talking about all season. She has the potential to mix textiles when she stays away from her “geometry lessons”.





Emilio Sosa

Emilio’s Color Me Bad “great American sportswear” collection paired turquoise with red. The overall response from outside observers was that his collection was straight from the 1990s and seemed dated. Faith Hill really enjoyed the coats in the collection, and the judges thought that he sent out the most commercial collection of the three finalists. There was a disconnect between the commercial sportswear and the show-stopping final gown. The judges really missed seeing more gowns from Emilio. This collection was too tailored for someone who can design feminine flowing garments so well. Michael thought Emilio showed a line instead of a collection, but his clothes were the most sophisticated, easiest to wear, and the most flattering. Overall, he played it safe.





The judges agreed that the collections were all polished and professional. Mila is the first designer eliminated and in the end Seth Aaron is the winner. I personally am happy with the choice of Seth Aaron over Emilio for the win. Seth Aaron has always had a consistent point of view that has been interesting and his garments always seemed to be well constructed. In the end, this season was much more successful than last year’s attempt in L.A. It was great to be back in NYC with our favorite judges. This season restored some of the fun that Project Runway has always represented.

Tim Gunn shares his thoughts about the Bryant Park finale on his blog. With 7 designers also showing decoy collections at Fashion Week, the chaos behind the scenes seemed to have reached a whole new level. What did you think of the final collections? Did the judges pick the right designer in the end? What was your favorite design of the night?


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  1. User avater
    Soli | | #1

    Coming from the perspective of someone who has watched every single episode of PR, I'm not surprised that Seth Aaron won, but I am also happy for him. Overall, the judges tend to pick the winner as the designer who presented a show that included narrative, innovation and cohesion. Because of those three factors, I felt that it was unfair that Mila was placed third, because I strongly agree that Emilio's looks were essentially what was in my closet in 1992. Yes, it was commercial, and yes, there's a market at Dillard's and Macy's, but it's more of the Bridge sportswear look, rather than the true high end designers. The pomposity of calling his collection "Color Me Bad" made it sound like it was going to have an urban edge, but it didn't. Wasn't there an R&B group called Color Me Bad in the 90's? Anyway, as a human being I'm so glad that Seth Aaron won, even though I can't wear most of his clothes. He was a throwback to Leann and Chloe. Someone who let their work do the talking, rather than being a jerk to the other designers. I do think that he will end up being the go-to guy for rock musicians and their tribe, sort of like Jeffrey, but the win couldn't have happened to a more imaginative, creative, and most importantly grounded designer. I'm thinking that Mila has a future too, and she too will be a niche designer for those of us over 40 who want clothes that don't look like our daughters clothes, but don't look frumpy either. Emilio? Can't say what he'll end up doing, and truth be told, I'm really not interested. Out of the others, I'd like to see what Maya does when she matures down the road. As for Jay, I'm glad that the reunion show presented him as he really is. People were accusing me of making things up when I was bringing up things about Jay that Tim Gunn had blogged about on FB and on the official PR site. I never said that he wasn't a talented guy, but he doesn't have an editing eye yet, and he is no one I would want to work with.

  2. [email protected] | | #2

    I don’t agree with the last comment at all. I was floored when Seth Aaron won! I agree that his cloths are extremely innovative; however most of his line can't and won't be worn be the average or even above average women. That being said I loved his showmanship and to a degree he deserved to be the winner. However I have never seen clothes with the intricate craftsmanship and beauty of Emilio’s at Dillards or Macy's. I am sure we will be seeing Emillo's clothes in venues on the high end of fashion. Mila's clothes were beautiful, however if you want to compare eras if Emilio’s clothes came from the nineties Mila's were straight out of the 60's. In general all three designers were phenomenal and fortunately the judging was impartially based on their designs and not the contestant’s personality.

  3. sews4fun | | #3

    I was hoping Seth Aaron would win but my fear was that they would choose Emillio whom I did NOT think should win. I didn't think Mila would win because she had to fight for third place to even show at Bryant Park so that was a no brainer there. I like Mila's look, retro is in style these days but the nineties are not. Emillios stuff looked old, a couple of those dresses could have been made by any fashion student and about the only standout thing for me was that gown. I went online and looked at Jays collection that he showed and I have to say, he has some interesting stuff. I don't like Jay because he just couldn't stop running Mila down and never stops whining. I know Mila's sensibility is black and white but then again, so was Coco Chanels. That being said, Mila WAS stuck in color block land. I find it interesting that not one word was said about how black doesn't photograph well and don't use black because you can't see the detail and blah blah blah. I saw a LOT of black and not one judge commented on it. Last year, it was all about not using black. Go figure.

  4. cloudyhn | | #4

    I'm happy that Seth won this season. Even I did not have chance to watch the whole season but for the last 5 shows he deseved to be a WINNER. I thought we were looking for a potential designer who had a different vision in fashion and created his own product signature. His collection was so stunning. Every single outfit had a strong look, so character and totally runway features. I did not think it had to be wearable. If you walked along Queen Street West or Kenshington Market in downtown Toronto you could see alots of women and young girls wearing kind of the same. Of course they were not even high-end or clean look like Seth collection. For me, I will put on more than half of his collection.
    For Emilio and Mila, their collection had nothing new, which you can see in every shopping malls. But my opinion Mila should be second.

  5. Cherlyn | | #5

    I thought that al the designers were true to their style with maybe the exception of Emilo. He went out on a limb to show a different side. Everything he had on the show would sell easily. Seth and Mila have a traget audience. I figured Seth would win because he is so edgy with his look and he is a talented designer when it comes down to construction. I would not wear a thing that he showed on this show, but I'm sure it would appeal to some out there. There were a few things from Mila's collection that I liked but she does design the oversized look and everything is black and white.

    In Mila's collection: I loved that tee with the black stripes overlaying each other. I liked the jackets and coats she had paired with some of her outfits.

    Emilio: I thhink I would wear almost any of the jackets, but I love those bright colors. They make you feel youthful.
    His evening gown was futuristic and not something that appealed to me, but I did like the flow of the gown.

  6. User avater
    Soli | | #6

    Tim Gunn posted his FB vlog late on Friday, and he mentioned something interesting. If you noticed in the finale editing, the producers chose to show Emilio's facial expressions every time the judges were praising Seth Aaron and Mila's work. Shortly before the designers were brought back out for the results, Tim was told that in order to enhance the drama, the producers wanted to have Mila leave the runway first. In Tim's own words, Mila didn't necessarily come in third. He's got some choice things to say about Emilio's reaction backstage after not being declared the winner. Of course Tim says everything in his own erudite manner, so it's much more interesting coming from him, rather than me passing everything along.


  7. User avater
    ghis | | #7

    I dont agree at all with the judges`s choice and I am not the only one. Emilio was and is the best !!! How come those "experts" think that they know better than us ,the consummers, we buy the dresses that are elegant and refine,I would not be seen dead in those "mardi-gras or hard rock COSTUMES".Keep it up Emilio we are all behind you.

  8. User avater
    auschick | | #8

    I thought that Seth Aaron's was the best collection, so I was glad he won! I was floored at Emilio's collection - after he had some of my favorite designs all season, I found his collection to be really blah. I feel like a runway show like this should have a more avante garde appeal to it, so I was surprised that Emilio sent down such a conservative looking collection. As for that suit thing with the red gloves - is it just me, or does it look like she's getting ready to do the dishes??!

  9. teach4Hsewers | | #9

    I'm not terribly impressed by any of these designers. Seth Aarons looked just weird-truthfully who would wear that plaid pant suit or the one with the yellow plaid and plastic pant??? The yellow plaid suit reminds me of a clown outfit-seriously!! You'd have to be a twig and even the models for the most part don't look good in them. They may be edgy and young but they edged right over into the weird and costumey.
    Mila's were kind of boring-all black and white-black and white is fine but please include some color- are you in mourning or what-I'd be depressed if that is all I ever wore. The designs themselves were good- young and I think marketable but make them in some other color. THe construction was excellent and the clothes wearable but to alike because of the color.
    Emilo had color!!!and it wasn't in some weird combination of or style that isn't appropriate- THey may look similar to the 1990's but I think they have a new twist at least they weren't clownish as Seth Aarons,or too one color as Mila.
    I guess I didn't really see anything that would transpose to the average working woman. Too weird, too young-a 30 something couldn't wear these to work-a 20 something would be hard pressed and if you were older-they'd tell you to go home and change. I know at 50 I wouldn't be caught dead in 95% of these and guess what the people 40 and 50 plus have more $$ than a 20 year old unless your a movie star or have daddy's money to spend. I know fashion is all about the next new look or trend but really do we have to look weird doing it?? Can't designers come up with designs that would look good on the average womans body who aren't size 0. How many people do you know that are a size 0-2(I'm talking true size not modified sizes used in the industry)??? I know one person who is 19 years old but thats it. Come on people get with the program and design for the REAL AMERICAN WOMAN-not a stick-we have curves, we have hips, we have boobs, we weight more than the model 110 pounds(if that) and we want to look good but not like a clown. nuf said

  10. grnbudrfly | | #10

    I also saw every episode and Seth Aaron product was very distracting... His clothing was diffrent I will give him that but why should he win. Emilo had great ideas and did many diffrent looks. His fabric design was very thought out. Mila my god a one trick pony.. black and white.. what class of people will she sell to? Jay had some good ideas but I think project runway made him the bad guy. I belive so much was cut out of the filming we will never know all the sides of the story. I wish we the the viewer had a chance to make a statement about each contestant. I think Heidi is very biased.

  11. gingerlaw | | #11

    I think the judges got it wrong!! While I do like a few of Seth Aaron's designs, and enjoyed watching him throughout the season I just don't think most women would want to wear his clothing.

    Now Emilio, while at times I thought was a little too confident and had a bit too much attitude through out the season still made beautiful clothes that most any woman would want to own and wear. That blue short coat and that gold dress were to die for. The first dress that came down the runway of his with his esosa on it was so beautiful. I don't even like to buy anything with a label showing but I would have wanted that dress and would so wear it. What were the judges thinking?

    It seemed that Nina and Heidi were leaning toward Emilio and let Michael talk them out of it. I have seen some of Michael's clothes in Nordstrom and like a few things. But would never buy most of the accessories because I don't like walking around looking like a bill board.

    Just my thoughts.

  12. oopsgramma | | #12

    I absolutely think the judges had their heads up their hemlines in choosing Seth Aaron as the winner! Emilio had such a classy collection and any woman could put his clothes on and look well dressed. If she put Seth Aaron's on, she would stick out like a freak show. And Mila -well, I was sick to death of black black black years before she crammed it down our throats this season.Two years ago I was in Chicago and all the women were wearing black black black. It looked like one giant funeral. Many times I think the judges comments are contradictory from week to week. First they tell the designers to leave their comfort zone, but when they do, they do so at the risk of being chastised for being too "far out". I wish the program would change the judging format. I wish the public could have some input on the judging. Believe me, Heidi Klum wouldnt be caught dead wearing most of what Seth Aaron put on the runway as his "winning collection". Emilio, listen to your own voice - keep designing the beautiful things that the American woman has come to love from you. Dont let this get you down. We all know you SHOULD HAVE WON. I would kill to have that beautiful flowing gown that was your last entry. It took my breath away. So did Seth Aaron's, but it was because of the gag reflex ! Go Emilio go !

  13. triciab1212 | | #13

    i am thrilled to see Seth Aaron win. I love his style. i would wear his stuff. I could wear his suits at work, in a heartbeat. but i absolutely loved the shiny black/yellow plaid pant outfit. I'd have no place to wear it but I would buy it. love it.
    I didn't see anything cutting edge with Emilio's stuff. Nothing i haven't seen before at all. I had stuff in my closet like that that I gave to good will about 10 years ago. Maybe I should have kept it. Sure, it's nice but that's not what this show is about.
    I'm so glad that Mila won over Jay. I love Jay's style (but not character!) but i saw his collection which wasn't cohesive at all. Nor strong. i was surprised. They made the right choice there.
    Mila is a great person. Classy lady with great taste but I didn't care for her collection. I've seen it before too.

    It was a very intersting runway show since I'm so used to models walking down any runway half-naked. I'm so glad they looked warm!!! Clothes everyone could wear in cold climates! What a concept. What was also interesting was the experience that the finalists had. I don't recall on other PR shows that the contestents were this qualified. Not past PR's, PR Canada or PR Australia. It was refreshing to see true professionals trying to make their dreams come true. It makes for a more realistic, grounded show.

  14. agatha44 | | #14

    Yes, Seth Aaron is a fab designer, but I really didn't like the purple dress!!

  15. agatha44 | | #15

    I like Mila's collection and could see myself in almost everything, but Emilio's colors and print is wonderful! I think Emilio would have gotten my vote.

  16. Patternista | | #16

    I absolutely loved Emilio's designs. They have beautiful lines and would sell very well in a high fashion shop.

  17. Skymom | | #17

    I must say I think Seth Aaron was my pick for winner. This is not to say I loved all his pieces--some of my least favorite looks were in his collection (the pants with the yellow plaid sides kind of made my skin crawl, or at least made my cellulite shiver!). But he managed to surprise and interest me more than the others.

    Mila's collection was quite strong, but mostly not too innovative after seeing her work all season. I'm personally very fond of black, both all-black and b/w, but the effect on the runway isn't as compelling as the garments probably are in real life. That is to say, I didn't get that "I wish I had that!" feeling as I watched Mila's show, but in the end, I'd probably feel great wearing her stuff. I also think her looks would photograph well for print, which is important for commercial success. Hers is a subtler aesthetic that's got an understated sense of luxury; her choice of shadows as an inspiration seemed right on to me.

    (By the way, I never thought that Mila being sent out first meant she came in third. I figured it was a production choice made to maximize the tension between Emilio and Seth Aaron. I was actually pleased that they excused her early from that painful last pairing.)

    Emilio had a few pieces that were quite nice, but as others have said, not new! Boy, the judges were tough on Mila's supposedly 60s references, but compare a lot of Emilio's colors and silhouettes, and even detailing, to the wardrobing on Mad Men and you start to wonder. But a red turtleneck and black pencil skirt--armbands/belt or not--doesn't feel runway-ready to me. I want more! I do have to give him credit for showing a very different side, though: I complained a previous week about how he designed pretty much only strapless dresses all season, and this time he did some wonderful tailoring. While I didn't think he would come out the winner, he did show a side of his design aesthetic that's definitely commercially viable. But when I can look at a dress and think "Oh, I could replicate that with Simplicity 5122 [hypothetical pattern number only!]" it suggests he's not on the forefront fashion-wise...even if he's got his finger on the pulse of what women do want to wear.

    But for beautiful construction, fashion-forward design, signature style, and personal growth as a designer, Seth Aaron really stepped forward.

  18. User avater
    RevDi | | #18

    I was floored when Seth Aaron was declared the winner, just as I was floored when Mila won the "shoot-out" with Jay. While Mila's clothes are wearable, they are what Heidi would call a snooze (and I am talking as a 58-year-old woman). Jay at least had a forward-looking point of view. Seth Aaron's clothes were ultimately unwearable; Emilio's were classy, beautiful, and WEARABLE, for women of many ages. There were outfits I would wear, outfits my grown daughter would wear, outfits my teenage granddaughters loved. Calling his outfit "a line" instead of a collection was a real head-scratcher. Throughout the season Emilio turned out consistently high quality, beautifully crafted, wearable garments you wanted to wear. For the finale he showed off tailoring, something he didn't have a chance to do during the show. He proved himself the most all-around designer of the three. I'm very disappointed with the results of the show, but then again, I'm not surprised.

  19. fabriclover007 | | #19

    Emilio all the way. His clothes were classy and wearable. Mila was just too out there; and Seth Aaron's stuff while innovative can't be worn by anyone over a size 8 and/or skinny.

    I'm finding that I'm boycotting Michael Kors stuff as a result of his judging. I guess he is successful, he has been able to sustain a line but there is no need for him to be so nasty to everyone. His stuff is a snooze, most of it I wouldn't even be tempted to spend money on. His look this season is a asymetrical top, I'm seeing it over and over and over, different fabrics but essentially the same idea. Talk about run out of ideas, he certainly seems to have

  20. User avater
    Mrs4Him | | #20

    Gotta say I was cheering when Seth Aaron won. I thought he really deserved it and was hoping he would win even before I saw his collection based on what I saw in Tim's visits with the other designers. I think he took Tim's advice in the home visit to re-think it. The result was a collection that was a step up from his usual. He made it more chic overall. He has a definite voice and/or signature--one could spot anywhere. I didn't care for SA in the beginning, mostly his personality. But he won me over with inventiveness, construction/tailoring abilities and later, his personality. The one look that was not good, though was from the circus challenge. I think SA will appeal to a particular market. No designer appeals to everyone. But I think he will do well and make the most of his win.

    By the time I saw a bit of Emilio's collection with Tim at his home visit, I was turned off by it--let alone his attitude with Tim. You could tell there was some tension there. BTW, thanks Soli for the link to Tim's video comments after the finale aired. An eye opener in some respect and just confirmed Emilio's big ego is out of control. Back to the collection--the colors, the fabric he created with his name/initials was tacky to me. And I had a feeling it wouldn't go over well. But, I was surprised that it did indeed look like a collection when it came out on the runway. He pulled that part off, but didn't care for his designs, in general. I loved the gown at the end which flowed beautifully and the color was one that is a favorite of mine. The only other item I would have worn was the turquoise (my favorite color) jacket which was tailored very nicely.

    Mila: Everybody has said it already and most everyone agrees. No need to go on....

    After Jay was eliminated and I saw last week's recap here on Threads about it --and Soli's link to Jay's collection--I actually liked Jay's collection better than Mila's. BUT, I have to mention (which no one has said anything about--even Tim) was during the Reunion part after the finale. Jay's comments to the model about her teeth and thick legs was plain mean...and EVERYONE there, as well, thought it was too. She made a comment that his designs were more suited for the L.A. scene. Well, he took it poorly and came back and attacked her in a personal way horribly for it. He was quickly chastised. I was actually shocked. What a disapointment! True colors shining through.....

    I truly think Season 7 was about the best so far (I've seen absolutely every episode more than once). I have to at least hand it to PR that I think the crew comes up with more interesting challenges as the seasons pass. Looking on to Season 8!

  21. Ceeayche | | #21

    IMHO they got it wrong. I'm so over the edgy black look targeted at twenty-somethings. Yawn. I will be glad when the fashion industry looks towards more sophisticated, chic clothes that are flattering on the female form and dare to embrace color.

    So Emilio was my choice. Seth Aaron was second. Mila was a distant third... not because I didn't like her clothing but that black/white/gray was a snoozer.

  22. CampNiNi | | #22

    I was thrilled (though surprised) that Seth Aaron won. To me it's all about who has the innovation, imagination, and determination to go on to do more and more. Who keeps me wanting to see more? The other two collections were a complete bore to me. I really didn't like a few of SA's looks but LOVED a few of them. The most I could say about the others was that they had one or two pieces (Em's turquois coat & Mila's white shirt with the black lines) that I liked okay. Emilio did some great work in compitition (though his ego is rediculous) but fell flat on this. I was shocked at how basic and old his stuff looked. Mila is so one note that, even though I like mod I'm over it when it comes to her. She lacks creativity to carry into to future collections.

  23. User avater
    Soli | | #23

    I must be one of the few who doesn't find black/white boring. Uniform dressing with a limited palette made my life easier. I still wear mostly black. I can always throw a fuchsia or sapphire shawl on as well as use other accessories for color. I used to joke about my "crow clothes," but if you're in LA, NY, or any other big city it's what a lot of the professional women wear. No drama with coordinating black, white or winter white. Navy, red, and brown can be hard to match from one piece to another and there is such a thing as having too much in the closet. Mila's limited color choices make sense for a lot of professional women in urban markets.

  24. User avater
    natsnasus | | #24

    Okay, I realize the choice has been made and this discussion is most likely over now, but has anyone seen the new Marc Jacobs RTW 2010 collection???? I went to look at it based on the T-shirt project posted in my email, "Embellish a T-shirt with Ribbon" from the sister site: Craft Stylish.
    It comments on the fact that this project is inspired by some of MJ's newest designs.
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can N E 1 say that Seth Aaron Henderson was on the verge of being too costumy in his Bryant Park collection??????????????????
    Go and look at one of America's top designers 2010 RTW collection and tell me you don't think he's seen one too many Cirque du'Soleil shows!
    White ghost faces on the models, top knots for hair designs, and bras and panties being sewn onto the outside of an outfit? How much more costumy can you get? How can this ever translate to what I want to find to wear at Saks or H & M?
    At least Seth Aaron is more real as far as an actual piece of clothing. Maybe he needs to shorten his Dr. Seuss sleeve lengths but he's certainly not as bad as Marc Jacobs.
    With that being said..... I DO enjoy that fashion designers always, always push the envelope, but to criticize a fairly new, newbie for doing things that he obviously is seeing walk down runways, Nina & Michael I mean you two.... is wrong!!

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