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Lucky You! More Red-Carpet Ready Tips

As a sewer, one can never have too many tips. After all, being able to share our nuggets of information with others is what's so great about the Sew Stylish sewing community. So here are a few red-carpet ready tips from the brilliant members of PACC ( that slipped out of the latest issue and landed here on for your viewing and sewing pleasure.

And, hey! The more the merrier. Got a tip to share? Post a comment and add it on. We'd love to hear from you.

Looped lifesavers
1. Use snaps to affix hanging loops to a garment. You can then remove the loops when the garment is worn.

2. Or, use thread chains sewn into the side or underarm seam to guide the hanging loops down and out of the way when you wear it.

3. Use a padded hanger and sew a button on top of each end to act as a stop. They will keep the garment loops from sliding off a hanger. Hang delicate or heavy garments from fabric loops sewn into the waist or armscye, not from the shoulders.

Camouflage your lingerie

4. Sew matching lace to your bra. With a low-cut or strapless lace bodice, should the bra peek out, it will look lovely.

Sweeten a bride's big day
5. Sew tiny sachets into the skirt of a wedding dress to send forth gentle flower fragrances when the bride moves. Sew small pouches inside the dress to carry family heirlooms-something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

When life throws you lemons
6. Take a breather. Mistakes happen in sewing, and you can almost always fix them. First stop: Stand back and have a cup of coffee. The solution will be easier to see once you stop PANICKING.

7. Turn a mistake into a design statement. Add a mirror image of it so it looks intentional. Cover a hole with an attractive appliqué. Or bind an edge you've mistakenly cut too close.


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