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Spiral bobbin storage

Photo: Sloan Howard

When my husband cleaned out some of his paperwork, a notebook with a plastic, spiral-looking closure was unearthed. When I examined the closure more closely, I realized it was not a spiral at all; each section of the binding was a separate plastic tab that curled back around itself to hold the pages in place. The binding was easy to remove from the paperwork, and I found that I could use it to store my bobbins and hold their loose threads in place. Simply insert a filled bobbin into one of the tabs, and then wrap the binding around the bobbin. Turn the bobbin to secure the thread tail.
There are up to 25 tabs on each binder strip, and they're easy to store with my notions. I can leave the tabs connected and store my bobbins in one strip, or I can use scissors to cut the tabs apart. These binder combs can be purchased inexpensively
at stationery-supply stores. I've found that smaller diameter bindings (3⁄8 inch or 1⁄2 inch) are the best fit.

-Elizabeth Martin, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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Comments (3)

marcpatton5 marcpatton5 writes: This is great one!!
Posted: 1:14 am on March 25th

EdwardThirlwall1 EdwardThirlwall1 writes: I was quite impressed by the bobbin storage idea - I might have some use for it holding my wire spools in my garage but I don't know how large you can get the book binding spines for. It might not be so fitting for wider rolls of tape and wire and string I think! Looking at the simple way it's constructed, I don't think I'll have a problem duplicating the idea for a more versatile type of storage for my other spools...
Posted: 10:08 pm on October 6th

MelBrandle MelBrandle writes: You'll have to be careful using the binding spines as bobbin holders. As good an idea s this is for storage, you've got to make sure that you bind your string up tight, and only tie down strings that you're not likely to need individually. If you need to bring the spool out, you're not going to be very happy trying to unravel everything just to get at it from it's "storage rack". Also I find that the book binders tend to loosen quite quickly if you're not using them, and they are fairly brittle. But otherwise, it's a really innovative storage idea that I wouldn't have thought about myself, so kudos to that!
Posted: 3:51 am on June 16th

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