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Every issue of Threads features techniques perfect for any skill level. To help grow your sewing talents, we've created a series of web-only videos bringing to life some of the most essential techniques seen in our pages.

In this video series, you'll find an array of techniques we feel are important in cultivating a well-rounded set of sewing skills. No matter what your proficiency level is, you'll find something that's just right for you.

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how to sew welt patch pocket  

How to Sew a Welt Patch Pocket
Threads #178

It's a scary proposition to cut a welt pocket opening through an almost-finished garment. Instead, try adding a welt pocket on a patch pocket. Watch this video tutorial to learn an easy, expert way to cut the welt opening without cutting through your garment.

how to add sleeve head  

How to Sew and Install a Sleeve Head
Threads #178

Sleeve heads help to fill, shape, and stabilize jacket shoulders. Watch this video tutorial to learn a simple and quick way to sew and install sleeve heads. This small addition can take any jacket from ordinary to stunning in a small amount of time.

how to thread bars and chains  

How to Make Thread Bars and Chains
Threads #177

In video tutorial we bring Claire Shaeffer's method to life to demonstrate how these delicacies are sewn. Once you've mastered the techniques you'll be able to detain wayward straps, linings, and more

embellish knits rhinestones  

How to Embellish Knits with Rhinestones and More
Threads #177

Watch this video tutorial to discover three methods of adding shine to your knit garments. As a bonus, we've included a downloable guide.

how to sew knits  

How to Sew Knits
Threads #177

Learn which machines, needles, and stitches are best suited for particular knit types. You'll also learn a foolproof technique for stabilizing shoulder seams on knits, how to handle necklines on knit garments, and how to sew a durable hand stich for hemming knits.


Sew Perfect Collar Points
Threads #175

There are all sorts of corners: 90-degree, 45-degree, and less - or more. Watch this video to achieve well-sewn outside corners, such as collar points.


Meet Silamide Thread
Threads #174

Watch this quick video to learn about waxed silamide thread and its uses.


How to Sew a Figure Eight Stitch
Threads #173

Watch this video demonstration of how to sew a figure-eight stitch using techniques by Claire Shaeffer.

How to Bind a Sheer Edge
Threads #172

Binding the edges of sheer fabrics is easier than you think with our fast technique.


How to Sew and Press Tucks
Threads #171

Learn how to sew straight tucks and press these delicate folds.


How to Machine-Bead a Design
Threads #170

Watch and learn how easy it is to machine-bead any design.


How to Bead a Motif with a Template
Threads #169

Bead a beautiful motif using a freezer paper template.


How to Sew a Pickstitch
Threads #169

Watch and learn how to make the classic pickstitch with ease.

How to Marble Fabric with Shaving Cream
Threads #168

Create beautiful marbled patterns with this simple method.

Burn Testing for Fabric Identification
Threads #168

Learn how to burn and read the ashes for some common fiber types.

How to Sew a Blind Hem
Threads #167

Learn how to sew a blind hem on both, standard and industrial
sewing machines.

How to Serge Seam Allowances
Threads #166

Serging works on nearly any fabric. It can also trim the seam
allowances as it stitches.

How to Sew a French Seam
Threads #166

French seams work best on sheer, lightweight fabrics.

Sew a Stitch and Pink Seam Finish
Threads #165

Stitch and pink seam allowances with theses step-by-step instructions.


Sew Single-Fold Finished Seams
Threads #165

Follow these steps for creating a single-fold clean finish seam.


How to Stitch Together Seam-Allowances
Threads #165

Watch and learn how to create a stitch together seam finish.

Check back after every new issue to find the latest Threads Essential Techniques video.

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ardiemae ardiemae writes: I wish I had these ideas a few years ago while doing alterations on purchased clothing. It would have made my life a whole lot easier. :-)

Posted: 11:04 am on February 18th

user-2418800 user-2418800 writes: These are all wonderful skills to have and this series of videos is the ultimate in usable information. Thank you for posting these.
Posted: 12:21 pm on January 16th

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