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Video: Quick Tip for Labeling Your Serger

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Video Length: 1:47
Produced by: Evamarie Gomez and Stephani Miller, Videographer: Jeff Roos

If you own an older serger or a base model whose dials are not labeled, use a Sharpie, or other permanent marker, to help identify what each dial controls. This will save you from having to check your user's manual each time you need a reminder.

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Comments (2)

EvamarieGomez EvamarieGomez writes: Hi LuvThreadsMagazine! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and comments on this, and other videos. I'll be sure to relate your "Sharpie to D.C." request to Stephani. ;) Thanks for watching!
Posted: 8:51 am on April 28th

LuvThreadsMagazine LuvThreadsMagazine writes: EvMez,

The strawberry moving in the "B"-roll is a nice touch.

The only suggestion I can make is for you to send Stephanie and her Sharpie to Washington, D.C., one imagines the rest of us would be made clear on who is who (she's a skilled evaluator), then all the spin, and related confusion, would evaporate.

A fan of yours, and hers!

Posted: 11:49 am on April 25th

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