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Threads Sewing Tips

In Threads Sewing Tips video series, we share clever tricks to help improve your sewing. Watch to learn how to make a wide seam allowance guide, how to color-code pleat markings, and other helpful tips. What makes this series special is that many of these easy-to-follow techniques have been submitted by Threads readers like you!


Episodes in this Series

How to Label Your Serger

If you own an older serger or a base model that is missing dial labels, use a sharpie to help identify what each dial controls. This quick tip will save you from having to check your user's manual each time you need a reminder.

Quick Tip for Trimming Short Threads

An obvious solution for eliminating unsightly short threads from showing on the right side of your sewing projects is to clip them. Do away with thread clipping fear by using baby nail clippers.

DIY Wide Seam Allowance Guide

Find out how to make seam guide using a roll of tape or sticky notepad. This clever tip is especially helpful when sewing items with wide seam allowances.

Color-Code Pleat Marking Lines

To avoid confusion when marking a garment with many sets of parallel pleats, try marking them in different color thread or chalk.

How to Thread Woolly Nylon

Woolly nylon serger threads are a great choice for sewing seams in stretch knit garments and for creating rolled hems. Watch this "Threads Sewing Tips" video to learn how to thread this slightly fuzzy, stretchy thread.

How to Clip Curves Accurately

In this "Threads Sewing Tips" video tutorial, we show you a method for clipping seam allowance curves accurately.

DIY Thread Catcher

Watch to learn a neat trick for "catching" all of those snipped threads while sewing. This will help keep your sewing surface clean of unwanted threads.

A No-Bulk Elastic Join

Learn a bulk-free method for joining two elastic ends.

Easy Seam Turning

Leaving an opening in a seam for turning the item right-side out, as you would for a pillow, isn't difficult. Here is an easier method that also improves your results.

How to Fix a Broken Acrylic Ruler

Clear acrylic rules are a handy tool in the sewing room. Learn how an easy-to-find beauty supply can help save a broken ruler.