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Project Runway All Stars: "Clothes Off Your Back"

Anthony is sent home. 
Mondo is picked as the winner.
It was a tough decision between Austin and Mondo.
Anthony is sent home. 

Anthony is sent home. 

Photo: Lifetime Television

The challenge this week is to find New Yorkers on the street that will give the designers the clothes off their back. Unfortunately, many people did not want to part with their fashionable clothes, and the designers were left wandering the park without a muse for some time. After the comic relief of the designers asking people to strip, they get down to the business of designing. Over fifty percent of their garment must be created with the found fabrics. 

Guest judge Sean Avery helps to send Anthony home this week, with the top spot going to Mondo. Did you agree Anthony should have been sent home? Should Austin have won this week? 


Anthony: (out)

















Mondo: (winner)




The All Stars (* = eliminated)
Anthony Williams*
April Johnston*
Austin Scarlett
Elisa Jimenez*
Gordana Gehlhausen*
Jerell Scott
Kara Janx
Kenley Collins
Michael Costello
Mila Hermanovski
Mondo Guerra
Rami Kashou
Sweet P* 

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Comments (9)

gjoefajoj gjoefajoj writes:
Posted: 12:05 am on October 23rd

gjoefajoj gjoefajoj writes:
Posted: 12:05 am on October 23rd

Soli Soli writes: On her Lifetime mom blog, Laura Bennett wrote that she was invited to take part in All Stars, but she turned it down because she didn't want to leave her husband alone again for a month to fend with all their boys while she was at "sewing camp." I think that she got the attention she wanted out of her original PR season; she's written a book, she had a small collection on QVC, and she still blogs for Lifetime. Whether or not she's still designing, I'm not sure since QVC never added any additional pieces, and she doesn't seem to have an Etsy site or full fledged design site like some of the other PR alumni who are still actively designing and selling their work.
Posted: 2:57 pm on February 11th

NMT NMT writes: I also thought Rami's was the best outfit. I loved the hat.
Was not so fond of Mondo's - I actually prefered Kenley's to his. Frankly, it's too bad Anthony did not play by the rules - I thought his design was otherwise quite nice and wearable. And while I don't really get Jerrel's angle, I would have sent either Kara or Mila home.
Posted: 12:38 pm on February 8th

terricita terricita writes: My favorite this week was Rami. I honestly don't understand what the objection of the judges was about the hat his model wore. I thought it was cute and it was the kind of accessory they usually recommend. It doesn't help when they don't make sense like that.
Posted: 5:48 pm on February 7th

SewingForKids SewingForKids writes: Although I do love Mondo, his outfit looked straight out of the movie "Pretty Woman." His would be something one of the hookers were wearing :(

In my opinion, Jerell's outfit was the worst.

Anthony actually made an outfit that could be worn in public.

Why aren't Laura Bennett & Kato on the All Stars???
Posted: 1:12 am on February 6th

Stitchy Stitchy writes: I was glad Mondo won. I also liked Mila's pants. Kara Janx is too needy when ever she gets screen time I cringe. I agree Michael's theatrics are annoying. The best thing on that show are the Tom Ford Sunglasses on the Neiman Marcus wall.
Posted: 11:23 am on February 5th

Soli Soli writes: I agree Michael was lucky he wasn't sent home. I think he's very talented, and perhaps because he has won a couple of times and come close to winning another time, they're saving him. And he really was eliminated unfairly in favor of two mediocre designers in his actual season, so I don't mind seeing him hang in there. In retrospect, Michael shouldn't have second guessed himself after his critique from Joanna. The top that he had been working on was perfectly lovely and boho chic. I think Jerell's outfit was hideous and costumey at the same time. I though he should have been sent home over that thing, because it was completely unwearable. Anthony's was quite wearable, but with only the clutch made of his muse fabric, and all the jersey he scavenged on top combined with the Mood bought palazzo fabric, no wonder he was out. I wasn't crazy about Mondo's entry, but it was very him and very well constructed. Personally, I preferred Rami's outfit, and if he lost over styling with a hat, that's just ridiculous. I have to say the editing leaves you guessing, because I'm presuming one winner from the judges huddle, and then someone else ends up winning.
Posted: 6:02 pm on February 4th

sews4fun sews4fun writes: All I can say is, Michael was lucky they didn't send him home, that bathing suit he put down the runway was a joke and it seemed as though he either didn't feel good and was sick or flat out just wanted to get sent home.
I'm glad Mondo woke up and put something out that was worthy of his talents.
Still not impressed with Austin, too Michael Jackson paired with a skirt for me.
I don't think Rami could make a bad outfit if he tried and that get-up Jerell put out there was just hideous.
It's a shame Anthony didn't use more of what his muse was wearing, that remark about the outdated seventies was funny to me, retro is what everyone is wearing now and while that print was busy, there was a lot he could have done with it. I have to hand it to him though, he went out with his head held high and honestly seemed to have no regrets. Michaels theatrics are starting to wear thin and I thought Kara was lucky Kenley decided to "lend her a hand" so to speak.
Posted: 6:45 pm on February 3rd

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