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New Sewing Machines by Pfaff

Pfaff Creative 2.0.
Pfaff Creative Vision.
Pfaff Expression.
Pfaff Creative 2.0.

Pfaff Creative 2.0.

compiled by the editors of Threads
An Online Extra to Threads #140, p. 28

For more information on the Pfaff machines listed here, visit For information on new releases by other manufacturers, see The Latest in Sewing Machines.

Pfaff—Creative 2.0 and 4.0
The new PFAFF® CREATIVE™ 2.0 and CREATIVE™ 4.0 sewing and embroidery machines are the newest members of the CREATIVE line of PFAFF machines.  Created using the new PFAFF platform which set an industry-wide standard for sewing space (250mm, 10 inches, space to the right of the needle), the CREATIVE 2.0 and CREATIVE 4.0 machines provide sewers an intuitive user interface that enables the creation of complex and large embroidery designs with a touch of a stylus.  The available 300 intricate 9 mm stitches on the CREATIVE 4.0 machine will inspire new ideas.  The Original IDT™ feature, precise positioning, adjustable LED lighting, the longest free arm and most space to the right of the needle are only a few examples of the hundreds of features now being made available.

Pfaff Creative 2.0

Pfaff—Creative Vision
The new PFAFF® CREATIVE VISION™ sewing and embroidery machine, the world's most advanced sewing and embroidery machine, remains the number one desired machine for advanced sewers. Its brand new features include automatic Cut Jump Stitch, tapering with patchwork, new beading and candlewicking stitches, and the ability to see how much time it will take to embroider a color block.  The CREATIVE VISION sewing and embroidery machine offers sewers previously unavailable features and benefits including enhanced sewing precision, brightness and more sewing space.

Pfaff Creative Vision

Pfaff Expression

The PFAFF EXPRESSION line of sewing machines provide spacious, bright and precise features giving flexibility for quilting, fashion design, and home décor projects.  The PFAFF EXPRESSION line includes the EXPRESSION 2.0, EXPRESSION 3.0 and the QUILT EXPRESSION 4.0 designed specifically for quilter's needs. With 250 mm / 10 inches of space to the right of the needle, dual lighting, 37 different needle positions available for a straight stitch, and the Original IDT™ feature, PFAFF has brought affordable high quality features to sewers around the world.

Pfaff Hobbylock

Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0
This new overlock and serger machine saves sewers time as it handles sewing, trimming and finishing in one step.  These multifunctional features that create 1,300 stitches per minute are ideal for the sewer who likes precise results in stretch fabric and knits.

Photos courtesy of Pfaff


Comments (8)

fineaxes fineaxes writes: Интернет магазин предлагает низкие цены на Топоры Fiskars в ассортименте с доставкой по Украине.

В наличии имеем такие модели :

Топор Fiskars x5 121121 - эта модель является самой компактной среди линейки топоров Fiskars.
Вес топора составляет всего 500 граммов, а длина 23 см.

Топор Fiskars x7 121420 - туристический топор компактных размеров и малого веса.
Этот топор отлично подойдет для похода, им легко и быстро можно нарубить дров даже из толстых поленьев.

Топор Fiskars x10 121440 - плотницкий топор Фискарс. Фискарс х10 станет верным помощником для тех, кто много и долго работает с деревом.
Превосходная эргономика топора делает работу легкой, а сам топор лежит в руке как влитой, что даёт потрясающую точность движений и управляемость инструментом.

Топор Fiskars x11 122440 - самый маленький топор-колун из ассортимента Фискарс.
При общем весе топора в 1 кг, вес лезвия составляет 850 граммов.

Топор Fiskars x15 121460 - универсальный топор-колун. Этот топор одинаково подойдет как туристам, так и для профессиональной деятельности.
Общий вес топора составляет 1500 граммов, при длине в 60 см.

Топор Fiskars X17 122460 - полноценный топор-колун с килограммовым лезвием.

Топор-колун fiskars x25 - самый популярный колун линейки, его приобретают в село и для частных домов. Хороший профессиональный Топоры.

Топор-колун fiskars x27 отличается от x25 удлиненной на 20 см рукоятью и весом на 200 граммов больше.
Posted: 1:15 pm on April 19th

honeybear honeybear writes: I used to visit FAFF 2170 embroidery club at Yahoo but have not do so for a long time. Now I know it is no longer at Yahoo. I enjoyed the sharing experiences. If any one knows the club still exist, please advise how I can be in touch again.
Posted: 4:22 pm on November 7th

circesmom circesmom writes: I was an owner of the Pfaff Creative Vision since it was first released. I loved the quality of stitch that it created, especially in the emroidery mode. I was not happy with the "bugs" that always needed working out, though. When the new Creative Sensation was announced, My name was on the 'list'. This machine is diffeerent from any machine I have ever owned ( and I would hate to list the all that have been around in the 40+ years that I have been sewindg). It is the most silent and (not to deify it)it has an aura of 'quality 'about it that I have never sensed in a machine before. Thank you ,Pfaff.
Posted: 6:33 pm on October 4th

purpleperson purpleperson writes: I love my Pfaff Creative Vision. It took a while to get used to the IDT along with not having a machine that adjusted upper thread tension for sewing different stitches & different fabrics. Just wish that Pfaff/Husqvarna would get the automatic thread cutting bit to work correctly all the time - it is sooo precious that the least little bit of lint in the bobbin case area upsets it - which has caused jamming and ripped garment!
Posted: 12:42 am on December 31st

narrawallee narrawallee writes: Have had my pfaff for at least 35yrs and I love it, been looking at the new one's and dreaming.
Posted: 4:52 am on August 25th

Sebbysgrammy Sebbysgrammy writes: I have been sewing on a Pfaff 2170, and 2058 for the last few years and love the Pfaff brand. The IDT (independent feed) feature cannot be beat for lining things up and avoiding the "bump" of fabric in front of the presser foot. Don't have a struggle to pull the fabric thru either, it just feeds wonderfully. The quilt shop where I go, Smile Spinners in Marysville Pa, sells the Pfaff and I have sewed on the 2.0. It sewing beautifully and still has the IDT which I love. If you are thinking of a machine- go with a Pfaff and you won't regret it!
Posted: 9:53 am on July 1st

costurita costurita writes: hola, mi mama tiene dos maquinas Pfaff, desde 1958 una de hogar y otra de medio taller, pero a mi me regalo mi papa una maquina portatil cuando tenia 7 años de edad actualmente tengo 51 años y es la maquina donde coso todo lo que es vestido de alta costura, por mi parte yo jamas he visto que esas maquinas se descompongan por otra parte se les da su mantenimiento semanal y cada 6 meses o cada año ha habido veces que pasan 3 o 4 años y solo se aceitan las maquinas y hasta el momento las maquinas siguen funcionando, son maquinas de batalla a mi mama se las garantizaron por 20 años y ahi estan, por lo que a mi toca yo vivo enamorada de esta marca para mi no hay otra mejor, es una estupenda tecnologia, felicidades a todo el gran equipo de las maquinas Pfaff
Posted: 4:03 pm on June 1st

Evolution Evolution writes: I purchased Pfaff Expression 3.0 and very satisfied with the machine. Now I wish I purchased the 4.0, but I've been working with a sewing buddie and we've been able to get the 3.0 to act like the 4.0. Good purchase.
Posted: 12:27 pm on April 27th

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