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Parson Gray: A New Menswear Fabric Line

Quilting and Fashion, Mineral
Quilting and Fashion, Ocean
Home Dec Sateen, Rare Earth
Laminated Cotton

Have you ever wanted to sew something for the man in your life but had a hard time finding truly masculine looking fabrics--especially when it comes to cotton prints? Ask for "guy fabric" in the cotton department of many fabric stores and you'll most likely be shown a cartoonish sports-themed print. This isn't to say they aren't cute, or even perfect for certain project, but sometimes you're looking for a fabric that's just a bit more sophisticated. 

David Butler, a talented artist and the husband of fabric designer Amy Butler, has recently released his first fabric line named Parson Gray for Westminster Fabrics' Free Spirit. This hand-drawn collection has an earthy, masculine vibe and was inspired by "Japanese indigo and mid-century fine art."

Three fabric types are available. The quilting and fashion weight cotton is the largest group with 12 designs in two colorways called "Ocean" and "Mineral." The home decor weight sateen fabrics follow with 12 designs in a colorway called "Rare Earth." And to finish his collection are 4 laminated cottons.

Check out David Butler's website for more information on Parson Gray fabrics which are currently available in sewing stores around the country.


Comments (3)

RevDi RevDi writes: I love to sew men's shirts, although I don't make many now that my husband is in upper management. It's hard to find the fabric he likes, especially now that I live in a remote rural area and have to shop online. When we were younger we lived a few blocks from a fabric shopped that carried bolt ends from the Levi Strauss factory. I got beautiful denim (for my jeans - remember when Ralph Lauren shared his pattern with Vogue?) and Dan River woven plaids and stripes for $1 a yard - those were the days. When my husband decided he liked western shirts, I got a heavy-duty snap installer and bought pearl snaps in bulk. Since my husband has a large neck (courtesy of high school football) and short arms, I could make shirts that fit him perfectly. Now I mostly alter the ones he buys in the store - not nearly as much fun.
Posted: 10:06 pm on May 27th

CCO CCO writes: I've seen and touched this fabric. It could be used for men's shirts. It is not "shirting fabric" but it would be more of a casual shirt and not a dress shirt. Young men might like the patterns of this fabric line. I've noticed that Ty Pennington also has a fabric line out. Is it a start of a trend? Wait and see.
Posted: 9:07 am on May 21st

Lagacero Lagacero writes: Your title is misleading. The fabric shown is more for quilting than for men's clothing. The only one that might be appropriate is the one used for the vest. Unless you want to sew sleeping wear.
Posted: 1:39 pm on May 16th

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