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Online Sources for Hard-to-find Handbag Hardware

Clip-on handles are an easy way to finish off a bag.
There are endless accessories and options available on the web, from clasps to key rings.
With all the available hardware options, you can create custom bags for any occasion.
Clip-on handles are an easy way to finish off a bag.

Clip-on handles are an easy way to finish off a bag.

Photo: Courtesy of Craft Stylish Magazine

I used to manufacture handbags, and I still make them for myself. I am often asked for sources for good handbag hardware. There are so many it's hard to narrow down the choices. Here are some of my personal favorites, ranging from stores that cater to the individual sewer, to suppliers who can handle orders for the largest manufacturers. This is by no means a comprehensive list:


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M&J Trimming
M&J boasts a staggering assortment of trims for every need. They have a wonderful selection of handbag handles, chains, and buttons. They also carry all manner of buckles and a small assortment of swivel hooks and rings.

Strapworks is a great source for all kinds of webbing and hardware for bags. They carry a large variety of rings, swivel hooks (which they call snaps), and sliders, all in both metal and plastic. The site is geared to small (and larger) businesses, but they also sell to individuals.

UMX - Universal Mercantile Exchange
UMX has a very large selection of hardware for purses. From handles to clips to hooks to magnetic snaps and purse feet, you can find pretty much anything you need here. They sell both individual pieces and by the lot.

Ah Kwok Supplies
This site has an incredible array of handbag supplies. Everything you could need, including snaps, buckles, purse frames, feet, and other hardware. You must buy in lots, but the lot sizes are small and the prices are quite reasonable. They also have an eBay store: where you can score some real bargains.

Bag Fittings & Company

This site isn't for everyone, but if you are a small manufacturer or can buy in bulk, it's one of the best resources for all manner of handbag hardware. Here's a little secret: they were my hardware supplier when I was manufacturing. There are minimum orders, but shipping is very fast, service is very good, and the products are used by designers and manufacturers of all sizes.

Where do you shop for handbag hardware?


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mariaretter mariaretter writes: I just found your website and this page while searching for handbag hardware suppliers. I'll be sure to come back and explore your site further. Thanks for the list.

Maria Louise
Posted: 5:45 pm on January 1st

jbarr19 jbarr19 writes: Where did you purchase the "Clip-on handles"? You can reply back to
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