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Book Giveaway: “The Chronicle of Western Costume” by John Peacock

Feb 15, 2012
Article Image

This book could be yours! Just leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

Re-creations of earlier periods in American and British history are popular today, and some of the costumes used during these re-creations are amazingly detailed and accurate. Most of them are not ready-to-wear! If you’re interested in costumes through the ages, The Chronicle of Western Costume by John Peacock (Thames & Hudson, 2010) is the perfect addition to your library. 

The book covers the broad period from the ancient world to the late 20th century with more than 1,000 beautiful, full-color illustrations of garments from ancient Egypt to contemporary Paris. It also includes detailed text describing each garment shown, including extensive information, such as the type of person who wore it, how it would have been accessorized, the styling details, and the fabric it would have been made from. All of the costumes and information are grouped into short segments by historic period. An illustrated 11-page glossary gives additional information about technical terms and definitions used during each period. (For example, a “chiton” is a basic tunic from ancient Greece, which was worn ankle-length by women and knee-length by men.) It’s the kind of book you can read for hours; the detail is incredible!

You could win a copy of this impressive book by simply leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Tell us why you’d like to have this book. Leave your comment on this post before the deadline–11:59 p.m., Wednesday, February 29–and you could win a copy of the book. The winner will be randomly selected and announced during the week of March 5.

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  1. user-314430 June 29th

    Lots of competition, here. This book can be the inspiration for any designer in any genre of garments or accessories. Fashion does repeat itself, only in fresh new ways. How wonderful to have a resource like this available.

  2. jkblu58 March 29th

    This would make a great read.

  3. kazooie4k March 13th

    This Look's Like a Beautiful and Informative book. I would Love to Own it.


  4. merilynne March 8th

    I would love to have this book. the history of dress design and costuming has always fascinated me. Years ago, I worked my through college by working as a seamstress in a theater costume shop.

  5. User avater heidimary March 3rd

    I LOVE this book; it was my costume history text in sad I had to sell it back. I'd love to have it again! SO SO interesting, even just to browse!

  6. moorjenn February 29th

    I would love to have this resource for the inspiration it would provide, for the historical reference when creating costumes for my children's school performances, and just for the great read it would be! This looks like my kind of book.

  7. geekophelia February 29th

    There is so much to be learned about design, and- more importantly to me- construction from the history of costume. The way that fashions were constructed in the past offers me so much education and inspiration. I love that I can change the appearance of a garment by changing the structure of it's foundation and I find so much aid in adding comfort to tailored clothing that way. This book looks magnificent- but I'm glad my sons are old enough to cook, because I won't be doing anything else for a week if I win it!

  8. SewWhatLilly February 29th

    I think that all fashion is interesting. I had an instructor who said that there is nothing new to create in fashion and that it has all been done before. Yes a sleeve is a sleeve, skirt a skirt, pants are pants, but I think the great thing that one can see in this fine book is that with these basic elements there is an infinite combination of clothing that can be created by varying colors, fabrics, and the length and widths of these basic elements of sleeves, skirts and pants. I would be very pleased to be the new owner of “The Chronicle of Western Fashion” and use this book to create my infinite looks.

  9. MisterStitches February 28th

    The latter half of the 19th century I find to be the most fascinating in terms of the changes of silhouettes for women starting with the father of couture himself, Mr. Charles Frederick Worth, who changed women’s look three times from the crinoline to the slimmer sheath and then to the bustle. Such variety. Can you imagine ladies all that fabric, just yards and yards of it to create one dress and there were no 40% off one cut coupons at the local JoAnn’s. I also like the cut and look of the men’s suits; Victorian tailoring. I looked this book up on Amazon and it appears to be quite interesting. From the description it seems to be very detailed making it not only a great resource but also a source for some great inspiration. I do believe this would be a nice welcome to any sewer’s library. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a generous gift. And thank you for all the wonderful information that Threads provides the sewing community.

  10. Sregon February 28th

    The book I have owned the longest (over 40 years) is a historical clothing book. I wait for pattern sales and stock up on the historical costume patterns.

  11. OlgaLucky February 28th

    Hello everyone.
    My name is Olga,I was a teacher of fashion and history of design at Fine Arts College in Russia now living in the U.S.A. I am very fond of fashion and the history of costume. My goal is to continue teaching here in America.

    While learning English, my first position was as an assistant teacher in a preschool. Now, I am an assistant teacher of foreign students enrolled in ELL (English Learner Language.)My dream is to continue teaching fashion in the U.S., and to enrich the educational experience of my students by combining Russian and American apparel in my classroom lectures.

    I brought with me several volumes of fashion design books and acquired several more locally over the years. I believe this book will be another jewel to the treasure trove of reference material in my personal library that I can use and share with prospective students.

  12. User avater chirval February 28th

    I studied the history of costume and would like to add this book to my collection of reference books. I am creating a men's Steampunk suit for a wedding and this would have prooved very helpful for the basics.

  13. User avater moviedoll February 28th

    This looks like a good book to have in a collection. I love history!

  14. SewMyDreams February 27th

    Since childhood, when I watched my grandmother, a seamstress to the locally well-off, cut and sew elaborately designed dresses from silks and suits from wool, I have been fascinated by what people wear. Any time we visited a museum or historical site I was even more intrigued by what people wore in previous times and I yearned to possess the knowledge of making the garments they wore.

    Yes…one aspect of fashion is that the clothing we choose to wear is an expression of ourselves, that is, the clothes we choose often represent who we are or who we want to be...

    One of my favorite quotes comes from William Shakespeare:

    “All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;”

    [From: As you Like It - Act II - Scene VII]

    That’s how I like to look at fashion, from blue jeans and
    T-shirts to Haute Couture, everything that we choose to wear is a costume...a costume we have chosen to wear for the next scene that we will each be appearing in as we go through life...What costume have you chosen to wear for a particular role you are playing today?

    So...even today I still yearn to possess the knowledge of how to make historical costumes and I continually augment my understanding of why people wore what they did. To educate myself I have started a shelf of historical costuming books [much more plentiful now than when I was younger] and I am learning how to re-create these historical patterns. I hope to one day soon use this acquired knowledge and skills to be able to offer what I know to local community theatres in my area...I would even like to surprise my family one evening by sitting down at the dinner table in an 18th or 19th century ensemble just to hear their reactions and to be able to entertain their questions.

    I would be so gratefully appreciative to add this tome to my sewing library...but whoever is granted the good fortune of acquiring this masterpiece I wish you many great hours of perusing and imagining...remember, the stage is yours...

  15. jennafurr February 27th

    i have always loved to sew and create... now that i have a daughter, i'm thrilled to share my passion with her. she's only 5, but her favorite toys are her clothing design books (they make these notepads with outlines of girls and give stencils too, then you color and add accessories, etc to give them your own look...she's very talented too, by the way) i would LOVE to be able to expose her to every bit of fashion history, and what better way than with this book! i think she would be ecstatic over something like this, and how awesome to be able to fuel the fire of creativity. you never know, maybe one day you'll be wearing her designs!

  16. User avater kd_K February 27th

    My favorite would be the 40's. I love to see pics of my mother in her perfectly fitted suit and my handsome father in his uniform. Within the pictures of places they had the opportunity to visit, I study their wardrobe more than the site. She would always be beautifully dressed in a perfectly fitted full-skirt dress, suit or on occasion pants. I know she started sewing when she was 9, sewing for herself & sisters and later in life, her family including the men & boys. Following the decades within the book would be an enjoyable journey of her and my love of sewing.

  17. User avater grumpytulips February 27th

    I love costumes and this would be a fantastic addition to my library for inspiration!

  18. kautwell February 27th

    would love to have this book in my library

  19. User avater divateacher February 25th

    What an exciting new publication! To have such a reference at fingertip is indeed exciting. Museum exhibitions of great style to not make it to my town. Thank you for making this new book available.

  20. LisaLynne February 25th

    I'm in love!!

  21. User avater Elle_F_Studio February 25th

    This would be a great addition to my costume library!

  22. User avater Soli February 24th

    My husband and I participate in reenactment groups, so reference material is highly appreciated in our household when I'm planning new outfits for both of us. I also like looking at details from old styles of dress for inspiration when I'm looking to see what can be taken from a previous century and updated for the way we live now.

  23. undeadgoat February 24th

    I think at times fashion can get a bit myopic and stale, and often coming up with something new entirely out of your head can lead to something awful (or at least something that will seem awful in 2 years). I love classic shapes and traditional techniques and really want to know more about clothing history!

  24. User avater lewkmc February 23rd

    I've collected several costuming resources -- including some for ancient Chinese dynastic dress. This would be a great addition to my library -- especially, for school costumes for the Renaissance fair, colonial days, or our History teacher who loves dressing "on topic".

  25. User avater cactusflower44 February 23rd

    If I had to pick one, I'd say the 1920's. Compared to prior decades, the fashions of the 20's seem so fresh and different. Although I realize women still wore corsets then, the clothes were less constraining giving women more freedom of movement, not to mention less layers.

  26. User avater kershawgirl February 23rd

    I would love to use this book in my newly formed high school fabric arts after school club. I could use this as a good reference book when introducing both new and old styles, and helping those new to sewing and designing to understand pattern design better.

  27. amorisb February 23rd

    I love costumes. Any chance I have to wear a costume I jump at it. I actually learned to sew because I wanted a regency era dress so that I could have a Jane Austen themed tea party. This book would guide me in my costume creations to be.

  28. Bobbi42ohildri February 23rd

    Many of the so-called recent 'fashions' have been more in the line of 'fashion mistakes' in my estimation(i.e.long skinny sleeves hanging over the fingertips,etc). I am excited to see the girls in my grandchildrens' group loving the dresses of my generation and even of my mother's generation instead of the 'one-size fits-all, no-shape-at-all'of recent years. What a wonderful book this would be to show them the endless possibilities they can choose from.

  29. UtterOtter February 23rd

    I could see myself spending hours getting lots in the details

  30. User avater JenSSews February 23rd

    What a wonderful treasure chest of design ideas, for both silhouette and details. If would be so fun to use this book for reference and inspiration.

  31. User avater MissPat February 23rd

    I costume for Community Theatre so it is hard to pick a favorite but if pushed, I really like the 1912-1918 time period. Depending on where you are in the country, River City Iowa in 1912 would be different from New York City, so there is a range to chose from. I am costuming "The Music Man" this summer, hence the reference but I do like the romance of those styles. Another favorite is 1830, the Empire style dresses. But then, there is the lovely 1776 costume. I'll stop before I hit every fashion decade. I really just like to costume shows so the book would be a great reference addition for me.

  32. User avater derojaus February 23rd

    Early fashion always fascinates me, the designs, intricate construction and all those beautiful embellishments. What really intrigue me was how they were able to construct those gorgeous fitting clothes and it really makes the wearer stands out among the rest. Owning this book, will help me understand more the intricacies of its design and construction and the evolution of fashion.

  33. User avater audwell February 23rd

    Wow! I almost missed this giveaway offer. Looks like the book is well illustrated. Often full colored illustrations are easier to follow the drape of the garment than a photographed image. Seeing the book includes information as to how to accessorize the garment and a glossary of proper technical terms to be used for each period it would be a valuable reference resource guide for me. I'd love to have it. Thank you

  34. SuInAZ February 22nd

    How lovely it would be to have such a distilled summary of fashions all in one volume! I have other books that go into detail about certain periods, but nothing that gives you a place to see the "big picture" like this. Would love to have it to refer to!

  35. User avater meswafford February 22nd

    I'd love to learn more about the costumes of the late 1800s for reenactments at a local state park.

  36. User avater masha51 February 22nd

    I love the feminine construction details and body-conscious shapes of the 1940's.
    My own tastes are eclectic and borrow from many eras - this book would be a wonderful resource and springboard for garment projects.

  37. User avater Tru February 22nd

    I've always loved the back cover details of period clothing. To have a book extend this world wide and also include the accessories feels like a feast to savor, bite by bite. Sounds like a wonderful book.

  38. laxmira February 22nd

    i like the Audrey hepburn look & the costues weared by marlyn manroe that' 1926-40's.

  39. RoniBarr February 22nd

    I have always been fascinated by costuming. This book would be a much welcome addition to my, albeit small, but growing library. :)

  40. FionaWest February 22nd

    I,too, am inspired by the 1920-30's fashions, anything with beautiful beading and embroidery. The craftsmanship that went into the more luxurious garments is just awe inspiring. Not to mention the freedom from constricting undergarments!
    As a late-blooming student of art and fashion, this book would make a very useful addition to my library!

  41. seemless February 22nd

    I've always liked eighteenth-century clothing; it could be plain or embellished, full or straight-falling, and the Watteau back is a puzzle. How does that much material not envelope the waist? I can see the pleats at the neckline, it's the rest of it I'd like to learn....

  42. User avater LinLohLan February 22nd

    Re: the discussion question "Which period of American history has the most interesting fashions?" I would think of the changing role of women, westward expansion, and mobility. Therefore, the Victorian into Edwardian era (which encompass the Gibson Girl) show attention to fashion through Godey's Lady's Book subscriptions, changing fashions in hair, shoes, and undergarments that facilitated life with boneshakers (bicycles), horseless carriages, and streetcars. It was still an era where the statistics were heavily skewed toward women who died burning to death due to voluminous dresses coming into contact with wood fires and gaslights. Those fashions are worn by my great-great and great grandmothers in the same 1920 family photo of my grandmother in her flapper dress who was nearly disowned when she came back to Iowa from Chicago sporting a bob.

  43. User avater LinLohLan February 22nd

    All but one of my historical costume books were lost in my house fire 4 years ago. The survivor was a publication of a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. This book would be a useful resource to replace what I lost. As a calligrapher, I illuminate initials and borders with scenes including garb of the appropriate historical era.

  44. User avater KimsIdleHands February 22nd

    I believe it was the 50's. Scenes of DOnna Reed run through my mind, the large skirt and pearls. Though, the 20's and 30's where when you went out for the evening you wore a gown and the man wore at least a 3 piece suit. Very proper and elegant.

  45. User avater KimsIdleHands February 22nd

    I believe it was the 50's. Scenes of DOnna Reed run through my mind, the large skirt and pearls. Though, the 20's and 30's where when you went out for the evening you wore a gown and the man wore at least a 3 piece suit. Very proper and elegant.

  46. thespian5421 February 22nd

    I am a costumer for a high school theatre department. The costumes are fun and the variety fuels my passion, but what really thrills me is the privilege of introducing a group of talented, wonderful young women to a life journey of creativity.

  47. Seamssustainable February 22nd

    I,m interested in all eras, but the two that inspire me most right now are Edwardian and the late fifties, early 60s. Would love a copy of this wonderful book.

  48. ellievyle February 22nd

    Since Mad Men aired, I've loved the fashions of the 1960's. But modifying Victorian era clothing into a steampunk style can be fun, too. :)

  49. User avater DianeKinsley February 22nd

    I love all eras of clothing and costume. I try to find simple ways to make or redo ready made clothes with interesting and historical embellishments. I would love to get this book and would treasure it always.

  50. User avater sewold February 22nd

    For myself I'd love to see the fashions of the mid 1800's. For my granddaughter, she loves the 1960's. Wish I hadn't gotten rid of my patterns from that era. I still had a few she has actually used, plus some of the clothes I had made of that era. After I browsed the book, she'd probably get it.

  51. User avater aliensnextdoor February 22nd

    Within the last 100 years, I'd pick the 1920s. There was a lot of great innovation, and one doesn't need an hourglass figure to look good in the period's fashions.
    Going back further, I'd go with the 18th century--a period I loved researching as a teenager so I could sew and set my Barbie dolls up in historic displays.
    This book would be a fun reference for all history periods, and I'd love to win it.

  52. timeatlast February 21st

    For me, the 1930's were the cat's meow. Incredible detail, feminine form highlighted and the intricacies of construction are inspirational! We can once again enjoy this incredible era if we study history and learn from it and incorporate it into our everyday lives.

  53. User avater RStaff49 February 21st

    This looks to be an excellent resource. I would be extremely pleased to win it. We are all fascinated with the past. We love to see the new and modern designs because we know that there is something old in every new garment.

  54. User avater KarylC February 21st

    I'm a costumer and a dollmaker of historically costumed dolls. I have lots of reference material, but am always looking for more. I would love to have this.

  55. User avater Barbara611 February 21st


  56. luvtodesign February 21st

    Love to win this one. Love the era!!

  57. Outdooranimal February 21st

    I like the fluidity and design lines of the 1940's garments.

  58. User avater sewsioux February 21st

    Enthralled with the gowns, hats, umbrellas, and their accessories during the 1860-1864 years. Terrible time for the United States, but the women in the south kept up their finery regardless of the environment. The workmanship, designs, and trying to imagine that these gowns mostly being made by hand just mystifys me! I'm sure this book would show many other periods of fabulous clothing from the past and would certainly be enjoyed by me.

  59. User avater mandymarie20 February 21st

    Very cool giveaway. I'm in.

  60. EmSewCrazy February 21st

    I am sorting through a bunch of old patterns I recently inherited and am loving the 1940's to 1950's styles!!

  61. Rakhel February 21st

    I love ethnic peasant style clothing! I find myself repeatedly drawn to the Russian style and ancient Israeli style. I also love the clothing of nomadic gypsies from times past. I would love this book because historical style is a favorite subject of mine and extremely inspiring to what i sew today!

  62. User avater nani February 21st

    Wow, if I cannot see these costumes in person, it sure would be fantastic to study them in a book!

    I have an idea, what if Threads sponsored a prize trip for several winners, to visit special museums for a historic fashion tour? How about to Kent State University and also where ever Kenneth King teaches?

  63. User avater KathfromOz February 21st

    The 1920s -1950s is my favourite.
    BUT, I love anything to do with draped and fashioned fabric, be it on a person, a bag, a wall or...whatever!
    I was first introduced to historical fashion in High School and spent so much time illustrating my work I could never get all my 'real' work done! AND I still love it.

  64. User avater eatsallinsects February 21st

    Well, am sure I have no chance to win this book so have put it on my "wish list" at Amazon! LOL!

  65. User avater Piecemaker February 21st

    I would choose Victorian fashions. I am speaking of American fashions of the Victorian period. What fun to be able to, as one person said, combine two of my loves, history and sewing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  66. copywriterMT February 21st

    I would have a hard time choosing between the elegantly rendered details of the Edwardian period (and yes, I am a Downton Abbey fan!) and the beautiful tailoring of the 1930's and 40's.

    This book would be a wonderful addition to any sewer's resource library. Pick Me!

  67. LucyJane February 21st

    Too bad this post does not work like an Opera Show when they had a prize or book under every seat. I wish that everyone who has entered could win the book.

    I have been fascinated by Dawton Abby on PBS with the late
    Edwardian costumes and into the 1920's fashions. Also Boardwalk Empire which covers the same era but on the American side of the pond.

    I have a slim chance of winning but that would be a dream
    come true. Thanks.

  68. User avater kkemper February 21st

    This books looks like a wonderful reference. I would love to see it.

  69. juli February 21st

    What a great find this book is! If I don't win, I'll certainly have to buy it. This is the perfect example of the type book that has no E-edition equal. Can't wait to dive in!

  70. donnasdream February 20th

    Wonderful! Hallelujah! This is It! NOW I can make that Zoot Suit, the 1890's gambler's suit. The PERFECTLY matched plaid suit Claudette Corbert wore in "The Palm Beach Story". Voinnet bias dresses. I'd have to spend hours?, days? at the Tavy Stone Fashion Library at the Detroit Historical Museum to get all of that info. My library is getting larger and larger. I'm about to build a bookcase to hold my ever growing sewing/crafts/woodworking library.

  71. User avater Karen61 February 20th

    I am a "Mum-taught" seamstress and enjoy learning from the past to help shape the future. A friend recently gave me a box of vintage patterns that she's bought in a garage sale. I have used one of the patterns from the 1960s twice now, and have successfully channeled Janet Leigh!

  72. Chubbie February 20th

    I really, really want this book. It would help so much when researching past designs for an updated look.

  73. missengland February 20th

    Looks like an amazing book!

  74. Sewitall2 February 20th

    This looks like a wonderful book for not only making period clothing but learning about all the wonderful techniques and embellishments that have been used throughout the years. I would love to own this book!

  75. stephanie110 February 19th

    Sounds like a superb book. I am entering on behalf of my neice who has just begun teaching costuming and is struggling with lack of resources. Thankyou for the opportunity to enter and thankyou for your kindness in making such a great book available.

  76. User avater EliFenton February 19th

    I am a self taught seamstress and have been sewing for 35 years. I have been sewing my own clothing for close to 20 years and I love looking at "vintage" patterns and books for different ideas. I love your magazine! Thanks for all the tips and hints.

  77. cherielou February 19th

    I would love to have this book. Thank you for the opportunity.

  78. Serral February 19th

    This book looks like it would be a great addition to any sewing library.

  79. User avater MrsHGW February 18th

    So many who commented already deserve this more. I am just drawn to it and want it so much. For me it is Better Than Chocolate. I'll put out a hint to family that my birthday is soon. Thanks for the heads up for a book worthy to be devoured with gusto and samples to be imitated with enthusiasm.

  80. janel10 February 18th

    This book sounds wonderful. It would be great to add to my sewing book collection. Plus it would be wonderful to learn some history about sewing and costumes.

  81. User avater 7armadillos February 18th

    I am a disabled individual trying to bring in a few extra dollars with my sewing and mending. I believe this book would be a good reference for sewing for local reenactment groups and theatrical groups. I would be very pleased to be selected to reeceive it.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  82. User avater sewsilly4ads February 17th

    I am fascinated with the history of all things sewing and needlework. Understanding how clothing, fashion, artful sewing have all evolved reveals fascinating things. What a shame so many, who don't sew and those wo do, don't take the time to look behind the pragmatic or obvious part of sewing to learn about the surprising stories behind the scenes!

  83. User avater kabodle February 17th

    since I am unable to sew as much as much as I once was able to, (arthritis) and other health situations, I have more time for reading books and articles in magazines. thanks for all of your fantastic ideas.

  84. User avater kabodle February 17th

    since I am unable to sew as much as much as I once was able to, (arthritis) and other health situations, I have more time for reading books and articles in magazines. thanks for all of your fantastic ideas.

  85. User avater vwren99 February 17th

    I've been learning to sew historical garments using vintage techniques. This looks like it would be a great addition to my reference library!

  86. 1rosequeen February 17th

    This will be my next addition to my reference books on costume design and history. What a lovely book!

  87. User avater tntmade February 17th

    I sew for ballet dancers and since most of the classical ballets trace their lineage to the nineteenth century, this book would be great for costuming inspiration.

  88. User avater LuvThreadsMagazine February 17th

    Since everything old is new again, best to know what was.

    This book sounds like a wonderful source for reference and inspiration.

  89. User avater history_of_elegance February 17th

    Historical fashions are my favorite thing to sew! I love the elegance that was present in the different eras in history. I love watching period dramas, and many of the costumes that are in there are a treat to look at. When I watch a period drama and I am taken by the fashions, I go and look up information about the fashions of the time, and when I do that, I also learn about what was going on at the time. This book would definitely be useful to me.

  90. User avater loeloe February 17th

    What a fabulous-looking book! It looks like one I've seen before, only updated.

  91. Corney February 17th

    I have been a sew-er all my life, and currently do a lot of garb making as a member of the SCA. I have a granddaughter who is interested in drama and who often asks me to make costumes from different periods. It would be very nice to have this book as a reference!

  92. Suenami February 17th

    This book looks so thorough, I would probably wear it out using it as a reference. I work as a costumer and am applying to grad school for costume design. This would be very valuable to me.

  93. User avater eviej February 17th

    As a Civil War re-en-actor and seamstress for not only myself and husband and daughter, but all of our re-enactment friends as well, I would love to own this costuming volume! I feel it would help me bridge the gap between being a seamstress and a designer, which I have so far not been able to do.

    I would love to have this book as inspiration to design clothes for the Civil Wwar re-en-actors, as well as everyday designs (like the 21st century!).

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

    Evelyn J. Gonzalez

  94. User avater scrandall February 17th

    This book looks very interesting. My two most favorite topics (history and sewing) in one book!

  95. User avater maddie964 February 17th

    Oh, wow! What a fabulous giveaway! Please, please, please enter me to win this lovely book. By day, I am a technical designer but by night, I'm a blogger who writes about all things construction, sewing, and fashion history. This book would be awesome for when I'm stumped on what to write for my next post as well as when I want to cozy up with a good read on a Sunday afternoon.

  96. User avater textilecrazy February 16th

    I would enjoy this book immensely, but not as much as my best friend to whom I will give it when I win! She and I have visited several museums to see current and historic fashions, what fun it will be to see so many eras at once!

  97. mosew February 16th

    What an inspiring book! I'd love to use it to find lovely bits to apply to my current sewing!

  98. LizSabo February 16th

    Looks great! I love sewing and history.

  99. User avater matrice43 February 16th

    I would love to have this book because you can get big ideas from little and sometime older details.

  100. hondar February 16th

    Looks fantastic! I make Civil War (1860s) clothing and could sure use this book.

  101. User avater tinker4u February 16th

    It looks like a fabulous book. Perfect for fashion and Downton Abbey enthusiasts! !

  102. User avater Arlumizu February 16th

    I Would love to win this book to add to my collection of sewing, knitting, home decor, embroidery books in my personal/business library. It would be an educational and enjoyable addition. Hope to be the winner!

  103. User avater bettyv February 16th

    Just got home from our sewing group at church. Would love to have this book to share.

  104. User avater elysbeths February 16th

    Just got back into sewing and am making my daughter a 1920's costume for a school assignment. This book would be a terrific resource!

  105. yellowstone1972 February 16th

    The best thing about being out on short-term disability was getting back into trying out some of my garment design ideas. The design ideas are mostly all about interesting details. I'm enjoying going through my Threads back issues and rediscovering where some of my ideas originated!

  106. LanternandShadows February 16th

    This would be an excellent book to own. What better way to get your facts straight? Thank you for the chance to win it.

  107. jennieMB February 16th

    What a gorgeous book. I'd love this book to get all my eras (and centuries) straight.

  108. lhartup February 16th

    I have been making costumes for the past few years,and this would be invaluable to me!

  109. misssarcastica February 16th

    I'd love to have it because historical costuming is my main sewing passion.

  110. wahmom February 15th

    What a great timeline-thanks for the chance to win this!

  111. User avater Rabia February 15th

    This book looks fantastic. I love the idea of having a chronicle so that the evolution of fashion can be seen clearly.And, what a reference to have close to hand!

  112. lynaeve February 15th

    I'd love to learn more on this type of history.

  113. nanacosta February 15th

    Wow!!! thi is a "must have" book, for any body interested in fashion, history, culture!!! I would love to have it in my library!!!

  114. User avater AnnetteS February 15th

    What a fabulous addition 'The Chronicle of Western Costume' would make to any stitchers library. While I wish good luck to everyone else, I must admit I am loving the idea of winning this clothing history.

  115. saines February 15th

    This is a great classic reference work. I'm doing research right now on 1870's fashion; this could help!

  116. IamLilyMunster February 15th

    I've always been interested in fashion and clothing of past eras. This would be a great book to have!

  117. MarthaO February 15th

    I'm a lifelong sewer who fell into making costumes at my university's theater costume shop, which made me wonder why they didn't teach more about the history of clothing in fashion design school. This books looks like an amazing way to start filling in the gaps in my education.

  118. aimlyon February 15th

    This is so relevant! I am currently taking a class on costume design and we are building costumes for Little Women. I just made my first corset, and petticoat. I am now getting ready to make a mutton sleeve. This book would be so helpful with the designs for the Little Women production as well as other productions that we put on here at Southern Utah University, home of the Shakespearean theater!

  119. User avater kytnbabe February 15th

    This would be a great resource! I made a reenactment outfit several years ago for the French & Indian War era. Regulars advised me in details that we're off the day of the reenactment. It would be very helpful to get it right.

  120. User avater jbreit01 February 15th

    I have always thought that the elegance of the past should be brought back. The flowing gowns, lovely bodices, different sleeve styles... All should be brought forward into the 21st century. I would love to have this book so that I could take from the past to create lovely new fashions for my family and friends.

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