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Book Giveaway “Vintage Lingerie”

Mar 13, 2013
Article Image

Vintage Lingerie by Jill Salen

Featured in Threads magazine, issue 166, Vintage Lingerie by Jill Salen (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2011) explores lingerie knickers in the 1920s knickers to pin-up brassieres in the 1950s. The book includes information about a broad range of vintage lingerie garments from the last century. The book also covers topics such as corsets, garter belts, girdles, brassieres, and much more.

Thirty patterns along with pictures, annotations, and drawings will make your sewing experience easier. Each pattern also includes an historical overview, giving invaluable insight into these pieces. This book would be great for fashion and costume students, costume designers, or if you simply wish to create an historically accurate period garment.

Tell us why you would like to win this book in the comment section below, and you might be lucky enough to be the winner! The deadline for your comments is Friday, March 22, 11:59 PM EST and the winner will be chosen during the week of March 25. The winner will be sent a winning email notification. Good luck!

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  1. User avater user-2916465 October 3rd

    I love to study the vintage garments. Vintage sewing techniques are amazing!

  2. User avater sweetserenity September 30th

    I love vintage. Would love to have this book for my library.

  3. Lynt May 26th

    I am doing a project for my Tafe course on vintage lingerie. This book would be great insight for my studies.i would live to make some of these garments as I much prefer them to the limited choices we now have available in stores here. I can't wait to read it . Lynt

  4. User avater Marty_Marie May 17th

    I love vintage under garments and would like to venture into lingerie

  5. HappyGenny April 28th

    Hi there, and thanks for the opportunity!

    I'd love to win this book because I adore old-school vintage clothes. I also need to wear them - I've been blessed/cursed with such an old movie style 'look' that anything else looks out of place on me. The reason this is so important to me NOW is that after a very long recovery from an accident, I'm finally well and out in the world again. I've been working out, have lost 20lbs and finally got my old-fashioned bod back (although NOTHING fits!) I finally feel like a woman again and am dating for the first time in 15(!) years. I suppose that it's been so long that I just want to feel sexy in a way that suits me. Vintage lingerie would be exactly the ticket.

    Please, please let me win this book. I simply can't afford to buy this stuff, and it would go a long way to making me feel pretty.

    Thanks so much!

  6. terryabc March 27th

    Would love to win this book!

  7. BetinaCecilia March 24th

    I would love to try some of these patterns! I think I would have to have a sewing party with some friends if I won this book!

  8. User avater sewcheck March 23rd

    I have made a few pieces of lingerie and recently found a slip belonging to my mother. I certainly would like to replicate it and make other vintage "intimates". This book would go a long way to help in that goal.

  9. User avater Karen61 March 23rd

    From no drawers to high waisted boned girdles all within two hundred years - the history of women's underwear is amazing, and it's not over by a long stretch of elastic! As a historian and an amateur seamstress this book facinates me, and I'd love to win a copy so that I could capture some of that vintage magic.

  10. MsHem March 22nd

    What a great way to follow history& learn about foundations.

  11. kuzco March 22nd

    How fun! Old school lingerie really rocks a curvy body, so what a delight to enjoy a great read and design some stylie :) underpinnings ~ Thanks in advance Threads!

  12. User avater Kukana March 22nd

    If I won this book I could make my own lingerie. It is quite expensive, and I love adding my own touches.

  13. Tempest1961 March 22nd

    Vintage Lingerie will complement my day to day sewing. I have always longed for lingerie that takes me back to old movie days. This is a good opportunity for me to make my own. Thanks for the offer

  14. lsmcd March 22nd

    History and patterns!! What a wonderful addition to my library this book would make.

  15. repool March 22nd

    I would love to make my own lingerie. It would mean no more clothes riding up (high, skinny waist). I love to learn how women really looked like years, decades ago!

  16. User avater Susan545 March 22nd

    I'd love to make a vintage inspired slip. They don't make full slips anymore. :(

  17. User avater Misty_Rae March 22nd

    My long term goal is to replace all of my store-bought wardrobe with home-sewn. This book could really help me work towards that goal.

  18. User avater imsewnavy March 22nd

    What an interesting book this seems to be! I would love the opportunity to create vintage lingerie! How fun!!

  19. User avater auschick March 22nd

    my husband would love it! oops, that's not a very vintage comment! ;-)

  20. User avater JmTokunaga March 22nd

    I'd love to win this because most lingerie today is dull and uninspired! What happened to pretty underthings?

  21. User avater 2tango March 22nd

    Looks Delicious!! I would love to make some lingerie for myself and some girlfriends. Its so nice to feel pretty under your clothes as well.

  22. User avater katiebodle March 22nd

    It would just be fun to see how it all has developed. I love to look at the old fashions to see how evolved . thanks for giving me and all the others a chance to win.

  23. User avater nicolars March 22nd

    I love vintage sewing, and making my own lingerie is something I have recently taken interest in. This book seems perfect for me, I would be so happy and grateful to win it.

  24. Fripperie March 22nd

    I'd love to make the right underpinnings to go with my vintage patterns!

  25. user-2362044 March 22nd

    Wow, greatbsubject, vintage lingerie! So much fun to earn to make authentic lingerie, thevway they usedvto make it ack then! This book would be studied from a to z and a big help with my sewing.

  26. user-1068810 March 22nd

    Just learning to sew, but I have always wanted to make vintage
    Clothing. This book would help me reach that goal.

  27. doodlebug67 March 22nd

    I love vintage clothes and would love to win this!

  28. User avater SansSouci572 March 22nd

    I would love to start making my own lingerie. The other day, I paused in front of a boutique in San Francisco, and the cami was over $500.
    That made me even more inspired to finally learn! :) I want to make a cami just like the one in the window!

  29. User avater jasst282 March 22nd

    I'm really interested in this book, I hadn't heard of it before.

  30. User avater bluestar March 22nd

    Oh that books looks like so much fun! I've just started sewing some bras and underwear for myself this year, and I would love to make some fun pieces!

  31. User avater debit March 22nd

    I love Lingerie making. I love making bras, and tap pants. Oh I love the possiblities..

  32. SilksWithAttitude March 21st

    As a painter of modern silk lingerie and a lover of all things vintage, this would be a fabulous tool to expand my horizons. (and my line!)

  33. User avater motherofsons March 21st

    Okay, I SO want this book. Could not think of a better thing that would be worth sewing and custom fitting.

  34. User avater LeahCorsetiere March 21st

    Please send this book to me! I am having trouble finding a Canadian book seller that has it. It is the one era of lingerie that I don't have in my collection. Lingerie is my absolute favourite thing to sew. Getting hints and inspiration for 1940's and 50's foundation wear like my Aunt used to sew would be amazing!

  35. AndiBrown March 21st

    I have thought about making lingerie of some sort but have not seen anything to my liking in the big commercial pattern company catalogs. This book would be a real treasure to own!

  36. User avater MistressTailor March 21st

    Awesome, I could finally make me some granny panties!

  37. User avater melindy March 21st

    I would love to make vintage style lingerie for myself, after making lingerie for others for several years! It looks like a beautiful book and would be a welcome addition to my library!

  38. User avater beadrbop March 21st

    Would love to have this book! I'm a new sewer but have always loved vintage. Looks like it is a great resource and would be a go to for me in sewing up a corset. Good luck to all!

  39. User avater Laura_Mae March 21st

    I found the most beautiful silk slip at a local antique store a couple of years ago. It has a few issues, but the hand embroidered edges are incredible. I am completely in awe every time I look at it! It certainly bears little resemblance to anything found in store today. Vintage lingerie is almost too beautiful to hide under clothing, and I would love to learn more about it!

  40. User avater Barbilee March 20th

    I have been looking forward to making lingerie for quite a while, though it does seem difficult to get decent patterns. I would make good use of this information. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

    Also thank you about the information on handling raw silk. Barb

  41. user-125980 March 20th

    I teach sewing to teenage girls. During class this morning while they were working on prom dresses we
    discussed sewing underwear for oneself. They asked if it could actually be done! It would be wonderful to have this lovely book of vintage lingerie to show them what their great, great grandmothers sewed for themselves.

    Miss Elizabeth

  42. User avater FaithA March 20th

    I love reading about every thing sewing. I had a baby girl 8 months ago and thought I was hard to fit before. each year I travel to another state just to buy bras from a ok bra store. if I could make my own life really would be so much more pleasant. my daughter is starting to nap on her own and just thinking about thumbing through this book bring butterflies to my stomach.

  43. wolfkit March 20th

    I love the softness of form and the femininity of vintage lingerie.

  44. user-2442673 March 20th

    I was born in the wrong era. I love everything Victorian and into the late 20's. I would love to add this book to my professional library!

  45. User avater sewold March 20th

    I do like looking at old garments and seeing how they are made. I always enjoy reading about the garments featured on the back page of Threads. This would be a great addition to my library (of things I'll probably never make).

  46. sewsanista March 20th

    I have been wanting to sew my own vintage slips and camisoles. You book would show me all the little details and give me the confidence to get started.

  47. User avater kerryblossom March 20th

    I would love to have a copy of the Vintage Lingerie book for my library. I am a mature student in Apparel Design and I am once again, after many years, pursuing my passion for sewing and fashion.

    I just got a part time job at a fabric store, where I hope to work until I retire and maybe then some. I feel I'm in my element when I'm working there, although there is still so much about fabrics, sewing and design I would like to learn and I want to commit myself to learning more everyday so I can gain as much knowledge for the job and for myself.

    The fabric store I work at carries some vintage lingerie fabric, it would be great to find out more about the fabrics used in these garments of the past and see if there is information in this book directly related to what we carry in the store. I find the history of textiles and fashion so fascinating and it inspires me to come up with some great design ideas.

  48. User avater jebeitz March 20th

    On the outside I'm tailored/casual, but underneath I love to wear pretty lingerie. Of course I like my own.

  49. User avater babycole64 March 20th

    Beautiful lingerie makes you feel just that - beautiful! There is something about sewing your own lingerie that makes it feel even more special, and vintage patterns should be cherished, as they are the legacy for today's designs. This book would enable me to clothe myself in some special lingerie, but, more importantly, it would teach me how sew these lovelies from the past.

  50. User avater CelaS March 20th

    I'm beginning to design for a student show and having some restyled pieces of vintage lingerie would be really wonderful to add to my collection!

  51. User avater LindaG7 March 20th

    I love making fine, fancy lingerie from fine silks, cottons, and lace—all those things no one seems to manufacture and sell anymore. Since I am a difficult size to fit, creating custom garments and lingerie is the best way to go. Vintage patterns are often more interesting than the "make it quick and easy" ones they sell today. I've used them for theatrical costuming in the past. Love using updated vintage looks and details in fashion design. This book sounds like it will be an excellent addition to my library. I'd love to win a copy!

  52. daenafb March 19th

    I am in love with vintage clothing, although I draw my line at purchasing the intimates! I think this book would be amazing to be able to customize the lingerie as I happen to be an awkward size that only specialty shops carry this would be incredible, to be able to make my own!

  53. skiss March 19th

    I don't like what is sold in mid level sores as lingerie these days. It is mediocre, over-priced synthetic fabric that itches and rubs and is uncomfortable. Sooo! maybe I should make my own.

  54. user-2409956 March 19th

    So many reasons why I'd love to get my hands on this book: the only thing better than new silky lacy underthings might be reading about making them; I've been dreaming of trying my hand at sewing lingerie and would love the retro inspiration; and, oh my, it's high time to ditch the cotton britches and go for a little glamour after just recently making it through the babyhood of my two children.

  55. user-2421470 March 19th

    I would love to learn how to sew various kinds of lingerie. It's an expertise that is really missing from my pattern repertoire. Plus vintage styles have such charm, I'd love to sew some for myself and anyone I know who needs a "personal" wedding present.

  56. User avater moviedoll March 19th

    I make corsets and lately I've been making vintage dresses... I think the other under garments would be AWESOME to sew.

  57. user-1145160 March 19th

    Last year it was getting a lined jacket to fit. This year? Well, I’m a bit obsessed with lingerie. My stash of pretty, pretty bits of lace and silk is growing. Slowly the pattern blocks are coming together. Now all I need is inspiration to add a modern / vintage twist to make my lingerie truly my own. This book will be perfect!

  58. User avater StitchesByJeni March 19th

    I would love to make some undergarments. I never knew how to go about doing it.

  59. User avater Gossamer_Facade March 19th

    That book looks amazing. I enjoy vintage and period clothing and costuming and am in the process of learning to design and sew lingerie. This book sounds like a great way to hone my skills in that area. Plus it sounds like it has a lot of interesting information.

  60. User avater user-906940 March 19th

    I am fascinated with vintage patterns and would love to have a book on vintage lingerie.

  61. user-2432618 March 19th

    I grew up in an antique shoppe and I would love to be able to make some vintage copies for myself.

  62. User avater Diamondgal March 19th

    I would really really love to win the Vintage Lingerie book because I have been making the Stretch & Sew lingerie since the 1970's when I first started taking sewing classes in Canada, with instructors teaching the ANN PERSON stretch n'sew method. I actually still have the original full slip from the 1980's that I made and it is still wearable! I would like to learn more about the vintage lingerie sewing techniques and to use more silk in my sewing.

  63. Carly_Sue March 19th

    I have made some under garments for myself in the past and would just love to have this book to see the wonderful lingerie from the vintage era, and copy their ideas, using the patterns. Thanks for the offerings to win various things from Threads.

  64. mideva March 19th

    so I can make vintage style lingerie to go under my vintage style clothes

  65. User avater MsUm March 19th

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win this book for our community theatre. We sew for all periods, starting with the undergarments, and we have vintage patterns back to the 1930s. This would be wonderful for our costume designers and sewers.
    Thank you!

  66. User avater auspi March 19th

    I'd love to read all about the vintage lingerie, look at all the pictures, and find the perfect pattern to create something of my own.

  67. User avater Harikleia March 19th

    I would love to have this book so I can make my own lingerie. I love vintage items. Thank you.

  68. User avater jamaco March 19th

    I love the vintage look and love to sew the old patterns!

  69. User avater gr82trvl March 19th

    I would love to win this book for two reasons. I have a collection of beautiful old lace and trims from my great grandmother in the 1800s and my grandmother in the 1900s. These pieces are just beautiful and would look lovely on lingerie.
    I have trouble finding pretty undergarments in my size because I have a rather large chest (from my grandmother) so I've always wanted to try making my own.
    Also, it would be fun to make some for my daughter so she could wear a foundation shared over five generation. Oops, that's three reasons. Actually there are many more. Thank you for offering the giveaway!

  70. babyfoetus March 19th

    Oh I would so love this book as I have made my own pattern for knickers. I am horrified at the exorbitant expense of underwear today and would rather make my own. The book would be an amazing help towards my goal of making special underwear. Thanks ever so

  71. debra078 March 19th

    I adoare vintage anything especially lingere. I buy the vogue dress patterns and sometimes i am lucky enough to get on off ebay the original even if it inot my size. Thanks for the opportunity to win the book it llooks fabulous

  72. User avater ctdamsel March 19th

    I like the idea of making my own undies. It is something I have never attempted. I want knickers!

  73. TRACIEJB March 19th

    It would be lovely to know that one was fashionable from the skin on out! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book; a fashionista's dream come true!

  74. User avater organdy March 19th

    i love sewing lingerie and have a stash of acid-washed silks ready to sew!

  75. lucilledupuis March 18th

    Ever since a friend got me into sewing my own bras and panties, I've loved lingerie! Vintage lingerie has the romance and elegance every woman wants! I've been dancing around this book for some time now. Please help me step up to the challenge!

  76. User avater SewTruTerry March 18th

    Include me too. Reading some of the other post brought back such memories. I would love to own such a wonderful book.

  77. User avater WildSewing March 17th

    I have always been fascinated by the vintage lace and dress styles. As a child I attended a thrift sales regularly with my mother and was lucky enough to find a vintage silk flapper dress with a sheer overlay and heavily embellished with mercury beads in a rose pattern. I still have this dress and marvel at the detail and sparkling dance of light that occurs when holding it up in front of a window. It would be an inspiration and delight to own this book and I can imagine spending hours devouring it from cover to cover.

  78. User avater WildSewing March 17th

    I have always been both fascinated and mesmerized by the delicate and transparent qualities of both vintage lace and sheer fabrics. As a child attending a thrift sale back in the 60's I found a silk flapper style gown with a sheer lace overlay heavily embellished with mercury glass beads in a rose pattern and thought I had found a fairy princess dress! I still have it and marvel at the detail in this dress and when held up to a window the sparkling dance of light passing through the layers and intricate beadwork never fails to amaze me. This book would be an inspiration and a delight to have in my collection.

  79. User avater pursonalissues March 16th

    When I was age 6-10 in the 60s I often played dress-up at my best friends house.Her mother had the most equisite collection of gowns from the 40s & 50s & earlier stashed in her basement that she may or may not have been aware we dressed up in. One of my favorites was a silk & lace negligee, I felt dainty, feminine & a bit like a princess (it had a longer 'train' at the back hem). At some point as a child I must have taken it home as I found it when my own mother moved out of her house & I was rummaging thru my childhood junk. Unable to wear it as an adult due to the lace being so old & tearing in places, I succeeded in making a pattern from the original.Not knowing if it would work, I made a 'muslin' from scrap polyester & lace. It was a success so I planned on making another using real silk & lace. I know many women who would love to feel as feminine & dainty & 'princess-y' as I did wearing such a beautiful, vintage garment. If I could learn proper techniques & fabrics, it would be a blessing. Please choose me to win this incredible book.

  80. artistic1 March 16th

    I would love to have this book. The cover of this book brings back memories of my grandmother and the little lavender small pouches she used to keep in her lingerie drawer. The smell of lavender brings me back in time. I used to put on "plays" for her pretending I was "Maria" in the sound of music wearing her white lacy slip and another as a veil on my head as I pretended to do the bridal scene. i was always dressing up in her pretty vintage lingerie, however being a small child it was to me just a beautiful lacy dress!

  81. user-2421478 March 16th

    Hi Threads! I always remember my grandmother coming to visit and wearing her "teddies" or "step-ins". She wore those from the 20s or 30s, whenever the fashion hit far-away Chardon, NE, until she died.

    I have loved chemises, tap pants and camis from the 80s, which were throw-backs to the 20s and 30s and I would love to make myself some new ones using the appropriate pattern in your give-away.

    I'm imagining some silk, some batiste, maybe voile, all light and airy and fitting perfectly!

  82. mcspeer March 16th

    I would so love to have this book. I bought a silk nightgown several years ago that never fit quite right, and I've kept it thinking that it could be made into a good slip and maybe panties and/or a camisole (it was a long, full gown). I've never been able to find what I though were good patterns for making such items, so I've just kept the gown stashed in my sewing odds 'n ends basket. It would be great to finally do something with it! Vintage lingerie should be perfect!

  83. User avater memarston March 16th

    Yes, lingerie, how very special!

  84. sewersteph March 16th

    Vintage Lingerie reminds me of the time I spent with my grandmothers and great-aunts when I was a very young girl. My grandmothers were seamstresses and their gowns and robes were always so pretty with lace and embroidery. They encouraged me in sewing and crocheting. My daughter sews and likes vintage patterns. I have a grand-daughter now and hope to teach her to sew.....with vintage styles, too!

  85. User avater Cheriezel March 16th

    LOVE vintage lingerie! I have a few delicate pieces I would love to try and copy and having the patterns I can use (instead of trying to copy off my falling apart garments).

  86. Nicsev March 16th

    This book would be amazing to have because it would show me how to make all the lingerie I can't afford to buy!!

  87. snowm March 15th

    I love to see how clothing has been made in the past. I think it would be very interesting to look at and learn from!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  88. User avater elenarella March 15th

    I have always loved the vintage look, and I'd love to learn more about how to create it. Especially when I'm working on costumes for the local theater group. This looks like a great book to have.

  89. ambrerose March 15th

    I have been wanting to make some pretty slips, and nightgowns that fit me. I have such a hard time finding things that fit my body so I would love to try sewing some lingerie. This I feel would be a great book to start that. ambrerose at(aol)dot(com)

  90. User avater HillBillary March 15th

    I've been interested in making lingerie since I started reading up on when I made my first corset. This would be a fun companion to the Foundations Revealed articles I have.

  91. violetsun March 15th

    This book looks amazing, something I have been a fan of for many years,collecting antique and vintage laces and trims used for various undergarments, will be seeking out this book!

  92. User avater TessaBear March 15th

    These under garments would work well with my vintage garments!

  93. alisoncat March 15th

    I'd love to make a bra! I'm also fascinated by period underclothes because they're so essential to making a costume look right.

  94. user-121365 March 15th

    Lingerie making is one of the most rewarding clothing projects for me and Vintage is even more fun!!

  95. User avater jessicahuthut March 15th

    I have always wanted to learn how to make bras and I love the vintage aesthetic. Such lovely attention to detail!

  96. User avater SansSouci572 March 15th

    That is one garment I have never made!

  97. DDSS2000 March 15th

    Would be a wonderful addition, as my daughters are all at the age where wedding bells are right around the corner, along with wanting to make some items for myself out of quality fabrics. This would be extremely useful as this would be a new venture for me, and up for the challenge.

  98. aknockoutriot March 15th

    This would be a great help in the research process for my next collection, which is largely inspired by vintage lingere!

  99. bethw82 March 15th

    Love the style of vintage lingerie but have always been too intimidated to try sewing any, so this book would be just perfect!

  100. User avater samty March 15th

    That looks like such a fabulous book! Even if I don't win I'll have to go out and buy it. The garments look so beautiful.

  101. User avater pookies March 15th

    I love vintage lingerie, and troll through the web looking for information and pictures of same. I also have a growing library of books published in the last few years (see"Sewing Lingerie that Fits" by Karen Morris, "Lingerie Secrets" by Jan Bones, Kwik Sew's "Beautiful Lingerie" ). Another fabulous resource for both historical information and pretty pictures is "A Century of Lingerie" by Bressler K, Newman K and Proctor G. I know it sounds juvenile to say "pretty pictures" but I love seeing the work of top designers for placement of lace, and even the fabric used to create these lovely garments. Even if I don't win, I'll be looking to purchase this book!

  102. User avater EdelweissPatterns March 15th

    It would be neat to see how things were sewn together back in the 50s! I think seamstresses put so much more care and detail into their work back then.

  103. User avater peej2 March 15th

    Ohhhh! I love lingerie, especially vintage lingerie.

  104. lonelysewer March 15th

    I love doing vintage work. the 40's 50's and 60's. this would help and give me ideas love it. I hope I'm lucky.

  105. User avater Geerex March 15th

    Wow! This is a perfect book for me :) These past few years I have been able to spend more time doing what I love most and that is sewing. Costume design, historical, all time periods fascinate me. I have now started to become more involved in Cosplay events. This would help me tremendously on completing my outfits.

  106. User avater GinnyLynn March 15th

    Most of my current work is being heavily informed by period dress of the early to mid 1920s, and part of what helps to shape those garments are the undergarments worn. This would be a tremendous benefit to help me in understanding why certain things were done in certain ways.

  107. User avater jasminechampagne March 15th

    I adore coursetry and knowing the vintage tecniques would add a great twist to my normal corset making

  108. User avater SM2 March 15th

    I've been wanting to make lingerie for years and could really use the inspiration! :) thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  109. User avater qwnb33 March 15th

    I would absolutely love to win this amazing book!
    I am getting married in a vintage themed wedding (1930's) and along with my gown I designed in a bias cut 30's theme, I would love to create authentic undergarments to complete my bridal boudoir!!!

  110. User avater darcie March 15th

    How cool! I love costume design and clothing of past eras. Foundation garments are truly the key to making the look. Going through this book and creating these styles would be so much fun!

  111. Debby4 March 15th

    This book looks fabulous! I would love to learn how to make vintage undies, and besides that, this also looks like the kind of book that would just be plain fun to own and dip into whenever the mood hits.

  112. TheJellyKey March 15th

    I am a recent convert to sewing (mainly because my Mam & Grandma are both so talented with a needle that I've never needed to be) but now that I am a 'believer' I just can't get enough!! I'm particularly loving the vintage vibe and as a 'less endowed' lady, I would love to be able to create my own unique and sexy, yet classy, lingerie.. so PLEEEEEEEEEEASE.. let me win!

  113. kellybird1954 March 15th

    I enjoy making historical garments. Getting the correct underpinning is so important!

  114. MirandaFern March 15th

    I am finally delving into the world of making undies. I'd love a book about technique and detailing!

  115. user-2412284 March 15th

    I started sewing as not only is it like welding in-doors and the construction is a blast, but my wife is not thinking she looks good in anything. I have and intend to continue to sew things that she would not buy for herself and that I know she will knock me dead in. Sewing has opened the door of a whole new part of our 20+ yrs together.
    Thank you for giving the chance of the book to help it along.


  116. User avater AbigailBlackert March 14th

    Two years ago, I decided that I wanted to go to college for Fashion Design after falling in love with sewing. Now, I'm 18 and pursuing my dream at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. I’m currently taking Costume History and this book would greatly help my studies. I would love this book because it would be wonderful to learn how to create vintage lingerie!

  117. User avater michellepaganini March 14th

    I am studying Theatrical Costuming at Canada College and would be thrilled to add historical lingerie to my bag of tricks. I would also like to create some lingerie to fill out my portfolio and some for myself. Thank you for considering me! Michelle

  118. user-2418282 March 14th

    I make lingerie and I love sewing items with lace.. I have noticed vintage garments seem very sexy. This book would be a great addition to my sewing room. P. Thompson:

  119. User avater Violet_from_Miami March 14th

    This book of vintage lingerie really looks interesting. The older patterns are so much nicer and probably better made than what you can buy in the stores.

  120. rosie1925 March 14th

    I love the vintage lingerie. I remember my mom's and wish I still had it!

  121. User avater lrained7 March 14th

    I love lingerie any style. I also volunteer at a local museum and love anything old style!!! Dressing up in period clothing is fun. I would love to be able to sew these types of garments for myself!!! I have a few lingerie books and am excited about getting started in sewing this!!!!

  122. User avater sapientsaphead March 14th

    Love lace, love lingerie and adore vintage styles - I can't think of a better way to incorporate all three in one place than this!

  123. jennieMB March 14th

    30 patterns! I'd love to make my own, especially 1950s style, lingerie and undies.

  124. User avater fletchen March 14th

    After losing some weight, I could really use some better fitting garments. I've always preferred retro and vintage styling, so this book is calling for me - I'd love to win it.

  125. misssarcastica March 14th

    Awesome giveaway. I've been wanting to make some 40's undies!

  126. User avater ShiningStar March 14th

    I love vintage/retro styles. This would be a great book to have.

  127. User avater SAYA1 March 13th

    i am so lucky that i read this post! i was wishing to have this book since last year. i am fashion design student and school don't teach us lingerie. i really want to know more about lingerie, i started search in library, and only have technical thing instead of lingerie pattern. All i want is patterns and technical ,and this book is ideal for me!!!!

  128. User avater Robynrr March 13th

    I would love to have this book. I don't have any patterns so this would be great. Plus the 50's 60's are my favorite. I can't get enough of it.

  129. User avater Pollydee March 13th

    I have an old 1950's pattern that I keep recopying...Just love vintage style lingerie!

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