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Project Runway 9: “Finale Challenge”

Oct 14, 2011
Article Image

Anya finds herself picked first to go to fashion week. 

This week’s final challenge asked the designers to create three cohesive garments that demonstrate their range as a designer. Governor’s Island, called New York’s playground for the arts, served as inspiration for the mini-collections. Sculpture, stained glass, using negative and positive space, circular shapes, and metropolitan silhouettes were some of the themes the designers latched onto. 

The emotional runway show ends with Anya, Viktor, Josh, and Kimberly heading to fashion week. Laura is the only eliminated designer this week. Do you agree with this final group, or would you have liked to see another designer in the mix?







Season 9 Designers: (*eliminated)
Amanda Perna

Anthony Ryan Auld
Anya Ayoung-Chee 
Becky Ross
Bert Keeter
Bryce Black*
Cecilia Motwani
Danielle Everine
David Chum
Fallene Wells
Gunnar Deatherage
Joshua Christensen
Joshua McKinley 
Julie Tierney
Kimberly Goldson 
Laura Kathleen*
Olivier Green*
Rafael Cox
Serena da Conceicao
Viktor Luna

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  1. denisesews1 November 2nd

    zzzzzz, snork, huh? What? It's over? Oh. Zzzzzzzz.

  2. User avater Lindalangcreations October 27th

    How sad, the designer who won, is not able to sew and really simply draped beautiful fabric with few seams. Not impressed at all.

  3. MeMarge October 20th

    Victor please! He's the only one this (boring) season with anything worthwhile. The judging is soooooooooooooooo slanted. They made such a woo-hoo stink about Bert's simple silk-crepe dress with the silver bobbles on the belt. Nice, sure, but wow? If anyone else made that, they'd say 'show us some design!'..... 4 months of sewing, Anya? really?? never made pants? zippers? lining? fitting? Santa Clause anyone?

  4. MeMarge October 20th

    Victor please! He's the only one this (boring) season with anything worthwhile. The judging is soooooooooooooooo slanted. They made such a woo-hoo stink about Bert's simple silk-crepe dress with the silver bobbles on the belt. Nice, sure, but wow? If anyone else made that, they'd say 'show us some design!'..... 4 months of sewing, Anya? really?? never made pants? zippers? lining? fitting? Santa Clause anyone?

  5. MeMarge October 20th

    Victor please! He's the only one this (boring) season with anything worthwhile. The judging is soooooooooooooooo slanted. They made such a woo-hoo stink about Bert's simple silk-crepe dress with the silver bobbles on the belt. Nice, sure, but wow? If anyone else made that, they'd say 'show us some design!'..... 4 months of sewing, Anya? really?? never made pants? zippers? lining? fitting? Santa Clause anyone?

  6. User avater jocarito October 20th

    Anya upped a notch on design in my book, but with Bert's help of course. I agree with most of the other comments and have thought so from the beginning: Bert should be in the finals and that Anya, as nice as she appears to be, is not what she seems. She definitely has the approval of the regular judges.

    In the last few episodes, Kimberly's muse seems to have evaporated into thin air and she doesn't show any versatility nor can she move out of her comfort zone. Very disappointing. It must be Nina who insists she stay on.

    Josh is, well I just can't find words to express my sincere disgust of him in everything he does and says.

    Of the remaining, Viktor is the best, but I haven't really seen anything that innovative or visionary. His designs are reminiscent of patterns I have had for years only that he adds a few little twists or extras. There is just not that much avant garde to his designs although beautifully made and tailored.

    Laura is a sweet southern girl who can't seem to shake off precisely her sweet boring southern style.So I truly think she lasted longer on the show than she should have. What is Anya going to do without her help!!

    Even when I am disappointed and am sick and tired of Michael Kors snide and tasteless remarks, of Heidi Klums "'re in or you're out!", and of Nina's off and on expertise, I love to see if anything interesting comes from the designers and I have seen some nice things.

    The most positive point of the judging has come from some of the invited guests, not all mind you. Many have given excellent and helpful comments and have definitely shown an eye for design.

  7. sews4fun October 19th

    I agree with you on the ridiculous editing of the show. I was thinking about how this show is not a family show in any sense and even teenagers should beware.
    I don't think I'm "outing" Anya when I say that she made a pornographic movie with another beauty contestant during her pagent days that included Anya's boyfriend as well.
    Once Anya became famous, he released the movie and now it's all over the web. I hope Lifetime didn't pick this woman just so they can put out some headline such as: PORN STAR WTIH 4 MONTHS SEWING EXPERIENCE WINS PROJECT RUNWAY. I fear they may stoop to this because I watched another show Miss Abbeys dance studio or something like that and two women were arguing and the one woman told the other woman she was coming back so she would just have to LIKE IT! Lifetime edited the LIKE IT part and bleeped most of it out so it sounded like she dropped the F bomb and that was not what she said at all. Clearly Lifetime is being less than forthcoming in their other shows, so who knows what really goes on behind the scenes at P.R.? Is it really even a legitimate contest or just a reality tv show and we all know how "real" reality tv shows are. Anya has been a mystery all season long as to her experience so who knows what will come out tomorrow?

  8. ustabahippie October 19th

    I think Anya really has vision and taste. She will probably do well at fashion week, but I wonder who will sew her line? If she has to do it herself (is that the rule?), then she's in big trouble. I think Burt should have stayed. He might have surprised us all. Poor Kim, she just melted down and couldn't pull herself together. She had all her models wearing her own hairstyle and it looked SO BAD! Josh will hopefully grow up and be less full of himself, if he doesn't try to emulate Michael Kors! I like Viktor the best. He's my choice to win it.

  9. Clothdog October 19th

    I only started watching PR last season (the "Gretchengate" season). I find the show very frustrating because it is SO unfairly judged. One designer gets sent home for doing exactly what the very next designer wins for. We see this again and again and again. I certainly embrace differences of taste, but NOT blatant unfairness.

    This is why the fawning over Anya galls me so much--to the point that I can no longer enjoy anything she does; it's too tainted with the judges' favoritism.

    Furthermore, if she gets extra credit for NOT (allegedly) having known how to sew for very long, then how can anyone with actual design and construction chops ever win?

    I don't like the tacky focus on contestants carping at each other, but it is really the unfair judging that takes away from the show for me. Perhaps it would help if they had to acknowledge when they are totally reversing themselves, and explain why.

  10. KandiN October 19th

    Just wanted to say that since this month is dedicated to "Anti-Bullying", I find it disgusting that Lifetime chose to send Joshua to Fashion Week. This is a young man with serious issues and, in my opinion, no fashion sense that is newsworthy or forward-thinking. Just as others who posted, I've watched Project Runway from it's creation because I, also, have an interest in sewing/construction, but this show has been seriously altered from it's original state. My subscription to Marie Clair is cancelled, due to Nina Garcia's attachment to PR, I will never invest in a Michael Kors product ever again, and Heidi Klum, whom I once admired, has lost all respect I had for her. Advertisers should be watchful - I know many people who feel the way I do that are boycotting their products in response to how unfair producers and Lifetime edited this show. I wouldn't let my children watch it, mainly because of Joshua's behavior and the way Anya was revered for no reason at all by the judges. This was a really the "last straw". Don't allow bully's to get away with their behavior, even in a competition.

  11. User avater Lauriepie October 18th

    Well, I'm speechless. Will be looking for re-runs of the old PR shows just to get a taste of what could have been this season. Josh's clothes were laughable. Anya's, interesting and sculptural but poorly made. I felt like I'd seen Kim's and Victor's clothing in the stores before, except of course, for that dreadful orange coat. Laura got a bum deal. Her clothing wasn't nearly as bad as Josh's, but she was missing a strong distinctive viewpoint ("It"-Factor) that was purely her own. I feel I owe Bert an apology. I take back what I said. He deserves to be showing at Fashion Week.

  12. samsstuff October 18th

    Out of all these designers, the one I like least here, is Kimberly. The model looks terrible in the coat & the scarf is awful, the flare off to the side of the silvery dress looks odd & I really dislike the keyhole look of the top. I'm not really a fan of Josh's looks, either, but I liked Kimberly's less. I actually like Laura's shorter dress & find the long dress interesting. It's too bad she was chosen to leave. It'll be interesting to see who wins.

  13. User avater triangles October 18th

    I, too, am disappointed in the offerings this season. And I'm sick to death of the producers' need for drama. That's maybe what sells to the general public, but this show was embraced by the sewing/designing public who watched for the construction behind the scenes which is all but gone. The original audience who brought the show to this point are all saying the same thing. We really aren't interested in watching drama, drama, drama. And, one last point, Burt should most definitely have been in the final four. He's got class but then, again, I don't think he was exciting enough for the producers. What a shame. Send this show back to Bravo...

  14. Eversewmuch October 18th

    Anya uses classical designs. A few are wild, but that's not her designing personality. If she wins, and I hope she does, she will go far in the field. For those who want a more wild type of design, there are plenty of designers already out there designing wild stuff. A good classic is difficult to design. I think Anya has what it takes, along with knowing more than she's sharing (which is always 'power', as you have to know sewing techniques to handle fabric, but her designs are hers and I'd buy any one of hers that is longer than the knee!

  15. Vintage_Fashionista October 18th

    I agree that this season has been a big snooze. Would love to see a face-off with previous winners! They should hold off on a new season until they find some real contenders.

  16. iamnewsewer October 18th

    I have watched PR since it began and I feel this season the designers are the worst we've seen in the life of the show. I think Burt should have been in the final four. I liked his designs and his work. I also love Victar's designs and his work is impeccable. Anya is not bad but, Most of her designs have been the long dresses, I would like to see something different and more tailored from her. Josh is very arrogrant and so dramatic. I think Burt is a better designer. I liked some of Kimberly's designs, but I'm not sure she is a strong enough designer to win PR. I am really anxious to see what these four will come up with. Meanwhile, I'm hoping Victar will be the winner. He certainly deserves to win.

  17. Finefelt October 18th

    Does this mean that Project Runway is over for a while? As a UK subscriber, I find the constant reference to this programme in the eletter very boring. I cannot see any of the videos about the show - being out of the appropriate area - and the posts do not tell me enough to be interesting. The other thing about the show that I don't like is the models - they are so ugly and their legs are revolting. Even when the costumes they wear are reasonably interesting, the models make them look odd!

    Roll on more interesting posts in the eletter!

  18. User avater mjfiorini October 18th

    Look for Mad Fashion...Chris March at his best...interesting designs...not that the ordinary person would wear any of them...but then...they're not for you and me.

  19. knittingirl October 18th

    Every designer picked Anya to go to Fashion Week. That says a lot right there. Can she sew? I don't know. But she is creative with a vision. And probably most important, she works well with others. She does not make excuses - even when she losses her money and has to make a design with a borrowed $11. As Tim so often says, she knows how "to make it work". She is the one the other remaining designers will have to beat. Good luck to all of the remaining contestants. Again coining a Tim favorite "Wow me".

  20. denisesews1 October 18th

    I haven't liked Anya's designs from the beginning and nothing I saw last week changed my mind. Having watched all the seasons of PR except the first, I honestly don't think any of these designers showed much talent. I like Victor the best but even his designs fall far short of what folks like Mondo or Nick or even obnoxious Jeffrey turned out. As for Anya, I suspected she was lying and left out some crucial experience. But the judges obviously drank the Anya Cool-Aid and she walked off with wins she diddn't deserve. Josh is just obnoxious but he'll probably get his own reality tv show like Santino. Can't wait to see what Chris March is up to.

  21. abcameo October 18th

    I really can't stand Josh--he's so arrogant and obnoxious. I think Anya has a fresh approach and innate style, but Viktor is by far the most experienced and qualified designer/sewist.

  22. sews4fun October 18th

    I have to say I agree that Anya put up some cute things this time and a few other times as well but why she ....fibs, I don't know, she doesn't need to.
    She was a student of a famous designer, and just last week, she said she can't make a jacket, they don't wear jackets in the caribbean but if you go on youtube and type Anya Ayoung Chee's closet, in her tape to audition for the show, she shows you a very nice lined jacket she made for a wedding, doesn't have the buttons on it yet but she still likes it a lot.
    She clearly has more sewing experience than she let on and why lie about a jacket? Someone said she set the bar low for herself by saying she has only four months sewing experience, it looks like her plan worked. I agree she has vision but I do think the "I have only 4 months sewing experience" line paid off for her. Her stuff was cute and visionary, there was no reason for her to lie. If she wins, she wins, she's still dishonest and I am very dissapointed that she is such a deceptive person.

  23. User avater Soli October 17th

    I really wasn't drinking the Anya Kool-Aid until this episode when Josh started sniping at her. I doubt her designs would have looked as good without Burt's help; the results reminded me a bit of classic Donna Karen. They're urban, asymmetrical, with clean lines. She had the best capsule collection of all the contestants. Josh? Really? It was all garbage. The white dress was not finished well, then there's that dang circle skirt AGAIN! He has no taste, nothing. I think his $100K was wasted wherever he went to school, and then his flashy pseudo-Versace shirts have got to go. At any rate, no I don't believe that he should have been in the final four, but I'm guessing that there's going to be one more face-off before the top three compete in the final show. Personally, I didn't want to wait anymore, and I took a look at Tom and Lorenzo. Of course they have the photos from Fashion Week, and truth be told, between whoever the top three are and the decoys, I'm still not impressed. A plaid evening dress sent down the runway by Burt looks an awful lot like one of my old Vogue patterns from the late 70s. According to Laura Bennett's blog, she was told that PR Allstars is pretty good, so I hope it makes up for this awful season of PR. I've got to remember to look for Mad Fashion too...

  24. User avater canei October 16th

    This was my first season with PR, and will be my last. I really like Tim, so that is one of main reasons why I watched and the fact that I’ve seen it from the beginning. Back tracking…I thought Bert’s model for the bird challenge was awful. She looked like she didn’t want to be there. So I think that came across in his dress. I liked most of Bert’s stuff. As for the judges, I am sick of the funny comments. Josh should not be in the top five and neither should Kimberly. When I look at Bert’s expressions sometimes I don’t think that he wants to be there. Anya has an eye for design but I think you should also know about construction of the garments. I am hoping that Viktor takes it all. I really like his fashions, his jackets are awesome. I also think he has something up his sleeve…that is just my two cents…

  25. Cherlyn October 15th

    Anya is the only designer that sent down something interesting to look at, even though she doesn't know much about sewing. If it had not been for Bert, she wouldn't have made it because she doesn't know what she is doing. Josh is two faced and gets to go to fashion week with the looks he sent down! Laura had more interesting design that Josh with the exception of that one rediculous dress. Viktor played it safe, although, I am not sure why he did this. Maybe the final show will reveal what is up his sleeve. I didn't care for Kim's designs. Why does everyone want the skirt to sweap toi the side like that? It's not becoming at all!

    I'm looking forward to seeing the past designers that have won go into a competition. They were interesting before, so that should be good!

  26. User avater Stitchy October 15th

    I was bored this season. I am excited about Chris March Mad Fashion on Bravo.

  27. alaskapsych October 15th

    I think the judges have had an admiration for Anya from the beginning. I am not sure why, except perhaps they believed this was an opportunity to nurture a young, fresh eye. I did like some of her designs, however, her actual crafting of garment left so much to be desired. A lot of people have and "eye", but may not understand construction or design elements that translate to a practical application. From my perspective, Bert had it all, and "eye" and knew how to craft a garment that could be actually worn by someone off of the runway. Michael Kors is notorious for saying, this isn't Project Seamstress. But in my mind there needs to be balance between art and craft in order to be a successful designer.

    For my first season of watching this show, I'd have to say, I'm a little disappointed in the offerings. I realize the drama is what actually sells, at least in the minds of those who are in charge. People who are truly interested in design, construction, creativity, an opportunity for an inside peek into the fashion industry is probably a smaller market than those who may watch for the tantrums and who gets eliminated THIS week.

    I'm anxious to see who walks away the big winner, however, I think I could place a safe bet at this point and win.

  28. kathykat October 14th

    Oh my goodness, I can't believe that Anya was selected first. I just don't get PR anymore. What is PR really looking for in a designer. This program is becoming tired to me. I wish there was another sewing show available for us who love to sew. This program is a joke!!!

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